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8 Best Stiga Table Tennis Table Reviews

Finding the perfect Stiga ping pong table for your use can be a lot of hassles. The sheer number of options alone are almost mind-numbing; coupled with your peculiar needs, the search for the perfect fit can be very frustrating. That’s why we have put together this simple guide to help you pick the best […]

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Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis Table Review

Kettler Top Star XL Table Tennis table is a lightweight outdoor ping pong table featuring a single piece roll-and-fold design. The table is quite easy to move around and the centerfold design allows for a solo play. The highlight of the Kettler Top Star XL Table is probably the 22 mm top thickness, which offers […]

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How to Practice Ping Pong Alone

Though you may think that ping pong aka table tennis is an easy game, the reality is quite the opposite. It requires a great amount of practice to be a great ping pong player. Through practice the players learn about the statistics, strategies and various different tricks to excel in the game. Only with practice, […]

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Palio Master 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

Palio has been manufacturing different table tennis bast for a long time. Recently it has launched its third generation of table tennis bats. Every Palio blade has its unique features and uses. But the latest third-generation Palio Master 3 racket has set high standards for other competitors. Palio master 3 table tennis racket is affordable […]

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5 Best Killerspin Ping Pong Tables

Only a dedicated ping pong player could understand the importance of a fine ping-pong table. Every ping pong table in the market has a particular significance and offers different features. Not only there are hundreds of types but also multiple ping pong manufacturers. But do you know that among all the Killerspin ping pong table […]

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