Joola Infinity Balance Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

If you’re starting to get serious with your table tennis journey, then now is probably the right time for you to invest in a professional ping pong paddle.

For one, professional paddles like the Joola Infinity Balance gives you a firmer grip and control of the ball than most others in the market.

Joola Infinity Balance Table Tennis Racket Review

Joola Infinity Balance Table Tennis Racket

This allows you to develop your particular style of play and gives you excellent control over your ball.


• Better spin
• Firmer grip
• Better control


• Might be a bit heavy
• The handle might be a bit short

Who is this product for?

The Joola Infinity Balance is one of the latest ping pong paddles developed to professional standards for advanced players.

The paddle is excellent for putting a spin on shots and offers a greater degree of control during a match.

The Infinity Balance is probably one of the first rackets you might want to explore if you consider yourself a recreational player or ready to move on to the next level in the game if you are training to become an advanced player.

It is also suitable for kids and novice, but in the hands of such, it’ll require more practice to gain the full benefits.

What is Included?

Unfortunately, this table tennis racket does not come with table tennis balls like other paddles.

This, of course, should be a no deal-breaker. A good table tennis racket is a lot better than a bad one with a load of tennis balls.

Features and Benefits Of Joola Infinity Balance Review

Only the best materials are combined to give you the best possible play experience with the Joola infinity balance.

It comprises different layers of material, which makes it the perfect combo for and indoor game.

Superior Quality

One of the layers is composed of limbi, which come from the Terminalia tree from South Africa.

Limbi is often used on the outer surface of the tennis paddle because it gives the paddle the flexible yet hard surface it needs to allow for maximum spin.

Koto wood, which forms the next layer, is quite porous, and its porosity allows for faster blocking and rapid counter.

It makes for a better layer with the limbi wood to reduce the sound the balls have on the encounter with the paddle.

Bayous is at the center of almost every tennis paddle and It is the ‘heart’ of the Joola Infinity Balance.

It is lightweight, firm and elastic. It adds a degree of flexibility to the paddle and gives a much more forward thrust to the ball even with a little spin.

This makes it a great option to wear the opponents with much back and forth play using minimal efforts.

The Kiri surface is the point of responding to offensive shots. It helps return aggression with a more aggressive shot. For this reason, it is lightweight, hard and very inflexible.

Sticky Rubber Surface

The Joola Infinity Balance comes with a very sticky rubber surface.

This allows the ball to spend more dwell time on your paddle and offers a greater degree of control and allows you to spin the ball as much as you want. A great deal for defensive playing.

The thicker the rubber surface, the faster it is.

The ball spends less time on the paddle and bounces off almost immediately as it lands on it.

The Joola Balance comes with a thickness of about 2.1mm, the highest recommended value for offensive play.

The sticky rubber surface combined with the high thickness makes the Balance a perfect combo for both defensive and offensive players with excellent spin control and attack speed.

ITTF Regulation Size

Joola Infinity Balance is tailored to meet the ITTF standards. It has a smooth inverted surface design and a tapered handle for a comfortable grip.

The comfortable ergonometric flared grip design makes this paddle suitable for all ages and players.

Excellent Performance Ratings

Joola Infinity Balance has a performance speed rating of 92, a spin of 92 and control 92.


The Joola Infinity Balance is a well-padded table tennis bat designed for comfortable play.

The racket is decently designed for recreational players.

If you’re not trying to learn a particular style of play but want a racket that offers a degree of flexibility and better control over your ball, the Joola Infinity Balance might be your best option.

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    Have not used this racquet as yet but the handle is about an inch and half short, as mentioned here in the cons.

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