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Joola Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review

With a name that is almost synonymous to quality, Joola has been the official Olympic supplier of table tennis tables and also the sponsor to the US Open and US Nationals for a while now. We have seen a number of their products, such as the Joola Conversion Top and Joola Nova DX, causing quite […]

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4 Best Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Holder

Storing your paddle is something that’s necessary, especially if you own a professional paddle that comes with a higher price tag. However, there is a difference between storing a paddle in a case and having a paddle and ball holder that will do two in one function. Ping pong paddle and ball holders will store […]

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7 Best Mini Ping Pong Tables (2020 Update)

Ping pong table doesn’t take a lot of space since most of the tables are foldable, and it’s always there – you can play it whenever you want to. So far, it’s most likely you’ve felt in love with ping pong, no matter where you play it and now it’s time to get a personal […]

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