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10 Best Ping Pong Paddle In 2022 (December)

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Are you looking for the best ping pong paddle? There is a huge variety available on the market, but it can be a little tough to select, right? Don’t worry! You are in the right place.

The guide below is for your reference. You can learn some of the basics. Understanding what exactly to look for in a paddle can help you decide better.

The quality of your ping pong paddle can make the difference between a win and a loss when playing tennis. That is why it is crucial to buy the best paddles.

But over the years the table tennis market has grown significantly. Today, there are hundreds of brands on the market, each claiming to sell high-quality ping pong paddles.

As a result, choosing one that suits your needs can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner. Fortunately, today you have landed in the right place.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

STIGA Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon

This lightweight paddle with a good grip will offer you a lot of speed and spin, with a little bit less control.

With all the speed it offers, you will still be able to have full control of the ball while being able to attack or defend yourself, no matter what style you play.

STIGA Pro Carbon performance table tennis racket is ideal for intermediate and professional players who are used to using a paddle and can deal with the amount of spin and power that this paddle produces.

It is made of five piles of wood and two piles of carbon, making it strong but super lightweight. Additionally, the rigidity that the two carbon piles bring allows the blade to give you more power when you need it.

It’s not a good paddle for defensive players, however, it might be a great choice for players who sometimes defend themselves, but know how to attack and surprise the opponent.

However, if you really want to adjust this paddle for more defensive play, I’d suggest you replace the black rubber with a different one.

It’s a great powerful paddle for attack and a little bit of defense for the price.

This paddle contains multiple layers of carbon for offering better rigidity and response. If you’re an offensive player, you’ll love this racket to play with. The solid carbon on this paddle allows you to spin the ball while hitting it at a higher speed. 

When it comes to tactical shots, the Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis bat gives you better performance than other rackets in this price range. 

Killerspin Jet 800

Killerspin Jet 800

The paddle is a little bit heavier than the other but that’s good for the aggressive playing style it offers. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 is also good for defensive aggressive players who mostly win their points on defense.

You will be able to defend firmly while having the ability to attack whenever you get the opportunity.

It might take some time to get used to this paddle, however, once you get used, even your servings will improve thanks to the spin it offers.

This paddle is specially designed for competitive matches. If you’re looking for a nice racket that will support you in tournaments, this could be it.

The premium rubber – Nitrix-4z used in this paddle. This improves the speed and power and the surface helps you deliver exceptional shots that will ensure you’re giving your opponent a hard time playing against you.

Its blades consist of seven-ply composite woods and carbon fiber that provide an incredible amount of power and spin. The nitrx rubber that it features controls the direction of the ball, thus minimizing the chances of making errors.

The layers of soft carbon embedded into the seven layers of wood blade add extra rigidity for aggressive play, better control, and speed.

The dual carbon technology that it uses allows the blade to absorb hard-hitting shots from your opponent and spread them across the entire blade thus minimizing the impact on your hands.

You can customize this ITTF-approved paddle according to your needs and change the rubber as well. 

The Killerspin Jet 800 is a widely used ping pong racket and is often used in the Olympic games. If the quality and features fit perfectly with your needs, give it a try and you might find your next favorite ping pong paddle. 

JOOLA Infinity Balance

JOOLA Infinity Balance

Joola has been a great choice for athletes since 1950 and is widely used in international table tennis tournaments worldwide. The premium quality wood and thick rubbers used in this paddle allow you to hit the ball with more spin. 

If you’re an offensive player and have your own techniques and tactics, you’ll love this piece to try out your unique shots.

Unlike many other premium paddles, Joola offers a decent amount of control alongside speed and spin. So you have a nice and smooth balance on your grip. 

If you’re starting to get serious about your ping pong journey, then you might be considering a paddle that gives you a little bit more when it comes to quality and control.

This paddle can do just that. This JOOLA paddle is ITTF regulation size and has an inverted surface that allows for a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

This paddle is great for putting a spin on your shot and gaining much more control during your match. Though this might be a racket that you explore using once you are more advanced, this racket can work for everyone from kids to professionals.

Using it effectively might take some advanced knowledge of how spin and other control measures work.

JOOLA Infinity Overdrive is equipped with a smooth inverted surface and super comfortable ergonomic flare grip handles for improved speed, performance, and spin.

The two layers of carbon Kevlar that it features reinforce the wood surface thus reducing vibrations when going for stronger attacks. This is important because it gives you an upper hand over your competitors.

If you are looking for a high-performance and durable ping pong paddle, JOOLA Infinity Overdrive will not disappoint you. It is ideal for both beginners and professional players who want to up their playing skills.

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Set

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Set

Butterfly 603 is a good choice for people who wish to speed up their game, and master the fundamental techniques within days. The wooden made blade adds quality and performance to the racket.

The 2.1 mm rubber makes sure you have good control and grip during the game. The best thing about this racket is its speed, which comes with a rating of 90. Furthermore, the curve and lightweight is something which everyone will admire about it.

The case is of exceptional quality, as well. Whether you’re a moderate player or an advanced player, it’s the right paddle for you. The blade could feel slightly heavier than other paddles.

But the response of the rubber is really great and overshadows the weight of the blade. In short, it’s going to be your true companion for a very long time.

In addition to that, the paddle has a 30-day defect warranty and comes with a protective case as well. Make sure you get the best racket for your next match.

Another great part about this paddle is that it’s made for a shakehand grip and offers equal power and speed for backhand and forehand shots. The Wakaba rubber used on both sides makes it even faster.

STIGA Evolution Performance

STIGA Evolution

If you’re looking for a paddle for recreational use that can be played for both casual and competitive games, this might be the perfect racket for you. You can enjoy the match playing with it on the other side, and beat your opponent easily with killer shots.

This paddle is a great premade paddle which can be a great personal paddle for players who are moving away from recreational play to something more.

It’s balanced perfectly as it doesn’t weigh a lot and it’s comfortable to hold. Even when the rubber gets worn out, you can still keep the wooden paddle and just replace the rubber.

There’s an optimal balance between the speed and balance this paddle offers, while it’s offering control.

With this STIGA paddle, you’re going to be able to develop your game, no matter what kind of player you are. It can be good for defensive players who like to surprise their opponents with fast and spin balls after a nice controlling defense.

It might not be the cheapest paddle out there, but it’s definitely worth the money.

STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket

When you’re looking for a combination of spin and speed, you’ll find the STIGA Raptor racket fits perfectly within a reasonable budget. The 7-ply extra light blade allows it to be super lightweight while offering great overall game performance. 

The advanced carbon technology allows it to create exceptional power and speed while the ACS technology makes it great for control and creates a balanced playing experience for you.

This well-balanced and ITTF-approved paddle is one of a kind considering its low price and higher value. When you’re not ready to buy a super expensive and premium racket but want a super cool one that’ll understand your moves and let you play freely, you’ll find this racket a perfect fit for you.

When you’re playing against a tough competitor, STIGA Raptor might be the game-changer for you. With great spin and power, you’ll comfortably beat any opponents and get a professional feeling. 

Killerspin JET200

Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin is a Chicago-based company that is known to manufacture performance-level table tennis rackets. Killerspin JET200 table tennis paddle was specially designed to help beginners improve their playing skills.

Therefore, if you are a beginner looking for a paddle to sharpen your playing skills, then the Killerspin JET200 is the right choice for you. It will help you sharpen the basics of ball control and strokes.

Killerspin JET200 is one of the best ping pong paddles for beginners on the market today. The reason behind its success is that it offers beginners great balance, spin, and control. This racket can quickly convert you from a novice player to a pro player in no time.

The blade of this tennis paddle consists of five layers of wood and jet basics rubber that gives you better control, increased speed, and spin.

The flexible PVC tape on the edges offers protection thus increasing the ping pong racket’s durability. The additional rigid that the 5 layers provide more speed and control.

Killerspin JET200 comes in three different colors including lime, Mocha, and Bluvanilla, meaning that you can choose one that suits your taste.


STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Titan table tennis racket is ideal for people who are looking for a quality, durable, and high-performance ping pong paddle. This paddle is affordable but equipped with amazing features that will enable you to outshine your competitors. It is ideal for beginners and intermediaries, especially those targeting defensive play.

STIGA Titan table tennis racket’s great performance is mainly attributed to its high-quality blade. Its blade has a 5-ply that provides more power and control. The inverted tournament rubber and 2mm sponge that it features are ITTF approved and provide more spin control, wider sweet spot, and spin.

The Concave Italian composite handle is super comfortable with excellent grip, meaning that you can play for a long time without getting tired. The ultra-lightweight basal wood center ply increases reaction time and speed, giving you an upper hand over your competitors.

The combination of performance and quality makes this paddle more balance and also gives you a premium feel while playing.

If you are planning to play in a major tournament and looking for a paddle that will give you an upper hand over your competitors, the STIGA Titan table tennis racket (TI260) is a great choice. Its great spin, speed, sweet spot, and control will enable you to outshine your competitors easily.

Killer Jet 600

Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle

Killer Jet 600 is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want to outshine their competitors. It is equipped with premium-grade features that make it stand out from other pig pong paddles within its price range.

It features 2.00mm high tension nitrx -4Z rubber that is ITTF approved. The 5 plywood blade that it is equipped with provides better control, increased speed, and spin.

Killer Jet 600 has a speed rating of 80, 90 spin, and a control rating of 85. It features a lightweight dense base for enhanced precision and increased power when playing. The premium rubbers that it is fitted with produce enough spin for increased power.

The thin wood that it is made of not only makes this paddle lightweight but also provides more control for precision shots and increased power when you need it. Killer Jet 600 table tennis paddle also produces an incredible amount of spin.

If you are looking for a ping pong paddle for professional or intermediate players that is packed with great features, the Killer Jet 600 table tennis paddle is a great choice for you.

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle

If you are looking for high-quality table tennis paddles that will help you stay on top of the game, the Idoraz table tennis paddle professional racket is a great choice for you. Idoraz paddle can take your performance to the next level, thanks to its thick ITTF-approved rubber and robust blade construction.

Idoraz paddle has a spin rating of 93, meaning that it provides great spin and balance while playing. The rubber that it is fitted with provides that much-needed grip thus giving you more control over the ball.

If you are looking for speed and balance, the Idoraz professional racket is your perfect choice. Its perfectly balanced frame combined with a speeding rating of 99 makes this paddle one the fastest paddle on the make. Idoraz paddle will not let you down when it comes to sleep and control

Idoraz paddle will allow you to generate great spins. It is an ideal paddle for looping the ball from mid to far distance and also for smashes or forehead drives. This tennis bat is not reactive to incoming spin, a factor that allows you to return more balls to the table surface.

The Idoraz table tennis paddle professional racket comes with a protection band and carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. It also comes with 30 days, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Best Ping Pong Paddle Brands:

There is a huge variety of ping pong paddle brands available on the market. It might be a little tough for you to make a final decision as to which one to consider. Below is a list of some brands that you might consider:

  • Stiga
  • Killerspin
  • Butterfly
  • Joola

And a lot more.

Official Dimensions of A Ping Pong Paddle:

The size of the base should be 27 cm out of which 10 cm is for the handle while 17 cm of the width is for the blade.

It’s important that you select the right size as it would be great to improve your game!

What Makes the Best Paddles for Ping Pong?

Based on your personal choice and other important factors, you can select the best in your opinion.

To get an idea of what’s the best in terms of the performance level table tennis that’s mostly liked, you can see the customer reviews as it’s left by the current and past customers. It can give you a fair idea about the brand.

Generally, a ping pong paddle that is composed of high-quality materials would be the best.

What Type of Ping Pong Grip Should You Choose?

You might be wondering what type of ping pong grip would be suitable for you. You can divide the types of ping pong grip into two major categories.

Shakehand Grip

As the name suggests the shakehand grip would be like holding the paddle in such a way as if you are shaking hands. For example, the handle should be between your thumb and index finger. You can see a V-shape.

Penhold Grip

The penhold grip is like holding a pen. In this type of grip, you are holding the paddle between your thumb and index finger. You can keep other fingers relaxed. You can try the Chinese grip, Korean grip, or reverse backhand grip.

What Type of Ping Pong Paddle Handle Should You Choose?

There are different types of handles. You can select:

  • A straight handle.
  • A flared handle.
  • An anatomical handle.
  • It can be short or long.

The type of handle you select would largely depend on the type of grip you prefer while playing.

What Is The Difference Between The Red and Black Side of Ping Pong Paddles?

Actually, the difference in the colors is required because of the official rules. The color differences would allow you and the opponent to play fairly.

As one side of the rubber on the ping pong paddle can be spin-heavy as compared to the other side, the difference in the colors would help the opponent to distinguish.

What Ping Pong Paddles Do Professionals Use?

If you follow a certain professional player, you can see which brand they recommend or use. Every player is different and has a different playing style. Thus, it would depend on what type of table tennis bat is suitable for you as a professional. Some reputable brands used by the professionals are – Stiga, Butterfly, Killerspin, etc.

What Do Those Performance Ratings Mean?

The performance ratings would be for the spin, speed, and control of the ping pong paddle. It would depend on the paddle rating system. Thus, you would get an idea about the power of the paddle and the control.


You can select one of the best paddles based on your playing style and a lot more. First, you have to see whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a professional player. If you are just a beginner you can simply practice with the basic or plastic paddle.

However, as you grow and want to practice it’s better to invest in a suitable paddle that represents your playing style and is comfortable for use.

Our top pick is the STIGA Pro Carbon. The reason why this ping pong paddle is our top pick is that it is very comfortable, stylish, durable, and affordable. If you are searching for a ping pong racket that will serve you for a long time, look no further than STIGA Pro Carbon.

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