Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot Review

Last Updated on February 20, 2022

Table tennis is an amazing indoor game.

People love to play this physical game to enjoy the game and to remain fit.

Butterfly Amicus Prime is one of the best table tennis robots of the Butterfly – a top table tennis brand.

This table tennis robot is easy to set-up and carry. With the help of this robot you can easily practice your game for long hours.

Because of this you do not need any partner for practicing the game.

Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot Review

amicus robot and player

Features and Benefits Of Butterfly Amicus Prime Robot

There are silent features that make the Butterfly Amicus Prime an effective robot.

Whether you are a beginner or a normal player it helps you to practice your game. The top features of this table tennis robot are given below.

Amazing Control

The Butterfly Amicus Prime table tennis robot has amazing wireless control. You can control it via Bluetooth.

You can connect it with your computer, smartphone, or tablet and can control it easily.

You just need to download the app in your Android or system. Whether you want to adjust its speed, or wants to change its spin. You can set all its features through your device.

You can easily stop and start it with the wireless tiny remote control. You can comfortably put it in your pocket while playing.

  • Regularly Software Updating – The application of the robot helps to update the software on a regular basis. Because of it’s continuous upgrading the robot function properly without any delay.
  • Easy to Program – To make your game better you can program it according to your needs. You can easily adjust each shot in terms of its position, speed, spin, and height.

To Improve the Game

amicus robot for table tennis mounted

As you can place it anywhere on the table it helps you a lot in improving your game. Set the robot at the place where you think you need more practice.

  • Ball Delivery Per Minute – The Butterfly Amicus Prime has the capacity to deliver more than 120 balls per minute. The speed, spin, and frequency of ball delivery vary from ball to ball. The variation in its speed is to make your game better. Through this you can get command on your game to face any tough competitor with confidence.
  • Keep the Record – To analyze your performance you can view your previous record as well. Yes, you can view your previous record. The robot has unlimited storage capacity. It has inbuilt 6GB and you can increase it with the help of an external SD card. This storage capacity is actually its memory capacity. It stores in its memory what you have done in previous sessions.
  • Get Command on Different Spin Types – With this amazing table tennis robot, you can get command on every type of spin. Whether it is a backspin, topspin, left or right side spins, left and backspin, right, and backspin. You will find all these multi-types of spins.
  • Set the Height – Adjust the ball delivery height from the table. You can easily adjust it through your tablet or robot controlling app. It provides you different options of height. Like you can adjust it at 8”, 9.5”. 11”, and 12” from the surface of the table. Analyze your game and identify your weak point. And adjust the height at the level you feel you need more practice.
  • Types of Shots – You cannot only get training in a spin but can also practice different shots. It offers you all types of shots to improve all types of shots. These shots include a counter, fast and slow loop, flat kill, heavy serve, dead block, chop, push, smash, and lob.


The Butterfly Amicus Prime is a portable table tennis robot. It is light in weight and you can easily carry it with yourself.

One another advantage of this is that you can easily change its place. Adjust it on any side or change its side multiple times to enjoy the game.


  • High-in quality
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Works for long hours without any break


  • Hard to disassemble


Use the outstanding Butterfly Amicus Prime to get command over game.

Now you don’t need to request your friends to play with you. You can play with the robot for an unlimited time.

It helps you in almost all areas of the game to improve your game. it is an easy solution for all your problems including the search for a partner.

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