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7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Paddles (2019 Update)

Ping pong is fairly simple sport that anyone can enjoy, have fun, and participate no matter where they are located. It has been played all around the world on a daily basis. But just like in any other sport, ping pong equipment can get pretty expensive, but how expensive are we talking about? At the […]

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Ping Pong Paddle JT-700 Review

Whether you’re an intermediate table tennis player or someone who’s just starting out, it’s important that you decide which playing style you will adapt to. Playing style will also reflect your personality, but you can’t adapt to the wanted playing style if you don’t have a right equipment to do so. Ping pong paddle JT-700 […]

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MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Review

If you’re still in a phase of training your ping pong skill and trying to take it to another level, Mapol 4 star professional ping pong paddle will help you to smooth your learning curve. You will be able to take your training to another advanced level, and therefore, improve your skill in less time. […]

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