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5 Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

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If you are trying to put together a great space for entertaining and having fun, then you might be on the prowl for the best air hockey ping pong combination tables. These tables allow you to quickly make the transition from playing ping pong to air hockey and back at your will. There are a lot of products out there, and we’ll help you navigate the market to find the five best air hockey ping pong table combos out there.

Buying Guide – Air Hockey Ping Pong Combo Table

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

Before you get started shopping for your air hockey ping pong table combination, there are some things that you’re going to want to know. Preparation is one of the most important things that you can do when shopping for something that is going to represent a significant investment. While these tables aren’t the most expensive piece of equipment out there, you also don’t want to go wasting your money as they’re not cheap, either.

Here are some of the considerations that you should keep in mind if you are going to be shopping for a combination table that includes table tennis and air hockey.


How much a table costs is going to be a large part of the decision-making process for almost anyone who is shopping for a combination table for the entertainment of themselves or their family. Really what this is going to depend on is how much you are willing to invest and how high of quality you want your table to be. The higher the quality table, the more that it’s going to cost you.

When you are purchasing a combination entertainment table, you should consider how much you are willing to spend but also weigh that against the quality of table that you want. It’s not advisable to just buy the cheapest one possible if you’re going to be using it with any sort of regularity.


Another major consideration in your hunt for the best combination entertainment table is going to be the durability of the table. These kinds of tables are often abused a lot because there are kids playing with them and the games that you play on the table are a bit rough on them. That means that you will most likely need a table that is made of durable materials. We wouldn’t recommend buying a table that is comprised entirely of plastic.

A table with plastic legs may not be able to to bear the burden of constant stress, so it might be a good idea to get one that has at least metal legs and ideally an all-metal frame underneath the table. You also want to pay attention to what the rest of the table is made of to ensure that it won’t break in the middle of the game and waste your investment.

Finally, you also want to consider the durability of the playing surface. A poor playing surface will impact the quality of the game and the movement of the ball or puck. Make sure that you get a playing surface that will allow you to actually play and enjoy the game. There’s no point in buying a combination table if you are unable to have fun with it due to a poor playing surface.

Ease of Use

The final consideration that we want you to keep in mind when you are shopping for a combination ping pong air hockey table is how easy it is to use. This might not be something that is in the front of your mind when you first start shopping, but it’s a very important factor that will greatly improve your ability to have fun when using your combination table.

The first area where you want ease of use is in the setup of the table. You should try to select a table that’s going to be relatively easy to set up and start using. The next area that this applies to is in the switching over from a ping pong table to an air hockey table or the reverse. Part of the great thing about these combination tables is that they allow you to switch back and forth between games. However, you won’t be able to enjoy that benefit if you are constantly struggling with switching it over.

Ensuring that your combination table is easy to use is absolutely essential, especially if you are going to be having children operate the table. For maximum benefits, it should be easy and fast to change your table over to the opposite game.

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo Reviews

Fat Cat Original 3 in 1 Game Table

Fat Cat Original 3 in 1 Game Table

This multi-game table has added value than most other game tables because it actually contains 3 games all in one table. This design both saves space and money as you don’t have to find the storage area to put three games and you don’t have to expand your budget to fit 2 additional large games in it. The games that you’ll find in this table are billiards, air hockey, and ping pong.

Some games that are designed like this force you to compromise quality by giving you a smaller playing surface or forcing you to play on an otherwise inferior surface. While these games aren’t going to be professional quality in terms of playing surface, they are regular size and they don’t make you play on a very small surface for the sake of space.

When you are done playing one game, the tri-fold technology makes it easy for you to switch over to the other seamlessly and easily. All you have to do is unlock the latches that hold the table in place and flip it over to reveal the other game. If you are done playing for a while, you can simply fold it upright to store it in a compact area without having to worry about it.

This table is one of best 3 in 1 game tables and the perfect solution for people who want something a bit higher end that offers three games and are willing to invest in quality.


  • Features 3 games in 1
  • Simple to put together
  • Easy to switch back and forth between games


  • Some problems with the pool surface being concave
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MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set

MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table SetIf you liked the last game for its versatility, then this table will blow you away. This table offers a shocking 4 games for you to play. There is one disadvantage–these games are not regulation size by any means. They are quite small and in most cases they are the miniature version of the game that they represent. Still, this package offers a lot of versatility and value for the very affordable price.

The four games that this table includes are pool, foosball, table tennis, and air hockey. This is the ultimate entertainment solution for kids, dorm rooms, or small apartments. If you are looking for something that offers the most games, 4 is about the most that you’d be able to get in one purchase. This table comes in two sizes: 54 inches and 48 inches.

Aside from being very versatile and offering multiple games, another benefit of this table is that it’s very easy to assemble and break down when needed. Convenience is the ultimate feature of this multi-game table and the interchangeable game tops easily stack on top of each other to make it as easy as possible to change games when you need to.

When it comes to materials, this table is one of the best on our list. Durability is definitely a property of this table as it is built with solid wood, PVC, metal, and other strong materials that will keep it durable and long-lasting. This will come as a relief for anyone who has had to deal with weak multi-game tables in the past.


  • Comes with 4 games
  • Easy to assemble and breakdown
  • Made from premium materials


  • Small playing surfaces
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Fat Cat Original 3 in 1 6-Foot Flip Game Table

Fat Cat Original 3 in 1 6-Foot Flip Game Table

If you are looking for something simple, sturdy, and compact, then this 3 in 1 pool table should be on your radar. You can save time and money by buying 3 games at once with this table and being able to play pool, ping pong, and air hockey. It also saves space as it’s not full-sized but isn’t that much smaller than your average table.

The tri-fold technology that this table uses makes storage and changing games very easy and hassle-free. You can also flip the entire table upright and store it in a compact place very easily. In terms of price, it’s pretty average and located in the middle of the price spectrum. For the price, you do get good value as it’s made out of pretty durable materials.

If you have a game room that you have been trouble finding a place for everything inside, this table is going to be a good option for you. The 6 foot size offers you all sorts of versatility and options when it comes to arranging your game room.

Another benefit of this table is that it includes everything that you’ll need to play the games that are available. That includes billiard balls, hockey pucks, pushers, table tennis paddles, pool cues, and a net for ping pong. It’s simply a matter of getting it set up and you’re ready to go!


  • Good value for the price
  • Comes with 3 games
  • Includes all necessary supplies for playing


  • Some complaints about the quality of the legs of the table
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NHL Power Play Air-Powered Hockey Table with Table Tennis

NHL Power Play Air-Powered Hockey Table
This dual air hockey and ping pong table represents one of the highest-quality item son our list and for that reason it’s incredibly popular. While the rest of the items on our list mostly have 3 or more games included, this one only has air hockey and ping pong. If you are only looking for these two games, then you’ll be pleased. If you are looking for a bit more value, then you’ll be disappointed that there’s not more games included.

This full-sized table might not be the best for those who are hard-pressed for space, but it’s excellent for anyone who wants a high quality surface for playing on. Out of any of the items in our list, this is probably the highest-quality surface so far that we have seen. On the air hockey side, you’ll find a high-quality air-powered surface that allows your puck to glide around effortlessly and allows you to have a superior playing experience.

In addition to the high-quality air hockey surface, it also has a scoring system that has sound effects and makes it convenient to play without having to worry about keeping score manually.


  • High-quality playing surface
  • Stable, durable feet
  • Easy to switch over from ping pong to air hockey


  • Only includes two games
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Hathaway Triad 48 inch 3 in 1 Game Table

Hathaway Triad 48 inch 3 in 1 Game Table

If you are looking for a true budget option for your game room or dormitory, then this is the one for you. Priced very competitively at the bottom of the price range for our list, this interchangeable table still has some value as a budget option. It includes 3 different games including pool, air hockey, and ping pong. This isn’t the highest quality table with the best playing surfaces, but it’s good enough for someone who just wants to have a bit of fun and isn’t playing competitively.

There are some benefits to being as simple as this game is, though. It’s incredibly easy to switch back and forth between games and store it when you’re not using it because of the small size. This is the perfect option for someone on a budget or with a very small space to work with.


  • Includes 3 games
  • Very affordable
  • Small and compact for easy storage


  • Low-quality playing surfaces
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When it comes to air hockey ping pong table combos, you have a lot of options out there. In our rundown of the 5 best tables, you should have identified some products that look like they will meet your needs. Taking all of our factors into consideration and having done a deep analysis on each, we have determined the NHL Air Hockey Ping Pong Table to be the best combination table. This is the best option if you are looking for just air hockey and ping pong because of its affordable price and premium playing surfaces.

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