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17+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers Reviews (2019 Update)

Table tennis rubbers are one of the most important factors when it comes to table tennis paddles, however, they have their lifespan. If you have a quality paddle, the most ideal thing you can do is strip off the used rubbers and replace them with the new ones. It’s something that requires a bit of […]

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iPong Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Ball Catch Net Review

iPong is a very well-known brand in manufacturing simple, efficient, and very cheap ping pong training robots. Their robots don’t have a net that catches the ball as you’re training like other ping pong training robots from brands such as Butterfly have. So you basically have two options and they are to get the ball […]

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Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews (2019 Update)

Movement in table tennis is as important, and maybe even more important than the equipment you are playing with. It’s something that will determine how well are you at table tennis. Everyone was a beginner in table tennis at one point, and do you remember what’s the first thing you’ve been taught? Most likely, it’ll […]

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11 Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews (2019 Update)

How to practice table tennis alone? – Simply answer is ping pong robot! Training with a partner is great, but what do you do when you have no one to train with? One of the best ways to practice table tennis, especially if you don’t have a partner to practice, is the ping pong robot […]

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