iPong V300 Review – Table Tennis Training Robot

Last Updated on October 3, 2021

iPong V300 is one of the top rated table tennis or ping pong robots that is brilliant in performance and is simple and super-easy to use.

Learning table tennis is sometimes hard for some players as they don’t have a friend or person with whom he can practice.

With this high-tech robot, anyone can practice table tennis, whether he is a professional player or a beginner.

It is a product of a famous US brand iPong that is famous for producing tabletop table tennis robots and this one is top selling model of the robot of iPong.

Although it is inexpensive, but it gives you great results. Its wireless remote makes it easy to operate and you can use it for both topspin and backspin.

iPong V300 Table Tennis Robot Review

IPong V300 Table Tennis Robot

Features and Benefits of iPong V300

iPong V300 has various features that made this robot a useful and effective robot to practice your game.

Some of the basic features of this table tennis robot are discussed here.

To improve playing skills

Through these table tennis robots, different features a player can improve his playing skills.

You can easily change the location of this light-weight portable robot and practice the game by placing it on different positions of the table.

  • Practice more: It is a robot that will never tired and does not have any excuse to stop the game. With this, you can practice for long hours or until you want to practice.
  • Ball delivered with accuracy: iPong V300 has the ability to deliver or shoot the balls with accurate speed. At a time, it can hold 100 balls and can shoot more than 70 minutes per minute. You can adjust its number of deliveries according to your practice need. Like for beginners, 70 is too much, so they can reduce its number.
  • Effective spin capacity: The effective spin capacity of this robot helps the player to identify the ball and play it successfully.
  • Improve the eye and hand coordination: To improve your hand and eye coordination to hit the ball successfully, this table tennis robot can play a crucial role. With this robot, you can become a strong player in this game.

Wireless remote

Wireless remote made the usage of this robot more easy and flawless for the players. A player can adjust it according to its practice and need.

  • Control the frequency: Through the remote, a player can set the frequency. At which speed the ball will be thrown towards the player by the robot. A player can increase or decrease the frequency anytime.
  • Topspin and backspin: A robot has the feature of both topspin and backspin. A player can choose any option for his practice.
  • On and off the robot: Through this wireless remote, you can switch on it when you are prepared to play and can off it when you want to stop.

Easy to use and easy to assemble

Everyone can use this robot as it is very easy to use. With its wireless remote, you can easily adjust its speed, frequency and can give other commands.

The assembling of this robot is also very easy as it has just 3 parts, and in a simple way, you can assemble them.

Innovative Software

The iPong V300 uses software that ensures its functions work properly and efficiently.

This software helps the player to improve his performance in different areas.

To get the best results, you just need to adjust this robot properly according to your requirement and then leave it on the software.

Everything will run according to the setting because of this innovative software.


Most of the table tennis robots made noise and vibrates that make the person annoyed and lose his concentration on the game.

The iPong V300 resolve this issue as it performs its operations quietly without any noise and vibration. A player can completely focus on his game.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible for a standard size of the table
  • Works efficiently for long periods
  • Portable
  • Light in weight


  • Frequent ball jams
  • Expensive


To become the master of the table tennis game, it is important to practice the game as much as you can.

iPong V300 is a robot that becomes your partner during your practice sessions.

It helps you in different dimensions to work on your weaknesses and become a good and strong player.

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