Ping Pong table top repair

How To Repair Ping Pong Table Top

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Table tennis or ping pong table can last for a substantial period if it is taken care of well enough. However, with time, it may gather certain scratches which may make the ball make strange bounces. You can fix your existing ping pong table and avoid a heavy expenditure on a new one.

Most of the ping pong tables are made using particle boards. It is possible to repair their holes, scratches, and warps. Read the article and go through the information given below to find out the various aspects of the repair or the fixing of the ping pong tables.

How To Repair Ping Pong Table Top?

The scratches on the ping pong tables can be easily repaired using plastic putty or wood. All you should put some material in and fill the damaged areas to repair ping pong table top. The areas can then be smoothened using a putty knife. You can “sand” the application by using sandpaper and subsequently coat it with alkylated paint for restoring the aesthetics.

Step 1: Remove the Net

First, remove the net from your ping pong table before you start to repair it. The net can be a hurdle and can delay your process.

Step 2: Clean the Table’s Top Surface

It is important to carry out the cleaning of the surface of your ping pong table methodically. Initially, you can use a dry cloth and wipe the entire table so that all the superficial dirt is removed. Now use a sponge or a cloth having some detergent and soaked mildly in water for more intensive cleaning. There are also certain special chemicals and cleaning sprays available for it. However, if you are using grease, you have to be careful. The application of additive materials may make the ping pong ball slip off the surface.

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Step 3: Fixing a Hole

The table may have a hole in it that you must repair. Take a small plank of wood and apply wax paper to it. This wooden plank will be applied and placed below the table at the hole’s spot. You can stick the materials by using duct tape. Ensure that the plank (and the wax paper) applied are held tightly in place by a thorough and firm application of the duct tape.

You also need to sand and smoothen the hole’s surface, so that the jagged edges and the splinters are removed. Now you must apply some wax and a wood filler to the hole’s area. Once the application is done, use a spatula for applying it properly over the hole’s area and let it dry for some time. Now use the sandpaper and sand the surface thoroughly, so that it is no longer bumpy, jagged, or raised. Sanding will ensure proper leveling.

Once the steps have been covered you can paint the surface, so that all the evidence is removed. For that, choose the color of the paint closest to the color of your table. Wait for some time after the cleaning and dry the surface by using a dry cloth.

How To Fix A Warped Table?

New ping pong surfaces and tables have a coating of warp-resistant materials and chemicals. However, warping is still common and can be one of the biggest hurdles in caring for a ping pong table. These tables may warp due to moisture, mold, or dampness. Some tables may also warp due to excessive aging. Below is the step-by-step process for fixing a warped ping pong table.

Step 1: For fixing the warp, you will have to remove and disjoin the tabletop from its legs first. You have to unscrew the screws and then remove the surface. You may also have to place the table upside down.

Step 2: Take a close look at the table from all its sides, including the corners and the bottom.

Step 3: Place a big-size sheet (made of plastic) on the floor. The size of the sheet should be a bit longer and wider than the size of the surface. Now place the tabletop on the sheet so that the “playing surface or side” lies on the sheet.

Step 4: You must place some weight (such as weight plates, dumbells, sandbags, or dumbbells on the warped sections and portions. There can be certain areas that are more stubborn. For these, you require some dampness and water to loosen them up. Leave the weights on these warped areas for approximately 48 hours.

Step 5: You will find the warps to be gone after the 2 days. You can reattach the tabletop on its legs and tighten the screws now.

How to Repair Scratches on a Ping Pong Table?

Scratches may appear on your table tennis/ping pong table due to multiple reasons. The scratches may occur due to dirt, pets, and weathering. Players may sometimes hit the table with their tennis bat, and their paddles may be the cause of scratches.

If there are only a few scratches on the surface. You are not required to take any intensive measures to repair scratches on a ping pong table. While these surfaces and the scratches do not require repair, you can still treat them if you have initiated the process. You can apply some car wax on the scratches and subsequently use sandpaper to roughen the surfaces. You can also apply some paint on the scratches later so that the irregularities are filled in.

If you find the scratches to be large, you may have to use the putty as discussed in the method provided above. Plastic fillers or wood fillers can be used for the process. The pack will have instructions on how to make mix and the putty mass. Follow it step by step and then apply the putty mass by using a putty knife. Attending to the details will ensure that the application and the treatment are not visible enough later. Use a spatula for smoothening the mass and give it some time to dry itself completely. Later, use sandpaper and sand the affected areas for their proper roughening.

Once the steps have been accomplished, you can repaint the affected surface areas. The alkylated paints are highly affordable and can be used on ping pong tables as they do not spoil the surface. Apply at least two or three coats to ensure proper application and let it dry for 24 hours. Once the paint has dried, the table is fit for use again and you can use it for playing table tennis.

How do you fix a water-damaged table tennis table?

Ping pong tables are often affected by damaged caused due to water. Below is a step-by-step procedure to treat such damage.

Step 1: You can use wood glue, PVA glue, or some other appropriate agent and glue for treating the water damage. Wooden glue is the best option.

Step 2: Lift the laminate section that is peeling off the surface and use a paintbrush to clean it. Apply a few strokes to remove dirt and other residues.

Step 3: Apply a coat of glue to the surface. After applying, put good amounts of bonding pressure. You can also use wood clamps. Place a weight (for instance a dumbbell) on the surface and leave it for 10 hours.


Any surface is prone to weathering over a period. Therefore, complete avoidance of damage to table surfaces may not be possible. However, you should store your boards and tables correctly when you are not using them. Your ping pong table should not be stored in a garage or shed, but only completely indoors so that the environmental agents do not harm it. A ping pong table cover can help prevent many unnecessary damages to the table. Also, clean your table from time to time and mend the scratches or other damage early on so that they do not aggravate. The above-given tips will help you to repair the ping pong table surface.

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