Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle Review 2024

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Killerspin is just one of many well-known brands in the sport of table tennis.

The name of the brand can tell you exactly what their paddles are made for. They’re made with a killer amount of spin suitable for very aggressive playing style.

It’s also one of my favorite paddles, simply because I’m more of an aggressive player.

Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

JET800 is just one out of many paddles from Killerspin lineup. Each paddle has different features and is suitable for a different playing style.

But in this post, I will review exactly the Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 and I’m sure you will love it.

Features of Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1

Dual Carbon Technology

Very well-known brands are producing table tennis rackets with carbon technology, but Killerspin, a top American table tennis brand, leads with dual carbon technology.

Two layers of carbon fiber infuse the seven-layer wood blade, enhancing the aggressive playing style. This is crucial for offensive players wanting powerful shots.

Yet, it retains its feel and control ratings in the Killerspin JET 800. This dual carbon technology not only boosts speed on powerful strokes but also aids in precise returns for both intermediate and advanced players.

It’s an aggressive paddle, but still, you will be able to defend yourself well.

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Premium Rubber

For the aggressive playing style, except the great blade – you still need great rubber.

JET800 comes with Nitrx-4Z rubber. It’s a high-tension rubber which of course, is approved by the ITTF.

It’s a great rubber for increased spin and power.

Topsheet of the Nitrx-4Z rubber provides exceptional grip on ball strikes which gives you the advantage during heavy spin serves, while you will be able to counter the opponent’s spin shots more easily.

Topsheet of the Nitrx-4Z rubber provides exceptional grip on ball strikes which gives you the advantage during heavy spin serves, while you will be able to counter the opponent’s spin shots more easily.

This kind of rubber in combination with the 7 layers of composite wood and dual carbon technology blade is the perfect powerful paddle.

Wooden Side Technology

Wooden tape side technology is there to protect the internal blade and provide the paddle style unlike any other paddle on the market.

Wooden side tape eliminates the possibility of peeling the traditional side tape to maintain the ultimate protection for your table tennis blade.

Also, you will never need to replace the side tape as you would need to replace the usual side tape.

It might look like that there’s no tape at all as it’s wooden, incorporating the wooden layers, so it might give the feeling of the wood without the side tape, which is really fashionable.

Ergonomic Flared Handle

Table Tennis Paddle Handle

You need to feel comfortable when using such a powerful paddle.

The handle of the Killerspin JET 800 is specially designed to provide superior grip and comfort regardless of your hand size.

You will be able to adjust your comfortable grip up or down the handle to find your preferable spot.

The flared handle isn’t there to only assure the proper paddle grip, but also to prevent the paddle from slipping out of your hand during the intense moments and hard-hitting shots.


Dual Carbon Technology: Provides added power and resilience during intense matches.

7-Plywood Blade: Ensures a balanced and durable structure for consistent play.

ITTF Approved Nitrx Rubbers: A stamp of quality, suitable for official tournaments.

Unique Wooden Side Tape: Offers additional protection and adds a touch of elegance.

Flared Handle: Designed for optimal grip and maximum comfort during long matches.

30-Day Warranty: Peace of mind for players, ensuring the racket’s reliability.

Impressive Speed: Allows players to drive the ball effectively, creating an aggressive game strategy.

Spinny Rubber: Enhances spin capabilities, providing an edge during serves and rallies.

Complimentary Case Included: Safeguards the racket and ensures longevity — plus, it’s stylish.

Elegant Design: Makes a statement both on and off the table with its sleek appearance.


Control Challenges: Its design might be overpowering for novices who require more paddle control.

Brief Warranty Period: A mere 30 days of warranty emphasizes the need for immediate product inspection upon delivery.

Premium Pricing: While it offers quality, the Jet 800’s cost is on the higher side compared to some peers.

On the Heavier Side: At 266 grams, it tips the scales more than many alternatives in the market.

Grip Stability Issues: There have been instances of the grip detaching, signaling potential durability concerns.

Adhesive Longevity: The bonding material for the rubber might not stand the test of time, possibly leading to early wear and tear.

Is the Killerspin Jet 800 the Right Choice for You?

Determining whether the Killerspin Jet 800 aligns with your table tennis aspirations hinges on a few factors. Designed for aggressive players, this table tennis paddle boasts dual carbon layers technology, ensuring powerful spins and powerful shots.

If you’re an intermediate player or advanced player seeking to elevate your playing style, its ITTF-approved Nitrx-4Z Rubber promises precision and control ratings. However, for offensive players or newcomers to the ping pong sport, its advanced features might pose initial challenges.

Also, while its premium wood blade signifies quality, it comes with a steeper price tag. So, if you’re aiming for a top-level advantage and are willing to invest in fast-paced games, this racket for ping pong could be your perfect match.


Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 is, in my opinion, the best paddle in the Killerspin JET lineup.

It’s made for aggressive attacking playing style which is something some player was looking for a long time. I’m considering myself to be one of them.

7-plywood with dual carbon technology and amazing ITTF approved rubbers are a great combination to offer you a lot of spin, speed, and power to give your opponents a lot of trouble.

I’d recommend this Killerspin ping pong paddle to all of my friends and players. A great paddle won’t immediately make you a better player, but it can help you boost your skills.

The paddle might be a little bit on a pricey side, however, hurry up and grab one for yourself. It’s available on Amazon and it will be delivered right to your door.


What materials are used in the construction of the Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 paddle?
The Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 paddle is constructed using a combination of premium woods and carbon fiber. Specifically, it features seven layers, comprising both wood and dual layers of carbon, which together provide a balanced blend of speed, power, and control.

Is the Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 approved for official table tennis competitions?

Yes, the Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 is equipped with ITTF-approved Nitrx rubbers, making it suitable for official table tennis competitions and tournaments.

How does the dual carbon technology in the JET 800 SPEED N1 enhance gameplay compared to other paddles?

The dual carbon technology infuses two layers of carbon into the paddle’s construction. This enhances the paddle’s stiffness and responsiveness, allowing for more powerful shots and quicker returns. Compared to paddles without this technology, players can expect increased speed and power, while still retaining a good level of control.

Who is the Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 best suited for: beginners, intermediate, or advanced players?

The Killerspin JET 800 SPEED N1 is best suited for intermediate to advanced players. Its advanced features, such as the dual carbon technology and the Nitrx rubber, cater to players who have a good understanding of the game and are seeking to elevate their gameplay. While beginners can use it, they might find some of its features challenging to handle initially.

How does the Nitrx rubber on the JET 800 SPEED N1 impact spin and control during matches?

The Nitrx rubber on the JET 800 SPEED N1 is designed to enhance both advanced spin and control. It provides a grippy surface that allows players to impart lots of spin on the ball, whether it’s topspin or backspin. At the same time, the rubber ensures precise ball placement, giving players better control over their shots and returns.

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