Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddle of 2019

Ping pong is all about the playing style, strategies, and serves. It’s all about getting the ball over the net, making it the opponent’s turn – with a purpose of scoring a point, no matter how you do it.

Best Defensive Ping Pong PaddleWhile most players go straight after the offensive playing style – it’s not all about the attacking the opponent. In fact, most mistakes are done by offensive players who are losing points in scenarios when defensive players don’t.

Of course, it’s a vice-versa situation, and if you’re going to play defensive ping pong style – you better get the best defensive ping pong paddle to match your skills.

Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Killerspin JET400 Ping Pong Racket

Killerspin JET400 is a way to step up your level of play since it’s a racket that features ITTF-approved competitive rubbers and a premium wood blade that is suitable for competitive play.

Even though this paddle has been engineered for an all-around play, it offers a dynamic play style which is very ideal for defensive players.

It’s built using 5 layers of wood and it has Nitrx-4Z rubbers that offer a great amount of speed and control, with a little bit less of spin.

What we liked the most is the flared handle that provides the most comfort even in the toughest situations.

Butterfly Timo Boll Racket

Is there a better way to play defense than using Timo Boll’s signature racket which contains aggressive rubber yet are a great fit for a defensive play.

This Pan Asia table tennis racket features a great balance between speed and spin when striking the balls, but also blocking them.

What’s even better is that even though this is Timo Boll’s signature racket – you get to choose between 3 different final versions that come with different sponge & rubber thickness.

However, all versions offer the same speed, spin, and control ratings – which are 80, 70, 80.

DHS Professional 4002C Racket

DHS X series 4 features a ping pong paddle ideal for defensive players because of a long handle/shakehand  racket style combination that is updated completely with a carbon material.

This paddle was made from specially selected wood, equipped with carbon fiber at specific places, and even features classic rubber.

Bigger size design moves sweet spots for players to have more control and freedom over the ball. That’s very useful for blocking opponent’s balls.

We have also noticed that elasticity and tenacity added to the racket help improve the speed.

Gambler Custom Professional Table Tennis Paddle

Gambler Double Carbon Silver blade has been designed with 5 ply Limba and Ayous wood in combination with a soft carbon touch.

Therefore, this paddle offers great speed and yet is very stable, allowing the players total control over the match no matter how much spin the opponent adds to the ball.

It comes with professionally glued rubbers that can be easily replaced when worn out – and another good thing is that it is ITTF approved so you can use it in any tournament.

Therefore, you are able to get speed – 90, control – 90, and spin – 91 ratings out of this professional paddle.

Killerspin Jet Black ping Pong Racket Combo

If you’re looking to go win a match in a style, along with a powerful racket, there is no better combination than Killerspin Jet Black racket.

This paddle has been constructed of 5 layers of wood and is covered in Nitrx-4Z rubbers that offer great control along with the speed.

What’s really amazing is that it even adds a structured storage case sleeve for the most secured storage.

However, even though the rubbers are ITTF approved, the paddle isn’t since you will be required to use red rubber in ITTF official tournaments. Therefore, the next option is a bit more suitable if you’re looking to participate in ITTF tournaments.

Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle

If you’re an intermediate or advanced player who’s looking for the best paddle for defensive playing style – Killerspin JET600 is the ideal choice, especially since it’s ITTF approved.

It features Nitrx-4Z rubber that features a lot of control and speed and yet a 5-plywood blade makes it very lightweight yet easy and comfortable to hold.

This paddle is ideal for balanced defense play but also is great for counter-attacking when the right opportunity comes.


Whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for your second or even third paddle – defensive playing style requires a specific defensive ping pong paddle that will allow you to keep the balance of the game and even regain points when it’s close to impossible.

Of course, the quality defensive ping pong paddle will offer a lot and you will even be able to fully utilize your skill set. It might not make you a better player immediately, but it will take some time to get adjusted to it.

Once you do – you will be able to fully utilize the skills you posses.

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