How to Fix a Ping Pong Ball

8 Steps on How to Fix a Ping Pong Ball if It’s Dented

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Getting a dented ping pong ball is common for most kids who play the game competitively. Dents on the balls may occur when they fall too hard or hit against something hard.

This can also happen when children or adults take turns and hit each other with the balls.

Aside from a very professional look, it might also cause some concern about how to repair it if possible.

Can you fix a broken ping pong ball?

Yes, In this article, we will discuss steps on how to fix a ping pong ball if it’s dented.

How to Fix a Ping Pong Ball

1. Use a Needle

Use a needle is another step on how to undent a ping pong ball. If the ping pong ball has a dent, you can use a needle to push it back into place. The first thing you need to do is find out where the dent is located.

Hold your ping pong ball up to a light source. The darkest part of the ball should be near where you want to place your new dent.

Use a pin to mark where you think the dent will go, then use an X-acto knife or other sharp object to make an indentation at that spot. Using your needle, push the dent back into place, and then cover it with some packing tape or other protective material so that nothing gets messed up when you’re done.

2. Use a Sharp-Pointed Object

If you have a ping pong ball that is dented, use a sharp-pointed object to remove the dent from the ball carefully. If you are using a dented ping pong ball for any purpose, such as practicing on it, then do not use it for anything else.

It is possible to fix a ping pong ball with a dent in it by first removing the dent and then filling it back up with some filler material. This will ensure that your ping pong ball remains in good shape and can be used again without worrying about getting damaged again.

3. Get a Wooden Block and Use It as a Support

You can use a wooden block to support the ping pong ball. If you want to fix a ping pong ball, you first need a wooden block.

First, put the wooden block on top of your hand and then place it on the ball. Use both hands to press down on the ping pong ball and make sure it is perfectly flat on the surface before moving it to another spot.

If your ping pong ball is dented, you may also need some sandpaper or emery cloth. You can use this material to smooth out any edges of your dent so that it is less noticeable and does not affect your game performance.

4. Use an Eraser

It’s not uncommon for ping pong balls to get dented and scarred over time. This is because they are used in various sports involving bouncing balls off one another.

If you have dented ping pong balls, you can use an eraser to remove the dent or scarring. You can also use this method if some paint is missing from a ball that has been hit with a paddle.

To begin, you will need to find a small object that can fit into the dent or scar on your ping pong ball without being too big.

For example, if your ball has a dent near the center where it was hit with a paddle, then you would want to use something around the size of a pencil eraser or even smaller so that it doesn’t take away from the shape of your ball.

5. Pick the Ball With Needles

Another step thing you need to do after picking up the ping pong ball is to put it inside a plastic bag. This will protect it from getting scratched or dented.

Start by putting your fingers on either side of the dent and pushing down on it so you can bend it back into place. If necessary, you can also use something hard like a pencil or a ballpoint pen.

The next step is to ensure that your fingers are firmly against the sides of the dent so that it doesn’t pop back out when you bend it back into shape. You mustn’t move too much as this can cause more damage than good.

6. Put the Ball in Boiling Water

If you’re unsure what to do, just put the ping pong ball in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. That will help flatten out any damage to the ball’s surface.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can also place it in the microwave for 45 seconds or so, which will also help flatten any nicks or scratches.

If neither of these solutions works for you, try using an iron with steam on it! (Make sure you have some water nearby.) Just place the dented ball over one of your iron’s steam vents and press down gently until it’s flat; then, use an old toothbrush to smooth out any remaining bumps and grooves.

7. Get Two Ping Pong Balls Together

Another way on how how to fix a dented ping pong ball is that you need to do is get two ping pong balls together. If they are not the same size, you will need to sand down the edges of one of the balls until it is slightly larger than the other ball.

You will also want to ensure that both ping pong balls are made of a rubber material that is strong enough to hold its shape when used in conjunction with each other.

Place one ping pong ball on top of the other, so they touch each other at all sides and corners, including the bottom side and corner. Make sure you press down firmly on both parts, so they are completely aligned.

Once you have done this, take your dented ping pong ball and place it onto one of the sides where there’s a hole or dent. Make sure you put pressure on all sides of this area, so it gets filled up with glue from the inside out!

At this point, let everything dry for about 24 hours before removing your dented ping pong ball from its position by using some tape or string and then carefully pulling out from any corners or edges until you can see through them again.

8. Blow Hard on the Ball

Blow hard on the ball to pop it out of its dent. Make sure you don’t have any other objects in your mouth or your hand so you don’t accidentally get hit by the ping pong ball.

If you successfully get rid of the ping pong ball dent, your next step is to clean out any remaining pieces of wood dust with a damp cloth or paper towel. This is important because leaving any wood dust behind will damage your table and void the warranty on it.


If you currently have a dented ping pong ball or plan to purchase one in the future, the above steps will help you determine whether the dent can be repaired or if it’s best to buy a new one.

If you find out that it’s repairable, then all you need is some time and patience to fix it. Just don’t rush the process; if you don’t give yourself enough time to work on each ball, then there won’t be any difference between the balls that have been fixed and brand new balls that haven’t.

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