JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Tennis Table Review

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor table is great option for those who want to be able to play table tennis outdoors.

Playing table tennis outdoors can be fun, refreshing, and relaxing.

If you are ready to start enjoying yourself and playing table tennis outdoors with your friends and family, then the JOOLA Nova DX outdoor table tennis table is the right option for you.

It provides you with a quality way to enjoy the outdoors and also play some competitive games at the same time.

However, your everyday table is not always up to the challenge due to the limitations that they have.

They are not weather resistant nor do they contain the necessary quality construction needed to be able to succeed outdoors like tables like the JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table does.

Here’s some insight into one of the best affordable options for outdoor table tennis tables on the market.

JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Review

JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Tennis Table

This table by JOOLA is an outdoor table that also comes in other two different models – NOVA Pro Plus Outdoor and Rally Outdoor.

When compared with other outdoor tables, this option is probably one of the more affordable ones that are available.

JOOLA has been in business for over 60 years, and they have been putting out quality tennis table products for virtually that entire time.

We overall trust this product even though it is one of the more affordable options out there and we are optimistic that it will be able to meet the needs of most people who want to play table tennis outdoors.

Features & Benefits of JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor


As an outdoor table tennis set, it is pretty important that it be weatherproof.

It can see wind, rain, dust, and other elements that might affect it.

As such, this table is weatherproof to prevent you from having to constantly replace it and allow you to comfortably use it outdoors.

We wouldn’t recommend leaving it out in any storm every single day or in the snow, but it can stand up to a bit of rain and other moisture.

Most people love to put these tables on a covered porch so that it is partially exposed to the elements.

As we said, it should have no problem with a bit of rain but we wouldn’t trust it outdoors in all the elements for the long term.

Easy Setup

One of the things that this table does best is that it is very easy to set up. It’s not confusing or hard and takes about 10 minutes once unboxed.

This is a great feature to have for those who are busy or have trouble putting these kinds of things together. You won’t have any hassle getting it set up in your yard or porch.

Foldable Separate Halves

The foldable separate halves of this outdoor table tennis table allow for you to easily fold it up and play against yourself or move it to the corner of the room when you’re not using it.

This feature also means that it’s very easy to transport and store when you see fit.

If you do want to get it out of your yard and put it back into storage, you only have to fold each side up to the middle and roll it to your desired location.

The entire process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.


  • Weatherproof table and net
  • Easy setup
  • Fold-able separate halves
  • Easy to transport


  • No advertised warranty


We recommend this table to anyone who wants to be able to enjoy these things but might be on a somewhat tight budget for acquiring a table that can stand up to the elements.

JOOLA has created a very affordable option that also provides you with a quality playing surface.

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