Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

Butterfly Timo boll ALC Blade Review

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade comes in a design to make players get the best results in their attacking tactics. Timo Boll inspired the design to achieve the best results when in the gameplay. Players can count on the table tennis blade to assure them heavy topspin and high degree of control. Controlling the ball is very necessary when playing table tennis. The blade will never let you down when playing. The ALC plies are effective in dampening the vibration. Players can enjoy the best results each time they apply the blade. A side tape is applied to protect the blade in case the ball hits it. Users can rely on the blade to assure them great durability. Comfort is taken into account when designing the blade; you can count on it to assure you great results as you play your favorite table tennis game.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade Review

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade comes in high-quality design to assure players on different levels the best play experience. You can spin the blade at high speed to achieve different effects. Its durability makes many players prefer it. There are cases where players would like to perform different moves fast. The blade is carefully balanced to make it easy for players to realize the best results as they play the game. Application of the best materials and design features that consider professional players’ need to make the unit stand out. It is built to assure players the best results.

Features & Benefits of Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade

Arylate-Carbon Fiber Blade

The blade was made out of high-quality materials. The use of Arylate-Carbon Fiber makes it lightweight but very durable. His weight is carefully balanced to offer players an edge as they perform different moves. You can get the blade, and it will work towards making you enjoy fast spins. It comes in different handle styles to make it comfortable for players. Players at different levels can count on the blade to allow them to achieve the best results. Several design features make many players prefer it. You can count on it to allow you to enjoy the best performance.

High-speed performance

You need a blade that can perform at high speed to get your opponent off-guard when playing table tennis. The blade comes in carbon fiber materials and a design that enhances the speed and performance. Your low speed may be making you lose pints when playing table tennis. Things can be different after getting a high-quality blade. Each shot gets the right energy to score a point.

Easy to control

When making different table tennis moves, it is necessary to ensure you maintain control of the shots. The table tennis blade comes in a high-quality design that will make you realize the best results as you make different moves. It is a high-quality blade player in different elves that can apply top score points. Even in a tight space, it is easy to control eh ball and make it land in the right place to make you score more points. People looking forward to perfecting their games prefer the table tennis blade.

Comfortable grip and feel

Each time you hold the blade, you will feel comfortable. The player’s comfort is essential to make them win tournaments. The blade comes in a design that makes many players who apply it feel comfortable. You will get a blade that you can use for several hours without feeling fatigued. Different features on the blade aim at making it comfortable and secure.

Versatile spin play

The blade comes in a design that allows players to execute different moves. Players can apply it to realize different results when playing the game. Each time you flick it, it will lead to devastating effects. Different players looking to beat the competition prefer it because it can be applied to achieve different results. Each time you apply the blade when playing table tennis, you will be assured of great results.

Different handle styles

The blade comes in different handle styles to meet the needs of different players. You can choose from flared, anatomic and straight shake hand style. It is good to get a blade that will fit your hand comfortably when playing table tennis. The high-quality design of the unit makes it preferable. People are looking forward to enjoying the best results when playing table tennis prefer it. It was designed to assure table tennis players great results based on their handling specifications.


High-quality Arylate-Carbon Fiber Blade

Allows players to enjoy versatile spin play

Comes in AN, ST and FL handle styles

Ergonomic handle for great comfort


Does not come with a rubber


Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade comes in a durable and high-quality design to allow players to achieve the best results. It’s versatile design makes players execute different moves fast. It is easy to win in a tournament because of the versatile design of the blade. Players who prefer different handle steals can choose to get the perfect fit. It feels comfortable when on the hands. Each time a player applies it, it delivers the right power to win the game. Professional players inspired the design. You can count on it to help you take your gams to another level. Players at different levels prefer it because of its high-quality design. Butterfly Timo Boll ALC blade is the right accessory you need to improve your table tennis performance.

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