Joola Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

With a name that is almost synonymous to quality, Joola has been the official Olympic supplier of table tennis tables and also the sponsor to the US Open and US Nationals for a while now.

We have seen a number of their products, such as the Joola Conversion Top and Joola Nova DX, causing quite a stir in the table tennis world.

Now, will the Joola Tour 2500 live up to the hype?

Joola Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table Review

JOOLA Tour 2500

As the third model in the Tour series, the Tour 2500 comes with a 25mm thick top.

It is the thickest of the three, the other two, Tour 1500 and Tour 1800, being 15mm and 18mm respectively.

This means that it is heavier and harder to transport but gives a much better bounce.

The Tour 2500 is significantly cheaper than other 25mm models. Part of this is because it doesn’t use competition-grade matte like the Joola Atlanta.

Nonetheless, you still get to enjoy tournament bounce quality (it is USATT certified) at a much lower price.

Its major competitor is the Stiga Advantage.

However, the Stiga pretty much pales in comparison due to its lightweight of 190lbs vs the 250lbs of the Tour, and top thickness of 16mm vs the 25mm of the Tour.

It comes preassembled, and the package includes a net, two posts, and the screws to set it up.

Features of Joola Tour 2500 Table Tennis Table

Tournament Ready Tabletop

Most table tennis tops tend to range from half-an-inch on the lower end, to a full inch, which is the standard thickness for official tournaments.

The Joola Tour 2500 comes with the standard one-inch top as required by ITTF. This makes it the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an authentic training experience.

The material used for its top is a medium-density fibreboard. It goes through a polyurethane paint process that makes it resistant to chipping and warping.

The thickness and paint quality allow for a consistent bounce each time you play. With this, it will serve you for a very long time.

Strong Frame

Single Player Feature

The steel frame and undercarriage are all powder coated to minimize wear.

The frame, which is about 2 inches thick, gives the table enough support to withstand the knocks and shakes.

Its corners are strengthened with protectors to resist chipping as well.

The undercarriage measures 50mm x 50mm and is made of steel to give it a sturdy and strong feel. It also features thick steel legs to reinforce its sturdiness.

Caster Wheels and Height Adjusters

At the beginning of 2019, JOOLA upgraded their caster wheels from 3 to 4 inches.

The legs have adjustable rubbers at their ends that allow you to independently adjust the height of the table for a leveled playing surface.

Tournament grade posts and net included with most tables that include a net and/or posts in the package, it is common for them to be low quality so people end up replacing them.

With the Joola Tour 2500, however, the net and posts are USATT approved so you are assured of quality.

They are easy to attach and detach from the table using the screw-on clamps. The net features a ring chain that allows you to adjust its tension.

Easy to Assemble

Tables as heavy and with thick tops as the Tour 2500 are usually quite hard to assemble.

Some require more than one extra pair of hands and a number of tools. In some cases, you would even need to pay for assembly services.

However, this table comes nearly preassembled. The only thing you will need to install is the caster T bracketed legs and the only required tool is a socket wrench.

The 8 screws are included in the package. With a single pair of extra hands to assist you, you will be done in about 15 minutes.

Other High-Quality Features

Joola 2500 Tour Table

The Tour 2500, like most tables, is in the form of two halves.

Each half has its own trundle system that allows you to transport and store the pieces separately if need be. This makes it very easy to maneuver.

When you fold the two halves up, the legs fold automatically and lock into place, furthering its convenience.

This feature also allows you to place one half into playback position so you can practice on your own if you don’t have anyone to play with.


  • Regulation surface thickness
  • Strong frame and undercarriage
  • Comes almost fully preassembled
  • Auto folding legs
  • Playback position


  • Very heavy


The Joola Tour 2500 is the first of its kind.

Being USATT approved for recreational facilities, schools, and families, it completes the one feat that most tables only dream of bridging the gap between professional and recreational tables.

It is the one table you can never go wrong with.

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