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8 Best Kettler Ping Pong Table Reviews

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Kettler offers lots of premium ping pong tables. The tables are all designed to meet the specific needs of players. We’ll explore some of the best kettler ping pong tables in this guide and how they meet your needs as a ping pong player.

Kettler Ping Pong Table

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If you’re finding it difficult to choose from the plethora of options available in the market, feel free to go through our reviews to find out precisely what each Kettler tables has to offer.

When you have included a list of the pros and cons for each feature of the Kettler ping pong tables in this review, this way, you can weigh your options and make an informed decision based on your peculiar needs.

Best Kettler Ping Pong Table Reviews

Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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For a fun outdoor game with your friends and family, you might want to get the Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor table. The table features a non-glare waterproof aluminum top and galvanized steel legs that are resistant to rust.

It is engineered with four caster wheels for easy mobility. Two of these wheels are lockable. When locked, they prevent the others from moving and prevent the whole structure from moving even when pushed.

It folds neatly for storage. The folding mechanism features a safety latch to prevent accidental opening or closing of the table. The table can be folded in half to allow for solo play.

The table comes with two halo paddles and a six-pack of table tennis balls and a detachable net. Unfortunately, the table does not come with leg levelers, and the sharp corners are not covered with any protective covering.


  • Comes with a protective covering
  • Comes with balls and halo paddles
  • Easy to fold up
  • It is water-proof
  • Excellent play surface


  • Assemble guide is vague
  • No leg levelers

Kettler Competition 3.0 Indoor Table Tennis Table Bundle

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The Kettler competition 3.0 Indoor table features a ¾-inch tabletop surrounded by a 1-inch aluminum apron to prevent warping. The tabletop is made entirely from wood and provides an excellent bounce surface for tennis balls.

The surface is covered with unique water-based paint and coated with topcoat, which is resistant to UV, fade, and scratches.

This table is designed for secure storage and folds neatly along the middle line. The legs of the table are fabricated from steel and coated with synthetic powder to protect them from rust.

This table comes with 2 Kettler Ace table tennis rackets along with six standard size table tennis balls. The rackets are premium. They are designed with pip in rubber on a five plywood with a sponge layer sandwiched in between them.

The table does not come with any leg leveler or duvet cover for storage.


  • The wood surface gives excellent ball bounce
  • Comes with premium paddles and balls
  • Resistant to warping


  • No solo play
  • No leg levelers
  • No duvet cover for storage

Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table

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The Kettler Top Star Xl is what you need if you want to play table tennis, both indoor and outdoor. The table features a full-sized aluminum composite top specially coated with UV and scratch-resistant water-based painting.

The underside of the playing surface is designed with an ALU-TEC climate-control underside while the side of the playing surface is protected with an aluminum apron. The aluminum apron protects the table from warping.

The table is entirely safe from accidents as it is protected by Kettler’s patented dual lock mechanism, which prevents the table from opening or folding unexpectedly. Unfortunately, the safety precaution only stopped there; the sharp corners of the table are not covered and may be of good concern if your kids will be using the table.

The table comes with 2 Kettler halo outdoor ping pong rackets, six standard ping pong balls, a net setup, and a cover for storage.


  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to move about
  • Comes with ping pong paddles, balls, and a cover


  • Assembly instruction is vague
  • No solo play features
  • No leg levelers

Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The Kettler Champ 5 is a perfect table for an outdoor gaming session. The table features an aluminum composite top, padded on the underside with an ALU-TEC climate control underside.

The board bounce is excellent. The top is encased in a 2.5-inch resin apron surrounding the four sides of the top board. The resin apron surrounding the tabletop increases the stability of the board and prevent it from warping when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The table comes with a 2-inch galvanized steel legs coated with synthetic powders to prevent rust when exposed to moisture. The table legs are fitted with leg levelers. As such, it balances wherever you place it.

It also features the Kettler patented dual-lock system to prevent accidental opening or folding of the table. A Paddle and ball holder are fitted on the side of the table close to the wheeler.

The table comes complete with a net, two Kettler halo paddles, ping pong balls, and a storage cover.


  • Storage space for balls and paddles
  • Comes with balls, paddles, and cover
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Sturdy build
  • Allows for solo play


  • Might be a bit difficult to assemble
  • Poor quality wheels

Kettler Tournament Indoor 11 Table Tennis Table

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The Kettler tournament table is designed to meet the standard set by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The table comes with Kettler’s 5-layer coating with an anti-flare finishing in ultramarine blue color.

The tabletop is a medium-size density wood, guarded on all sides by resin apron to protect against warping. The top provides excellent ball bounce, and the colors are well laid out without any overlaps.

The table is preassembled, and all you need to do to get it ready for play is to connect both halved of the table together. The legs are foldable and auto-lock in position when the table is being unfolded.

The table comes with a premium quality clip net, 4 Kettler’s ping pong paddle, and six table tennis balls but no protective covering.


  • Comes with balls, and four paddles
  • Retractable legs for better storage
  • Easy to fold up


  • No leg levelers
  • No storage pouch for balls

Kettler Outdoor 4 Weatherproof Table Tennis Table

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Kettler Outdoor 4 is an entirely weatherproof table designed to meet the standards laid out by the ITTF. The table can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The top features an ALU-TEC design, which is a board encapsulated in aluminum to provide the best surface for excellent ball bounce. The ALU-TEC design prevents the table from warping or bending when overheated.

The surface is quite smooth and covered with a water-based paint which is fade, UV and scratch-resistant. This allows the table to retain its authentic painting for long periods, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Like all other Kettler tables on this list, the Outdoor 4 features Kettler’s patented dual lock system to prevent unexpected opening or folding of the table. The leg of the table is

The legs are steel, galvanized, and covered with protective synthetic powder to guard against rust. The legs are oval-shaped to improve table stability.

It comes with a ball storage rack for balls. Two packs of 3-star balls are included in the package with two Kettler halo ping pong paddles and a storage cover.


  • Comes with ball holders and straps for ping pong paddles
  • Great quality
  • Comes with leg levelers
  • Comes with balls, paddles, and cover
  • Easy to setup


  • No protective covering for sharp corners

Kettler SketchPong Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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The Kettler SketchPong is an indoor and outdoor ping pong table. It features Kettler’s standard top board design, which comprises of resin-treated board encapsulated in an aluminum frame. The gives excellent bounce and is quite sturdy.

The top surface is painted with special water-based paint and a top coat, which is resistant to scratches, UV rays, and fades. The board markings are impressed using the silkscreen method to provide a clear outline of the various court without any overlaps.

The top is finally given a unique blackboard finishing. The blackboard finishing allows you to doodle with chalk on the board or keeping scores without any risk of scratching the smooth surface.

The table comes with a ball holder close to the edge of the table and ping pong paddle straps for holding the paddle. It comes with four ping pong paddles, six outdoor balls, and 12 additional 3-star ping pong balls. It also comes with a waterproof protective covering to keep the table from excessive moisture and dust when not in use.

It folds neatly along the center; as such, the table allows for solo play. The centerfold also provides for secure storage and mobility.


  • Allows for solo playback
  • Comes with balls, paddles and a protective cover
  • Comes with ball holder
  • Quite sturdy
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with leg levelers


  • Not pre-assembled
  • No protective covers for the sharp corners


Our editor pick from this review of some of the best Kettler ping pong table is the Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table. The table features a premium quality design and comes with almost everything you’ll need for fun gameplay and then more. It comes with extra paddles, outdoor cover and balls for a thorough gaming session and ball holders to keep the balls close by.

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