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Last Updated on March 28, 2024

Looking for the best ping pong table for you? We have prepared a complete guide for selecting the best table tennis table for you. Continue reading to learn more!

Table tennis is an ultimate game recognized and enjoyed by many people across the globe. Most table people love this game as it requires little skill and is for both young and old players.

Whether you like playing indoors or outdoors, having a best ping pong table is a perfect way to unwind with friends and colleagues during your leisure time.

In order to get the best quality ping pong table which will meet your needs and will serve you for a long time, you need to look at the table in a different way.

I hope this review list of many types of best ping pong tables will help you find the right table for your needs, no matter if it was indoor, outdoor, professional-grade or a midsized ping pong table.

Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

Best Overall
STIGA Advantage
STIGA Advantage

Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Blue

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Best Indoor
JOOLA Inside
JOOLA Inside

Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Blue

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Best Outdoor
Stiga XTR
Stiga XTR

Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Blue

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Cornilleau 700MCornilleau 700M

Size: – 60″ x 107.8″ x 30″

Color:- Grey

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Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Black

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Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Blue

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Size: – 60″ x 108″ x 30″

Color:- Blue

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STIGA Advantage

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

STIGA is very well known brand among the table tennis players, and they have a great lineup of paddles, however, they also make great ping pong tables.

STIGA Advantage is just one of best ping pong tables from STIGA. It’s really easy to set up and it only takes around 10 minutes. Legs are very strong and they have 8 rollers to expand the portability and make it easier to move the table around.

The design of STIGA Advantage is pretty simple and straight forward, which will let you spend more time on playing ping pong at this table than assembling it.

The competition-ready table boasts a QuickPlay design that comes 95% preassembled for easy setup.

The play surface is a 3/4″-thick MDF tabletop finished with a roller coat paint process on both sides. It has a perfectly smooth finish for exceptional playability.

Additionally, the top surface displays a silkscreen striping that marks the playfield lines. These prints are more durable than competitor methods, which often interfere with the play.

The underside features a spring-loaded safety latch system that locks the tabletop into an upright position for additional safety. This way, the table will not open unexpectedly during use.

It includes a tournament-quality net and a spring clamp post system that is easy and quick to assemble. To complete the game, adjust the net system to your preferred height and tension, and you’re good to go.

But if you’re playing alone to sharpen your skills before the next match, set the table to a playback position and get the game going.

STIGA Advantage Pro would be an excellent choice for anyone interested in a high-end table tennis table.

JOOLA Inside – Best Indoor Ping Pong Table

JOOLA Inside

This competition-grade indoor table tennis table displays the quality artistry of JOOLA. The brand is renowned for its state-of-the-art sports equipment, and we’re pleased to announce this pick as the best indoor Ping Pong Table!

JOOLA inside is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, fun-filled table. The fantastic unit comes 95% pre-assembled, all you have to do is assemble the wheels brackets in order for the table tennis table to be portable and stand correctly.

It’s a 2-piece table which is in my opinion always easier to set up than 4 piece tables which can be a little bit of hassle.

JOOLA Inside is sturdy, heavy and has a great construction including the legs. It’s made to last, and it’s really worth the investment.

Legs of the table can be locked which is a great feature so you don’t have any dangerous movements during the play. Locking the legs while the table is stored away is another way to keep it safe.

The play surface is of professional-grade wood that creates a consistent ball bounce. It is also durable enough to withstand any tough competition without breaking.

Safety is at the heart of JOOLA Inside! The unit comes with dual anti-tilting locking devices that lock it into place to ensure safety in both storage and playing positions.

The post and net system have an adjustable net and a removable clamp post that lets you set your preferred height and tension. Use this indoor championship equipment to play like a pro.

JOOLA Rally TL 300 / JOOLA Motion


JOOLA Rally TL 300 or JOOLA Motion is a little bit different than other tables, because of the surface color. Rally TL 300 or JOOLA Motion has a darker charcoal color which looks classy and it’s great for the players’ eyes if the ball you play is white.

The unit comes 95% pre-assembled – you only need 15 minutes, and you’ll be ready to play. Attach the legs using the eight bolts and set the frame and net system to your preferred height.

It’s a very high-quality table by a well-known brand in a mid-priced range which is suitable for beginners, amateurs, or even intermediate and more advanced players.

The table is heavy, but it’s almost already assembled, and you only have to assemble the wheels brackets on the legs and a couple of other smaller things.

It’s folding option and very easy to push it around thanks to the quality rollers, and it can be assembled with only one person in a reasonable time, which is an advantage.

It’s heavy, solid, and well-built so you can be sure it’s going to last for long.

JOOLA Tour 1800


JOOLA Tour is a great indoor table for beginners, intermediate or even more advanced players. It’s also at a reasonable price which will suit all players no matter what’s their skill level.

It’s really easy to assemble, and it doesn’t take long. You only need to assemble the lower legs and other than that and the net, there’s nothing more to be assembled.

Net is really easy to attach, thanks to the clamp system and the table is really sturdy which means it’s going to last for many games over the next years.

You’ll be able to put it anywhere indoor, no matter what’s the floor surface. It’s a great way to spend more time with your family, keep the kids off the computer and have fun whenever you want to.

You may also check JOOLA Tour 2500, a little bit different than other Tour models. It comes with 25mm thicker frame and still very easy to assemble the table, and it will take you only under 15 minutes.

It’s a high-quality table and it might be a little bit more expensive than JOOLA Tour 1800 table, but this table is something which is ready for high-quality tournament play.

With the JOOLA Tour table, you will also get a professional net which is also easy to assemble thanks to the clamp system.

Head Table Tennis Table


When it comes to a table that is made with usability in mind, it is this one that stands out. It is excellently crafted to consider regular usage and isn’t going to fold at the first sign of trouble.

It starts with the competition-grade material. The material is perfect as it is a seamless table allowing for a more consistent bounce at all times.

For those who are going to want a regulation size table, this is among the best on the market at this price range.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to play with a partner and that is when the playback mode comes in hand with this table.

Just set it up by folding from the middle and play against the other side of the table. It is this simple and that is what makes it a winning option for the average player.

For those who are going to be storing this able away at the end of the day, this one is sleek and won’t get in the way at all.

Just put it away and feel good about how much space it’s going to take up.

In the end, this is a table that has been engineered with durability in mind. It is usable, versatile, and doesn’t take longer than ten minutes to put together out of the box.

This simplicity is something that will win you over and ensure it becomes a staple in your setup.

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis – Best Competition Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly is one of the leading brands in the world of table tennis, and it’s a brand that always gets approved by ITTF. So if you’re looking for a quality table, there’s no better choice than going for Butterfly.

Centrefold 25 is a professional grade table tennis that follows the regulations and can be used professionally for competitive matches, as well as for friends and family recreational play.

A strong frame is made to keep the table stable and provide durability necessary during the matches but also when it’s stored.

The top surface is made with a scratch-proof coat that is 1 inch thick and it’s basically what makes this table even more attractive.

There are 4 wheels that come with a lock feature, which are simple to use and provide great portability for indoor use.

It’s fairly easy to set up the table and even easier to store it away, so even if you have no space, you will be able to use and benefit from this table.

EastPoint Sports Table Tennis Table – Best Folding Ping Pong Table

EastPoint Sports Dominator Table Tennis Table

When you have enough space for a ping pong table, but you can’t leave it permanently set up – EastPoint Sports table will take care of the problem with its easy fold/unfold feature.

Assembly of the table is very easy and it shouldn’t take you a lot of time. A table might be a little too heavy for some people, but it’s built out of sturdy materials and constructed well so it lasts for long.

Once it’s assembled, it’s very easy to move it around since it has 4 roller wheels. The surface of the table is fully laminated and the bounce of the ball is really good, as it should be.

You will even have the on-center net and paddle storage system when you’re not playing, however, keep in mind that the paddle nor balls are not included with the table.

MD Sports Table Tennis Set – Best Ping Pong Table Under 200

MD Sports Table Tennis Set

MD Sports table tennis set comes with everything necessary to get the game started. It includes a net, 2 balls, and 2 paddles.

It’s a perfect table for people who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money or break their bank for a ping pong table that is good for both fun and competitive games.

One thing you should pay attention to is that this table comes in 4 pieces, instead of standard 2 pieces.

Therefore, assembly requires at least two people and takes a bit of time. However, on the bright side, it’s a very lightweight table so the assembly isn’t that hard.

For the price it costs, MD Sports table tennis set offers a great value that’s ready for a game straight out of the box, after the assembly.

STIGA XTR Outdoor – Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The STIGA XTR Table Tennis Table offers supreme playability while providing an excellent all-weather performance.

STIGA XTR is the best outdoor table, thanks to its durable aluminum construction which will make the table last for years.

It’s easy to set it up and ready, so you will be able to play it within an hour. It has rollers with lock feature, so you can keep it from moving around when playing, and also it’s going to keep the table safe when it’s stored away.

It has a very attractive blue color which is unusual for indoor tables. In my opinion, it’s going to help in the case you play it outdoors under the sun. It will keep your eyes away from sun reflections during the play.

It’s really compact and you can take it out of the garage and set it up for play in minutes.

Cornilleau 700M Crossover Table Tennis Table


If you are looking for a ping pong table which will impress all of your opponents, yet offer an excellent bounce and a great game, Cornilleau 700M Crossover is the right for you.

Again, these luxurious tables might be pricey, but they’re offering a huge change to your game while having the unique design.

Rather than a Killerspin, Cornilleau is a foldable table if that’s a feature you are looking out for, and this table is best for outdoor use.

It’s a really versatile table for serious ping pong lovers, and the big wheels make this table really portable.

Cornilleau for a difference than other tables will offer a better ball bounce consistency, while the sturdy construction will make sure that the table stays in the same position as long as you aren’t ready to move it.



It’s a 2-piece table with a very interesting surface color which is great for outdoor ping pong playing.

Sturdy construction and a well-made net will make sure that you get the table set up and ready in less than half hour.

However, keep in mind that the table is heavy, and it’s heavy because of the quality aluminum legs. You just have to attach the legs to the table, other than that – everything else comes assembled.

It’s really easy to fold the table and push it around thanks to the rollers which provide portability. It’s simple to store it away, lock the rollers, and then you can take it out and set it up anytime you want to play.

Surface color is interesting, it’s more on a light color side, and that’s special because it’s an outdoor table so that the sun doesn’t take the color away.

The weather-resistant 6mm aluminum-plastic composite surface and matching weather-resistant net makes it more durable to withstand any adverse weather conditions.


What is the Standard Ping Pong Table Size?

According to ITTF, the standard sizes are 274cm long by 152.5cm in width and a height of 76cm. The net should be at least 15.25cm above the table surface.

If you have a smaller room, you should not give up because there are ping pong tables smaller than the standard one.

A good example is the 7 ft by 4 ft and a height of 2.5 ft ping pong table.

There are also smaller tables called the mini ping pong tables that measure 6 ft by 3 ft and 2.5 ft.

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost?

A ping pong table can cost you from around $100 to $1000. The price depends on the brand, quality, and materials used.

Cheap ping pong tables usually have a thin tabletop, and the quality is not excellent. They are not the best for a professional or experienced player.

Medium thickness table tennis tables can cost you around $300 to $400. With this price range, you will get a decent table that delivers extra bounce and can last for a few years.

There are also competition quality tables that come with a thick tabletop. They can cost you anywhere between $400 to $1000+.

How Much Space Is Needed for a Ping Pong Table?

The official size of a regular ping pong table is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. The ideal space for a ping pong table will depend on how the players play.

For experienced and aggressive players, the best space for a ping pong table is 22 feet long and 11 feet wide.

A clear space of at least 19 feet long and 11 feet wide is suitable to let beginner players enjoy the game without feeling too cramped.

If you play lots of double games with friends, the best space should be 24 feet long and 14 feet wide, if possible.

Can You Keep a Ping Pong Table Outside?

Yes, you can keep a ping pong table outside for a short period. However, it’s not recommended to leave your ping pong table in direct sunlight as it could warp.

It’s vital to take your table tennis table back inside when you are done playing.

But if you need a table tennis table that will be left outside permanently, you should buy one that’s designed specifically for outdoor use.

Outdoor tables offer unmatched flexibility as you can keep then inside and out. The best outdoor ping pong tables are built from galvanized steel undercarriages with waterproof table tennis net and weatherproof top surface.

What is the Best Thickness for a Ping Pong Table?

The ideal and approved ping pong thickness is 25mm for tables used on official events. This kind of thickness is suitable for ball bouncing.

But if you are buying a ping pong table for playing at home with friends, a thickness of 18mm will work well.

Who Makes the Best Ping Pong Table? (Best Brand)

Deciding on which brand to choose depends on your preference. But you need to keep in mind that not all ping pong table manufacturers are ITTF-authorized.

Luckily, you can easily know who is authorized as the ITTF-authorized manufacturers put an ITTF logo on their tables to indicate their approval.

Some of the best ITTF-authorized brands include Joola, STIGA, Killerspin, Butterfly, Nittaku, Cornilleau, and more.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Ping Pong Table?

If you are wondering where the best place to buy a ping pong table, the right answer is Amazon.

Amazon offers almost all major ping pong table brands, including Joola, STIGA, Killerspin, Butterfly, plus many more.

You can also buy the best table tennis table on specialty stores like Megaspin, but they are appropriate if you are after something that’s not available on Amazon. Prices are relatively lower on Amazon than most specialty stores.


The best way to find a table is to determine your budget and your needs, then save just a little bit more money, and find a decent table within that budget.This will lead to a better choice since you won’t be going for the low-end tables.

In my opinion, STIGA Advantage is the best option as it’s a great table for every occasion and for every skill level. It’s really easy to set it up and it’s very portable.You will be able to fold it and unfold it anywhere and anytime while being able to play it in a few minutes.

STIGA is also a very well-known brand, and you can’t miss by going for one of their products because they take table tennis seriously and they help a lot of players to take the game to the next level.

If you have a tight budget and space for ping pong table then check out this guide on mini ping pong tables.

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