Barrington Ping Pong Table Review

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

The Barrington ping pong table is a quality wooden table that is perfect for your game room.

This table not only adds class to your game room but enhances your ping pong experience as well.

Unlike other ping pong tables, Barrington’s table is very easy to assemble or tear down and you could do it with-in a few minutes.

When you buy this table, it comes with a set of premium clip-on posts and a net.

It has the perfect tournament size dimensions and the stained furniture wood makes it an ideal ping pong table.

Though made with hardwood the weight of this table is just 367 pounds.

Barrington Ping Pong Table – Best Solid Wood Ping Pong Table

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Features of Barrington Ping Pong Table

Here is a list of features that makes this ping pong table worth buying.

Official Tournament Size

This table comes with the dimensions of 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inch. It means it has the official court table size.

With this size, this table is ideal for your game room whether it’s in your home or office.

You can enjoy the competitive ping pong games with your friends, family or office colleagues as if you are competing in the official ping pong.

Sleek and Classic Design

The Barrington has carefully designed this ping pong table and used a very sleek design.

This table is manufactured using a hardwood with a furnished surface. Both the design and color brings elegance and class to your game room.

Sturdy Construction

The table is constructed in a very sturdy way. Everything is just perfect. The elegant black finish provides a fine earth tone to the furniture.

Its a simple yet very elegant and handsome 2-piece construction.

Easy Assembly

One of the best features of this ping pong table is its assembly. It requires no tools at all.

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. It requires no tools, screws or drilling in its assembly.

The legs of the table quite easily, securely and perfectly into the place without any drilling.

Barrington ping pong table is more innovative and easy to assemble as compared to the most expensive ping pong table.

18mm Playfield

Playfield is the most important part of any ping pong table. Because it is actually where all the action has to take place.

It is similar to the pitch in a cricket ground. The ball bounce depends on the playfield. This is why the manufacturers of this table have used an 18mm playfield.

This feature is introduced in the ping pong table to ensure the great ball bounce. So you can have a competitive ping pong match.

Great Quality

The Barrington ping pong table comes with great quality and better longevity. The wood used in its construction can survive a long time.

With the perfect paint coating, you can enjoy your ping pong game if you have this table.

Reasonable Price

Even with such a quality and so many features and benefits, Barrington ping pong table comes with an affordable price.


  • Easy to Assemble
  • No need for tools for assembly
  • Deluxe wooden quality.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Comes in one standard size only
  • Available in one color only


There are a number of ping pong tables in the market and each offers different features.

However, when you come to the Barrington ping pong table, there is no reason for not buying this.

Unlike other ping pong table, design, style, and color are elegant.

The size and dimensions of this table are quite impressive and ideal to create an official court environment in your own place.

The smooth and perfect; length playfield allows you to practice with a great bounce.

In the last, the best feature of this table is quick and fast setup.

With so many amazing features and reasonable price, it is not wrong to say that this table worth is buying.

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Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown spent a lot of time in after school programs as a child. In a local community-run recreation center in Boston, they had a ping pong table, and since then he has always played. He had a ping pong table in his college dorm, and a mini one in his office for giggles. After playing for years, Ashton wants to show you how to get started with ping pong, learn the tricks of the trade, and equip yourself with everything you need to be better at the game.

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