Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table Review

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

The Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table provides you with a reliable surface upon which you can play table tennis with your friends and family or provide your tenants with an outdoor fun area.

If you love playing table tennis outdoors, then you might know the struggle of trying to find a suitable table that can hold up to the elements and still provide you with a quality surface to play on that won’t be interfered with by the outdoor weather.

To meet these requirements, you need a premium option and you must be willing to invest a little bit more to get all of these features.

If you want something that gives you the best of both worlds, then this table by Kettler would be a good option for you.

Kettler Outdoor 10 Table Review

Kettler Outdoor 10

Kettler Outdoor 10 is a unique table that is designed to give you a quality playing surface even when you are outdoors.

It features a number of premium functions and amenities that you wouldn’t expect from an ordinary table.

While it’s not the cheapest item on the market for tables, it’s also not the most expensive and actually provides really good value when compared to other similar items.

We think that this is a great option for those who want to play outdoors and it would also be a valuable addition to campgrounds or other recreational areas where people gather.

Finally, it could be used for the training table tennis player that wants to practice outside but still needs a quality surface and is willing to invest in it.

Features & Benefits of Kettler Outdoor 10 Table


This is one of the amenities of this table that you wouldn’t expect from most other tables on the market.

This table has a built-in ball box that you can use to store balls in and draw from it as you need them.

This eliminates the need to constantly have to fetch balls.

This comes in especially handy when playing outdoors since you would otherwise have to track down balls in the nature every single time that you hit one off the board.

This way, you can quickly draw another ball and gather them all back up at the end of the match.

Corner Protectors

For something that’s going to be outside in the elements, this is an absolute must.

The corners are often one of the weak spots of table tennis tables and they can get damaged quickly, especially when exposed to weather.

This table helps you to protect your investment right off the bat by providing corner protectors for you to keep your table in good shape for longer.

Floor Levelers

Having a way to level the table is important for both indoor and outdoor tables, but it’s especially important for outdoor tables because you are often dealing with a rougher terrain.

For your indoor table, you might not have ever even bothered adjusting the legs.

When you’re dealing with bumpy terrain outdoors, however, this suddenly becomes a large consideration that you need to appreciate.

This table makes it easy to level it and play even on a bumpy outdoor surface.

Easy to Store

When you are done playing, this table is easy to fold up and store wherever you need to store it.

It folds up skinny so that you can tuck it away in the corner or put it in a shed for the winter as you need to.

It also comes on wheels and is pretty lightweight, making it easy to transport when necessary.

Play Against Yourself

Have nobody to play against for the time-being?

No problem. You can use this table to play against yourself by folding up one side and bouncing your balls against the wall.

This can help you to sharpen your skills even when you don’t have anyone near you to compete.

Most tables come standard with this feature, as long as they are able to be folded up.


  • Easy-to-reach ballbox
  • Corner protectors
  • Floor levelers
  • Easy to store
  • Play against yourself


  • Can be tricky to assemble


This table is a wonderful choice for anyone who needs the ability to be able to play outdoors.

The weather-resistant surface will protect it from the elements and the table also features a bunch of other features that make it a high-quality option to play on.

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