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Who Is The Best Ping Pong Player Ever?

Surely you would know about many ping pong players who have been champions in the table tennis game many times. just like any other sports, there are few very rare ping pong players that are the best! But out of all the players, only one could be the best and number one! Do you know […]

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Ping Pong Diplomacy

There is a reason why people in China are so passionate and determined to practice ping pong. In case you don’t know, China has the best top ranked ping pong players! Ping Pong, though it might be just a sport for many of you, was the warrant for American table tennis players to enter China […]

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Did Tom Hanks Really Play Ping Pong in Forrest Gump?

Every now and then I always wonder how they did it in Forrest Gump. A lot of questions are asked about how the movie went. Viewers have asked the questions severally, was it real? Was he trained for months to achieve it? Was that really Tom hanks playing? Every single question came down to weather […]

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