Ping Pong Balls Fit In A 747

How Many Ping Pong Balls Can Fit In A 747

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

Do you want to know how many ping pong balls fit in a 747? This article will cover the number of ping pong balls that can fit a 747 and the methods and calculations used to estimate that amount.

When determining the number of ping pong balls that can fit in a 747, the first thing to figure out is the ping pong volume. Calculations show that a 747 can contain around fifty million ping pongs.

Additionally, a typical ping pong ball has a diameter of about 40 mm and weighs about 2 grams.

How Many Ping Pong balls Fit in a 747 ?

Determining the number of ping pong balls that can fit in a 747 depends on the volume and the size of the ping pong ball, the volume of the 747 aircraft and the total surface area of both the ping pong and the 747 aircraft.

The following are some of the calculations done to achieve this:

The Formula of Estimating Ping Pong Balls

The capacity of 1 ping pong ball determines how many ping pong balls are needed to fit in a 747. The precise number has no trustworthy source, but the closest specified is 0.3181 cubic cm or 25.4 cm. 25.4 cm represents the diameter of each ping pong ball.

The volume uses the formula 1pi= 1* r^2* 1 pi where r=0.145m. When one uses this formula to calculate, the final volume of the ping pong will be 0.002908 cubic meters.

The value needs to be converted into cubic feet which is  divided by 7056 and multiplied by 5280 cubic per mile to obtain 312,768 cubic miles.

Estimating the Volume of the 747 Aircraft

The aircraft has a volume of approximately 4,532,149 cubic meters, around 5344 feet. The 747 differs from the location of different aircraft where the South African airways have a 24 standard pallet capacity per flight.

There are 8 pallets in the back and about 16 pallets at the front of the aircraft. Each typical pallet is 842 cubic feet in volume or 568 liters.

The pallets have a got dimensions of 95, 96 and 80 inches, where they represent the length, width and height, respectively.

Therefore, a 747 can carry 1,129,408,000 pieces of goods, totaling 19,712 pallets or 688,368 million pounds of freight.

Considering that each item of cargo weighs between 70 and 100 pounds, the total weight comes to 5.18 million pounds when the value is divided by 7000, representing iron atomic weight to get 5,225,714 kg for 5344 feet in a single plane.

Calculating the Volume of the Ping pong Ball

The aircraft has a capacity of approximately 5344 feet, representing around 4.5 million cubic meters. It will take 470 billion ping pong balls to equal 2 million tons of weight since a standard ball has a diameter of 39 mm and a weight of roughly 2 grams.

A 747 aircraft can accommodate about 4.68 trillion ping pong balls. Each flight’s cargo weighs an average of 5188 lbs (2,300 kilograms).

Therefore, we divide the cargo’s weight in kilograms by the atomic mass of iron to arrive at 5,225,714 kg for a single plane.

The value is then multiplied by 5280 feet per mile to obtain 5419 feet, divided by 7044 to yield 312,941 cubic miles. The value can now be used to calculate the amount of ping pong balls that can fit the 747 since we already have the volume of the 747.

Calculating the Total Surface Area

Since we have the diameter  of the ping pong ball and the volume of the 747, one can multiply the volume of the 747 by itself to obtain the total surface area of the airplane. (4.5*4.5 = 20.25).

Then, get the total surface area of the ping pong ball and then multiply it by the total surface area of the 747 aircraft. (20.25*0.8 in= 184,919,977 in2). To use in 2 effectively, one must convert it to cubic feet.

The 747 has a surface area equivalent to 12 million balls because there are 1728in2 per square foot, which divides  184,919,977 to get the total number of ping pongs that can fit in a given 747.

Summing it Up

Ping pong balls offer a spherical and universal measurement where one can estimate the precise size and volume of a 747 by stating how many ping pongs can fit. Even though not all 747 planes can accommodate the same volume of ball, the computation used is the same.

Additionally, when estimating the number of ping pong balls that can fit in a 747, start with a comprehensive perspective and gradually narrow it down to the solution.

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