Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set comes in a professional design to allow you to achieve the right amount of spin and speed to win the tournament. The racket meets tournament quality to make players achieve the best results. It ships in a ping pong racket gift box to make it easy when buying it as a gift.

People who love table tennis will find it very attractive as a gift. You can get the racket and improve your performance when playing the game. ITTF approval makes the table tennis paddle very attractive. You can get it, and it will assure you of great performance as you play the game. The racket comes in high-quality design to allow you to enjoy playing table tennis to the fullest.

Butterfly 401 Racket Review

Butterfly 401 Racket

The butterfly 401 racket is built for professional table tennis players. You can buy it and prepare for the upcoming tournament. There are several factors the manufacturers consider to make it stand out. It spins fast to allow players to take advantage of different movers. The high-speed response makes the racket very reliable for playing tournaments. People looking forward to realizing the best results when playing tournaments can count on it. It was developed to make your work easy when playing tournaments.

The racket is a bit expensive when compared to other brands. You can get it as a professional. It will not be the perfect fit for beginners because they can damage it, considering the high price. Get a cheaper model as a beginner and buy it when you know how to execute different moves.

Features & Benefits of Butterfly 401

Fast spin and speed

The ratchet set comes in a high-quality design that makes it very reliable. You can count on it to assure you the fastest spin. When playing ping pong, there are times when fast speed and spin is essential. The racket comes in the best materials that allow for fast speed and spin. Players who apply it can achieve the best results when playing your favorite table tennis game.

Easy to control

It is essential to check out how you can control the ratchet. It comes in an easy to control design that makes many people prefer it. You can use it to have full control of the game. Players at different levels find it easy to achieve perfect control when playing the game. It is a racket that assures players the best results as they handle the game.

High-quality ping pong rubber and sponge

The sponge in the racket comes in high quality. The designers were keen to choose the perfect rubber that assures players the fastest spin and control. The Yuki, 2.1mm rubber, provide a high speed for the easy performance of different moves. Red and black rubber creates the right tackiness to beat the opponent quickly. Players looking to gain an advantage over their opponents prefer the racket.

Ergonomic grip

The paddle handle came in around and flared design. Players can enjoy superior and ergonomic grip as they play. The comfort makes it easy for players to realize the best experience when playing table tennis. Many players prefer a high-quality unit so that they can enjoy playing the game. Many players compare the rackets before they decide on one. Most of them prefer the ergonomic and comfortable feel they get when using the paddle.

Stylish table tennis paddled

The paddle comes in grey, blue and red colours to make the handle stand out. Players looking for ways they can stay stylish when playing their favourite games prefer it. It is a comfortable and stylish racket you can get and enjoy performing different moves when playing the game.

Comes in a protective case

The paddle comes when fully protected in a paddle case. There is no worry of contamination during the shipping process. Players looking for high-quality paddles can get it. It is a durable racket that will last long to assure players the best results. Several happy players prefer racket.

Tournament quality

The racket meets international table tennis federation quality. People looking for professional rackets prefer devices that meet the highest quality. The fact that it meets ITTF standards makes it a racket you can get and practise playing professional table tennis. The high-quality construction makes it assure players the best results when playing games. It is easy to win a game if you can get a high-quality unit.

Fast speed and spin

Players can apply the ping pong racket to hit eh game hard. When playing table tennis, there are times when it is necessary to hit the ping pong hard. The racket comes in high-quality construction that makes it easy to achieve the perfect shots. It works perfectly in making players realize the best play experience.


  • Offers the right spin and speed
  • Ergonomic grip when playing
  • Comes with ping pong paddle case
  • Tournament quality table tennis racket
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Not for beginners


The butterfly 401 comes in an attractive gift box. You can buy it for loved ones who love table tennis. Its tournament quality standards make it easy to prepare for the upcoming tournament. The different parts of the racket are of the highest quality. People looking for paddles can assure the value for money is right if they can get the racket. It is a racket that has received good reviews from many table tennis players.

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