Butterfly TB7 ProLine Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Butterfly TB7 Pro-Line Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly TB7 ProLine table tennis racket is good for both offensive and defensive game and Its blade is made of wood that is designed for an exceptionally balanced attack.

Butterfly TB7 ProLine Table Tennis Racket Review

It is a blade that is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of the players, whether they are beginners or professional players.

Its blade size is 154 x 148 mm, while the thickness of the blade is 6.3 mm. It is an ideal blade for playing an offensive professional table tennis game.


  • Affordable
  • Best for an offensive and defensive game
  • Durable
  • Perfect in weight
  • Strong grip


  • For some strokes not good enough

Features And Benefits Of Butterfly TB7 ProLine Table Tennis Racket

The weight of the Butterfly TB7 Pro is 84 g. It is easy and comfortable to hold and to play the game in a comfortable and confident way.

The right amount of weight

Due to its right amount of weight, a player can hold it with a strong grip and can hit the ball perfectly in an offensive style.

Best for the attack

The blade of this table tennis racket is designed in a shake hand style.

This style is best for attacking. You can hit the ball accurately with a great spin through the Butterfly TB7 ProLine table tennis racket.


With this wooden blade table tennis racket, you can have a high-level control on the game. You can hit the ball with good control with accuracy and spin.

Its blade’s design helps you to have control of whether you are a new learner of the game or an expert.

It is highly recommended, especially for the players who are facing difficulty in controlling the ball and racket during the game.



Speed is another important feature of the Butterfly TB7 ProLine table tennis racket.

When we say that it is an exceptional racket for playing the offensive game, it means we say this because of its speed and spin.

You can hit the ball with high speed and can attack your competitor easily. For hitting the ball with high speed through this racket, you do not need to use much force.

Strong grip

While playing table tennis, it is important to have a strong grip on your racket. Your grip on the racket plays an important role in playing an offensive game with great techniques.

The handle size of the tennis racket is 102 x 25 mm. It is an ideal size as you can hold it properly with a strong grip to play your game with full confidence.

Like many other handles, it is not too short and not slippery at all. Therefore you can hold it in a perfect way to play your game with full concentration and focus.


It spins the ball without using your force and energy. Its blade helps in spinning both topspin and backspin from far and back from the tennis table or from the short distance to the table.

Bottom line

Butterfly TB7 ProLine is an exceptional table tennis racket.

You can buy it with full confidence to learn and train yourself in this game. It is equally benefitted for both beginners and professional players.

Identify your weak points in the game, and this table tennis bat will help you to improve your weaknesses.

It is not heavy in weight so you can easily carry it for long hours. It will not hurt your hand.

For spinning and speed, it is an ideal racket as you can spin the ball and hit it hard with great speed through this table tennis racket without adding much physical power and energy.

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