10 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners Of 2022

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

As a beginner in the ping pong, you might not even know if you’re ready to find and purchase the best ping pong paddles for beginners.

Maybe you’d want to see if you’re serious about the ping pong first before investing some money into the ping pong paddles, however, I would always recommend you to just go with your instinct.

Eastfield Allround Eastfield Allround

Speed – 60

Spin – 80

Control – 100

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Killerspin JET100 Killerspin JET100

Speed – 55

Spin – 60

Control – 90

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Palio Expert 2.0 Palio Expert 2.0

Speed – 60

Spin – 90

Control – 100

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Speed – 92

Spin – 92

Control – 88

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Gambler Custom Professional Gambler Custom Professional

Speed – 92

Spin – 92

Control – 88

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If you like to play ping pong and if you’ll stick with it for some time, you should invest some money in a better ping pong paddle.

A ping pong paddle won’t make you a professional, however, it might be easier for you to achieve a better skill level and it will smooth your learning curve a lot.

Ping pong paddles aren’t expensive at all, and it doesn’t matter what’s your skill level and what your intentions are, you should always look out for a proper paddle for yourself.

Even if you’re playing ping pong after work with friends, a better ping pong paddle can make you a better player in a short period of time.

With the amount of table tennis gear, ping pong paddles take the biggest amount of table tennis equipment on the market finding a quality paddle is a task, but how do you find a paddle that will be ideal for your play style?

In this post, you’ll find what exactly to look out for and what isn’t important at all.

Best Ping Pong Paddles For Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket


Eastfield might not be very well known brand, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t produce good paddles, and this is just one example.

This paddle is great for the spin with a lot of control, while it’s lacking a little bit of speed. It’s really good for beginners to learn to perform all the moves correctly because the control this paddle offers is amazing.

A ball will bounce as twice as much than other beginner paddles, which proves the quality of the sticky rubbers which are great for control and spin.

You will also be able to do better servings with a lot more spin and better low chops, which might give your enemies hard time. You will also be able to get better opportunities to attack the opponents with the spin or simply defend their spin.

The paddle is great for defense as well because of the control it provides, the paddle will be able to control the spun balls from opponents.

Killerspin JET100 Table Tennis Paddle


Killerspin is one of the best brands in ping pong and their paddle lineup is my personal favorite.

The unique thing about this paddle is the green color instead of red color rubber, while it still has the traditional black rubber on the other side.

With the good grip and control, it will suit the players who want the paddle which is precise and which can help them control the ball better.

It doesn’t have as much as speed, but it has good spin overall and a really good control. It’s great for players whose playing style is defense. Ball won’t bounce too much of the paddle, which will let you defend while controlling the ball more easily.

You will also have the ability to attack the opponent with the spin and catch them off guard. For the price, it’s really worth it and it’s just one of the many best paddles for beginners out there.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket


Palio is a well-known brand, and they also have best beginner ping pong paddles.

Expert 2 ping pong paddle is great for new players or beginners who have been playing ping pong for some time, as it offers a great control with a good amount of spin. It only offers less speed than actual professional paddles.

Because of that, it’s a perfect paddle to smooth the learning curve and get better results faster.

It’s great for beginners who are learning to spin and want to proceed with it as their playing style. Price is really reasonable and there’s no reason you shouldn’t invest in a better paddle even if you’re a beginner.

Stiga Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket


If you are looking for a quality table tennis racket at an affordable price, this model by Stiga presents a rare opportunity and blend of both of those things. This racket is available in multiple sizes so anyone can acquire it and use it.

The level of performance that can be achieved with this racket is high, and it’s not just limited to beginners. The inverted rubber surface allows you for more control over the ball than anything else. It has average spin and above-average speed.

The surface of this racket is approved by the ITTF, so you can be confident that you are practicing with something that you could use in a tournament play if you wish.

The Stiga ACS proprietary technology that this racket uses improves control drastically, making this racket a good choice you are trying to improve your control as a player.

The blade of this paddle is made with a 5-ply extra light material that makes it easy for you to move it through the air and strike quickly when necessary. Finally, the handle is made from a composite material that is comfortable and durable at the same time.

AirBlades – Professional Ping Pong Paddle


Whether you are a beginner, novice, or professional, this ping pong paddle can work for you.

Obviously we all have our own opinions and preferences when it comes to table tennis equipment, but these paddles certainly won’t box you in or hold you back no matter your skill level.

The main benefit of this racket is that it features an ergonomic shape that makes it very easy to hang on to for hours on end during a match or tournament.

Hand fatigue is a very real issue that occurs in table tennis, so it’s great to see that these rackets address that problem well.

The next thing that we love about this racket is that it is made with high-quality materials. These paddles are made with 5-ply wood with the middle layers being plywood and the outside layers being made from Koto wood.

These two woods work together to give you a premium table tennis experience and put you in the best situation possible to gain control and speed on each hit.

Finally, the lifetime warranty that AirBlades offers on these paddles gives us a lot of confidence in the quality and utility of these rackets. We’re happy to see AirBlades standing by their product and showing everyone how confident they are in these paddles.

Custom Gambler Professional Table Tennis Paddle


Custom Gambler is just one of many best brands in the table tennis. They offer really quality paddles at reasonable prices.

Also, with the Gambler Professional paddle, you will get the protective case to keep your precious paddle away from damage, dirt, and dust.

Sticky rubber will allow you to add extra spin to the balls, but it will also counteract any spin from your opponents. There’s also a good amount of control which in combination with spin can be used for different playing styles.

At the same time, this paddle offers a lot of speed too, which might take some players a few matches before they get used to it as the ball bounces really good which is great once you learn to handle the paddle.

It can make an average player better, and for the price, it’s really worth to invest in such a quality paddle.

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Racket

This ping pong paddle is a third-generation Palio Expert Table Tennis series. This racket is an excellent option for beginner ping pong players.

The quality of this paddle is remarkable as compared to its previous versions. Plus, it comes with a protective case for the bat to keep it long-lasting.

With this paddle, the new players can quickly learn and master different ping pong basic techniques. Moreover, it’s a great option in case you want to level up your stroke and spin.

Talking about the design of the paddle, then there is no doubt that Palio experts have improved a lot. They have custom made and assembled the whole paddle to provide a strong grip to players.

The handle of the racket has been redesigned so the players can create better strokes.

When it comes to the spin of this paddle, the results are unexpectedly remarkable. Unlike any other version of the Palio Expert series, the expert 3.0 is known for high levels of spins.

The dual playing side allows you to customize the paddle. You can either go for both red sides or one black and one red side. Though the rubbers are secured, you can still easily remove and replace them.



The Karma Blade and Autopilot Rubber is a highly recommended training paddle for beginners or avid players aiming to elevate their play consistency. Like most defensive table tennis blades, the blade speed is compromised to make up for its enhanced defensive capabilities.

The Karma Blade is equipped with strategically layered 5 soft and medium-soft layers of wood which provide ample cushion to absorb a high percentage of the ball’s energy from both closed and farther distanced play.

The blade is made with unprecedented control, touch and accuracy in its formula at an affordable price range. Due to its softwood composition, the Karma blade is ideal for perfecting techniques such as chop blocks, deep corner topspin or even short spinny pushes.

Along with the medium hardness of Autopilot rubber, players can improve on control and grip during both recreational or competitive games. To make up for the lack of speed, the Autopilot rubber takes precedence with its predominance in control. As a result, blocks and looping will be a breeze to execute. Overall, the paddle performs all its basic functions at an above-average level but especially provides players with shot consistency and comparatively excellent control.

Beginners will find this paddle perfect for honing their defensive style and perfect their stroke mechanism. With a comfortable blade weight of 91 grams and ITTF approved, novice players can train with this relatively slow and highly adaptable paddle before moving on to speedier paddles.

Joy.J Sports 9-Plywood Table Tennis Paddle

Joy.J Sports Professional 9-Plywood Table Tennis Paddle

The quality of this racket is outstanding and If you have an offensive style play, then no racket is better than Joy.J Sports Professional 9-plywood table tennis paddle.

As the name indicates, the blade of this paddle is manufactured using a 9-Ply wood that delivers a quite solid and smooth-surfaced blade.

Unlike the normal ping-pong paddles, this bat, despite its thickness, retains great control, provides a faster game, and generates more spins. Therefore, whether you are defending or attacking, the bat offers excellent power.

The bat comes with a 0.8 MM Premium ITTF Rubber with a 2.2 MM high-elastic sponge. The combination is perfect to offer a strong grip while giving speed levels.

Furthermore, the bat has a Comfy FL handle that is sweat absorbing and generates more friction and hence no risk of bat slipping.

Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level ping-pong player, thundering 6-star premium ping pong bat is ideal choice. The paddle offers a number of great features.

The blade of this paddle is quite magnificent; it is made up of 7-ply semi-pro wood with a 14 mm thickness and dimensions of 26 x 15 x 1.4 cm. Despite the 7 piles, the bat is not very heavy and comfortable to hold.

Furthermore, it uses ITTF approved high quality 2.0 mm rubber for the blades and it is perfectly glued to the paddle.

The blade provides efficient performance and greater bounce. Moreover, the handle of the paddle is comfy with a 2.0 mm high elastic sponge. The sponge absorbs the sweat and produces great friction and provides a firm grip.

The paddle is ideal for providing killer spin, the crazy speed with superior control.

Duplex 4 Star Ping Pong Paddle


This paddle is maybe one of the best options for beginner players who are on a budget, yet they still feel the need for a better paddle.

It’s really reasonably priced and it’s a great paddle which offers a lot of speed and spin which will help you keep the game on a next level.

For sure, the paddle isn’t as good as professional competitive paddles are, however, it’s good enough to keep you on the track, move from the cheap paddles that come with the table, and help you work on your playing style and the skill level.

If you aren’t satisfied with the paddle once purchased, you can send it back and get 100% money back thanks to the money back guarantee with no questions asked.

How to Choose a Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

How To Choose A Beginner Ping Pong Paddle

Knowing the way paddle is built and some table tennis production terms will help along the way, but if you have zero experience – there’s nothing to worry about as it’s fairly simple.

Following these factors will help you find a ping pong paddle for beginners in no time.


Ping pong paddles for beginners are definitely not going to cost as much as professional paddles, and that’s a great thing for beginner players.

You will be able to find a decent paddle within almost any budget type.

Be sure to still make a budget for your new paddle and understand that you don’t need to go for the best paddle your favorite professional uses, just yet.

Blade Material

The paddle consists of blade and rubbers (and also a sponge in between) and knowing the material a blade is made from is important.

Most of the blades are made from 6-plywood material which is decent at a beginner level.

However, other than material, make sure to check out the style of the paddle since they come in a few different shapes to provide a bit different type of grip.

Rubber Type

Other than the blade, paddle consists of rubber on both sides which are most of the time red and black.

In some professional paddles, you might find two different rubbers installed on a blade – but as a beginner, you’ll most of the time find blades with identical rubbers on both sides.

That isn’t bad at all and is ideal for beginners to find their playing style and improve their game while keeping the control of both main moves.


Some of the most known brands such as Butterfly work with professional players to develop their signature paddles such as Timo Boll line up of his signature paddles.

These paddles are ideal for beginners and even though you might not be able to get the exact same performance as the professional player – it’s going to provide a quality level for beginner players.


Most manufacturers will provide clear performance levels for their paddles which will be either on a scale up to 10 or 100.

The most important performance criteria will be displayed for speed, control, and spin.


As you can see, you don’t need to invest a lot of money for a beginner paddle to improve your playing style and game.

In my opinion, the best beginner ping pong paddle is the Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket, since it’s really well made with a purpose to smooth the learning curve for beginners, while they improve their skill faster with the ability to find their playing style.

Less speed on a paddle with a good amount of spin and a lot of control is a good choice for beginners to improve their skill while they work their way towards more competitive levels.

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