10 Best Table Tennis Bat For Intermediate Player Of 2022

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Being an intermediate player might put you in an awkward position where you have just moved from a beginner but you still haven’t reached the professional level.

Therefore, choosing a paddle might be an overwhelming process, but if you know what to look out for – there is nothing you should worry about.

STIGA Supreme STIGA Supreme

Speed – 90

Spin – 92

Control – 89

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JOOLA Omega Strata JOOLA Omega Strata

Speed – 90

Spin – 93

Control – 91

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Speed – 80

Spin – 77

Control – 82

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Killerspin JET 600 Killerspin JET 600

Speed – 80

Spin – 90

Control – 85

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Killerspin JET500 Killerspin JET500

Speed – 75

Spin – 80

Control – 90

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Ping pong is a really fun and enjoyable game no matter if you are professional or beginner, however, it might not be so much fun if you are trying to do your best with the cheap commercial ping pong paddles that come with the table.

They might just ruin the game mood, motivation and take all the fun away.

Even if you are playing at the office with your colleagues, or at home with your buddies and family, it’s always a smart idea to get your personal ping pong paddle.

Too busy to read it all?

Here’s our top pick: In my opinion, the best table tennis bat for intermediate player from the list below would be STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Racket.

It has everything any intermediate or even more advanced player would want to have. A lot of spin and power, with a great control will take your game to another level.

Also, the STIGA Titan is lightweight paddle for a difference than other paddles withing this price range, and that’s something which might suit some players better.

Best Table Tennis Bat For Intermediate Player – Reviews & Buying Guide

STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Racket

STIGA Supreme

STIGA is a great manufacturer of table tennis tables and equipment, but they also have some trustworthy rackets that you should definitely look into.

If you’re looking for an affordable racket that is approved by ITTF, is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer, and has plenty to offer – you’re looking at the right racket which is a STIGA Supreme performance-level racket.

STIGA has featured STIGA ACS technology which works to improve control and speed, and it’s perfect for this racket since it’s a very balanced racket.

The blade is a 6-ply extra light blade which has inverted rubber and a 2mm sponge that doesn’t only yield better overall results but also more comfort and stability during the play.

Even though this racket might be perfect for beginners who are looking to find their style, it’s ideal for intermediate and even a bit advanced players who are still figuring out their style.

JOOLA Omega Strata Table Tennis Racket

JOOLA Omega Strata Table Tennis Racket

Joola Omega Strata paddle is an exemplary ping-pong paddle that is specially designed for competitive performance. If you have an aggressive style, then this bat is what you need.

The design and style of this very paddle are remarkably brilliant. Joola manufactured this paddle for both kids and adults table tennis players.

The streamlined design of the paddle creates more spin and bounce on the ball. The quality of this paddle is one of the best things about this.

The paddle is manufactured using a 5-ply real wood. Unlike the other paddles, the blade of Joola Omega Strata is combined with other materials, including Koto, Ayous, and Kiri.

These materials are the best combination to offer great spin, control, and speed. The 2.0mm ITTF approved rubber, and the sponge on the Riff 34 provides a steady grip, balance, and greater control.

STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket

Stiga is one of the best brands in table tennis, however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t available for beginners or intermediate players, nor it means that it’s too expensive to have.

Stiga has different paddles in their lineups, to meet everyone’s skill, playing style, and what’s the most important – a budget.

Titan paddle has a good grip with a good amount of spin while you will still have a great control of the ball. It’s really lightweight for a difference than other paddles at this level, however, it lacks a little bit of speed.

It’s good for all playing styles, including the defense as it offers a lot of control which can be mixed with a spin to counteract the opponents balls and surprise them.

Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle


As I have mentioned earlier, Killerspin has a lineup with a few different paddles to adjust to every players’ skill and style, while offering the best quality materials.

While it might take some time for beginners to get used to it, this paddle will boost their skill and smooth their learning curve a lot. It’s a great paddle for intermediate or advanced players with aggressive playing style.

It’s a powerful paddle with a lot of spin, yet it has the ability to control the game and the ball really well.

I wouldn’t recommend it for defensive players because the speed of the paddle will make their balls bounce a lot during the defense. It might be good for defense when needed, but not all the time.

It’s better for attacks and spins. Your serves will improve a lot more, and your opponents might be in trouble with the amount of spin you will give the ball.

Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin is a really good and well-known brand among the ping pong players. It really has a lineup of mostly aggressive paddles for intermediate or advanced players.

However, each paddle in their lineup is different, to meet the different players’ styles.

JET500 might seem a little bit pricey, but once you get to play with this paddle, you will never want to play with another paddle again.

It offers a crazy amount of spin, but that’s something you might have expected out of a paddle from a brand named Killerspin.

Weight is really well balanced to give the players a good amount of control with a lot of spin and power.

Spin moves and servings will be devastating to your opponents, while you will gain more control over the game.

Idoraz Professional Table Tennis Paddle


Idoraz table tennis paddle is made to step up your game and instantly see better results. It features an ITTF approved rubbers which are made to deliver master spin and a great balance between speed and control.

One thing to mention is that this paddle is incredibly fast.

However, it’s not too hard to get used it, thanks to the optimized control and overall great balance between these three – Speed – 99, Spin – 93, Control – 90 and there’s a 2.0mm sponge between the rubbers and a blade with a flared handle.

When you aren’t dominating your opponents, you’ll benefit from a professionally made racket case that will keep your racket safe from debris, dust, scratches, and let you take the racket with you anywhere you go.

For the price this racket costs, it’s really a great deal which can, after all, help you take your game to another level.

Killerspin JET700 Table Tennis Paddle


If JET500 doesn’t seem to suit you, maybe you’re ready for JET700 then. It’s another paddle from the Killerspin’s lineup which offers quality paddles to meet the needs of even the most demanding players out there.

JET700 is similar to JET500, however, the difference is in the upgraded amount of spin and speed.

It might take some time until you get used to the JET700 as the ball bounces really well of the sticky rubbers. However, that’s good since you will be able to spin the ball like you could never have imagined.

The right amount of spin combined with the power of this paddle will give the opponents even at the competitive level a big trouble.

JET700 will take your servings on another level too. It’s really great for low chops and cuts since the rubber is really sticky, it counteracts the opponents balls easily while adding more spin and speed in return.

Gambler Table Tennis Paddle

10 Best Table Tennis Bat For Intermediate Player Of 2022 1

The name of the paddle says it all. Gambler table tennis paddle is for everyone who is in it to win it.

It offers players a good amount of control while having a good speed and spin. It might take you some time to get used to it, but that’s most likely to happen with any new paddle you get.

Stick rubber will help you any spin that your opponent gives you. It’s also a little bit heavier than other paddles, but that’s due to the thicker wood which is suitable for the playing style this paddle offers.

Balanced players who don’t really know or have their own playing style will love this paddle as it offers a great amount of control while giving you the opportunity to spin the ball at high speeds.

Speed and spin will also give you the ability to improve your serves in general.

Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Timo Boll 3000

If you’re an intermediate player who’s looking to improve their table tennis skill to another level, Butterfly 3000 Timo Boll table tennis racket is a great choice.

Whether you’re a recreational player, or maybe even a beginner, Butterfly 3000 Timo Boll table tennis racket might still be a good choice.

Butterfly 3000 Timo Boll table tennis racket features Pan Asia rubbers on both sides which provide a great balance between the speed and spin. Thanks to that balance, there’s a great amount of control as well.

Sponge layer in between the rubber and blade provides additional power and improves the momentum of the ball

Butterfly 3000 Timo Boll table tennis racket has been approved by International Table Tennis Federation which means that you are able to use this racket in any table tennis tournament and competition.

If you are a big fan of Timo Boll, you will enjoy this table tennis racket even more.



The Alpha Dog Paddle is widely known for its versatility that fits an all-rounded style of gameplay. As a well-balanced paddle, the Alpha Dog Paddle offers substantial performance in consistency, speed, and touch as well as equally impressive control. If you are looking for a paddle that is balanced enough for both casual and competitive gameplay, this racket is your best bet.

The blade is designed with 5 layers of wood, weighing comparatively lighter than the Karma blade at 83 grams. The layering not only enhances the build of the paddle but also acts as a great shock absorber and sweat spot avoidance.

With its Spin Mystic Rubber counterpart which similarly offers an equally balanced performance in speed, spin and control players can serve various spins such as top, flat and under like a professional. With a racket with an excellent versatility as the Alpha Dog Blade and Spin Mystic Rubber, players can improve their gameplay with the desired techniques they wish to achieve. With its well-balanced components, it is excellent for defensive players who wish to surprise their opponents by switching to a more aggressive stance in a blink of an eye.

For the beginner or intermediate or advanced players who are looking for a racket with equally balanced parameters without paying a hefty price, consider the pre-assembled and ITTF approved Alpha Dog Paddle and Spin Mystic Rubber.

MightySpin Hurricane Table Tennis Paddle

MightySpin Hurricane Table Tennis Paddle

MightySpin Hurricane paddle is a high-quality paddle, and this racket would be the right choice if you simply want to level up your game. The design, shape, paddle, and handle everything is perfect for both beginner ping-pong players.

The Hurricane bat is manufactured using a 2.0mm ITTF Approved Rubber, which is super tacky and enables the players to get some severe level spins and strokes.

The handle of the bat is carefully designed in a concave shape that is very comfy and provides a strong grip to the players. Speaking about the blade of the bat, the shape is perfect, and it has an advance absorbing technology.

The bat has a large hit-area and is made up of 6-ply woods. With this bat, the player can not only have better serves, but the bounce is also high. Everything in this bat is greatly balanced.

How to Choose Ping Pong Paddle For Intermediate Player

How To Choose Ping Pong Paddle For Intermediate Player

Since you’re an intermediate player, you most likely are aware of the table tennis terms, know how the game works and even know how paddles are made.

Therefore, focusing on your desired playing style is quite important at this stage when choosing your next ping pong paddle.

Playing Style

As an intermediate player, you would be at the point where you would already know your desired playing style depending on your personal skill level.

Most common playing styles are either offensive or defensive, but playing all-around or combination of both is still possible.

Knowing which playing style fits you well is going to make the choice a bit easier. And since you’ll be investing your money in a better paddle – we highly recommend you to think about it.


Judging by the performance levels of spin, control, and speed – you can notice the purpose of each paddle.

If you’re looking for a really aggressive & offensive paddle, you’ll want the performance numbers to be high for spin and speed, while you’ll lack some control.

On the other hand, defensive players will require a lot of control, but also a decent amount of both spin and speed for versatile play and for many different situations they find themselves in.


Depending on your skill level, you can purchase a pre-assembled paddle or you can choose your own blade and rubber to put your own custom paddle together.

However, going for signature editions or following the rubber semi-pro players use will set you on the right path.

This way you will be able to judge the use of certain rubbers and determine whether you’d like to try it out.


The best blade type for intermediate players is probably made out of 7-plywood material with increased grip stability.

As an intermediate player, you should pay attention to the weight of the paddle, as well as the specific weight located at the bottom of the blade.


Since you’re an intermediate player, you’re most likely playing ping pong very actively, so you should know how to maintain your paddle.

Investing money in a paddle which you will use on a regular basis is justified, but you should also take the responsibility to clean and store your paddle correctly.

This will ensure a longer lifespan and better efficiency.


Paddles aren’t that expensive as people think, and if you play ping-pong from time to time, or even actively, you should definitely consider purchasing a personal paddle to improve your skill and game to another level, but also have more fun by having the consistency in your games.

You will be able to take care of it better so the rubbers are always in a good shape, and only you will play with it unless you borrow it to someone you trust.

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