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5 Best Killerspin Ping Pong Tables

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Only a dedicated ping pong player could understand the importance of a fine ping-pong table. Every ping pong table in the market has a particular significance and offers different features. Not only there are hundreds of types but also multiple ping pong manufacturers. But do you know that among all the Killerspin ping pong table manufacturers are quite the best one!

Killerspin is a well-known and reliable company that is recognized for its amazing ping-pong equipment. But when it comes to their ping pong tables, Killerspin has never compromised the quality.

This brand is known for the remarkable and brilliant fusion of quality, style, and detailing of their ping pong tables. The design is sleek and unique table designs, and bright and bold colors are perfect for any game room. Moreover, the smooth top surface generates a perfect ball bounce.

Factors That You Must Consider:

Killerspin Ping Pong TableWhen you start exploring their ping pong table options, you will find several options; each one is unique and special. So how to decide which table you should buy? Well, it’s simple. Here are the 6 factors that you must look into before purchasing the Killerspin ping pong tables.

Dimensions of The Table:

The dimensions of the table are the most important factors of all. It will help you to select the perfect table that will fit into your game room.


Not all Killerspin tables come with foldable technology. Which is why you need to ask your vendor whether the table is foldable or not.


Few of the Killerspin table models are adjustable. It means that you can simply adjust the height of the table as per your requirement.


Another important factor is your budget. The Killerspin ping pong table varies in prices. There are affordable, expensive, and costly tables.

Assembly and Set-up process:

Always check the assembly and set-up process of the ping pong table. Plus, read the reviews to learn about the maximum time it would take to assemble the table.


Not all the tables perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Some tables are specifically engineered for either indoor or outdoor use. To confirm the table type before spending your dollar bills.

Best Killerspin Ping Pong Tables:

Though almost all the Killerspin ping pong tables have a remarkable reputation. Here are the review of its 5 best ping pong tables that need in your game room.

Killerspin Revolution SVR – Red1 Table Tennis Table

Killerspin Revolution SVRIn case you are looking to add a touch of bright color to your home or office, Game room SVR Red1 table tennis is a great option. This ping pong table is not only famous for its color, but its high-end and extravagant design is also the talk of the town.

The top of the table is manufactured using a premium 22mm medium density fiberboard. Which gives the table a smooth and perfect surface to bounce the ball. It uses a simple bolt lock system to connect the top with the frame.

The most exciting part of the table is its base. Killerspin used the arched design for the base of the table and plated the base with aluminum. The sole purpose of using an aluminum plated base if to offer stability and prevent vibrations.

In addition to the top and base, the SVR Red1 table comes with a heavy-duty frame. But that’s just not all. The top of the table uses a ball-mark resistant coating that reduces special glare. Further, you get a premium Killerspin Apex net and steel post with the table.


  • Beautiful design and color.
  • Simple and easy set-up.
  • Perfect to fit in average size room.


  • It doesn’t allow the individual practice.
  • Not for outdoor games.
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Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Table Tennis Table

MyT10 BlackPocketThis Killerspin ping pong table is the advanced version of the MyT series. The table models are not so different, but this MyT10 black pocket has some advanced features that make this table ideal for competitive indoor ping pong matches.

The table uses a robust 2-inch metal frame along with a 25mm medium density fiberboard (MDF) top. The special repeat roller coating provides this table a 16 layers coating that is exemplary to provide a smooth and resilient surface. Plus, both halves of the table are foldable. So that the player can not only play solo matches but can also save up some space.

Unlike the other models of the MyT series, MyT10 not only has eight wheels but adjustable feet. You can easily adjust the height of the table. The impeccable sleek design comes with storage pockets to hold the ping pong balls and paddles.


  • Movable and foldable.
  • Storage pockets.
  • 16 layers of protective coating.
  • Easy and quick to set-up.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
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MyT7 BlackPocket Indoor Ping Pong Table

MyT7 BlackPocketMYT7 pocket ping pong table is specifically designed to fulfill tournament grade standards. Constructed with an 18mm MDF board top, this table creates an entirely exceptional ball bounce. Moreover, the repeat roller coating not only makes it resistant but also reduces glare.

Just like the MyT5 and MyT7 black storm, this Killerspin table is also movable. It bears eight wheels that make it’s easy to move the table. Plus, four out of a total of eight wheels have brakes that lock the table movement.

The MyT7 Pocket table is also foldable to allow the solo ping-pong matches. It also features an automatic gravity lock that prevents the fold from latching out. Furthermore, these Killerspin ping pong table series all come with enough storage space for the ping-pong balls and the paddle.


  • Easy to move around.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Setup is easy.


  • Just for indoor games.
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Killerspin MyT5 Pocket Table Tennis Table

Killerspin MyT5 PocketThis Killerspin ping pong table is one of the cheapest ping pong tables in the Killerspin series. MYT5 pocket ping pong table is designed explicitly for friendly indoor matches.

Though this table is not for professional matches, it is engineered using a premium 16mm medium density fiberboard. The MDF top offers a consistent and better ball bounce. To make the surface more durable, it is repeatedly roller coated.

The table is adjustable and moveable. It uses a base that has eight wheels along with the brakes. These brakes restrict the table from moving during the game.

Further, Killerspin used foldable technology in this table. With this feature, the player can also go for solo matches. To ensure the folding, they have also introduced the automatic gravity locker. This table comes with greater ease and comfort as it also has storage space for paddles and ping pong balls. There is a space for 8 balls and 1 paddle at each end of the table.


  • Foldable, moveable, and hence offers greater mobility.
  • Easy and quick to set-up.
  • Offers storage.
  • Allows solo practice.


  • Limited for indoor use only.
  • Heavy to carry around.
  • Not so durable.
  • Topcoat is not long-lasting. Easily scratched off.
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MyT7 BlackStorm Outdoor Ping Pong Table

MyT7 BlackStormThis Killerspin ping pong table is ideal for both outdoor and indoor games. The table is moderately expensive and but the table worth the price. Its a perfect blend of quality, style, and detailing. It comes with many handy features.

The tabletop is engineered with a superior quality aluminum plastic coat, which makes it absolutely weather resistant. Plus, the aluminum-plastic top also prevents warping, and so forth offers a consistently smooth surface over a long time.

The table allows greater flexibility to the players. The reason why this table greater flexibility is because of its fold-able frame. The player can easily fold one side of the table and lock it in place using an automatic gravity lock, allowing him to practice solo matches.

Further, this table has eight wheels so that the table can be moved easily. Four out eight wheels have brakes that prevent the table from moving. The whole structure is designed to induce more excellent stability. The ball bounce is excellent.

Last but not least, this table comes with sufficient storage space to keep ping-pong balls and paddles at each end of the table.


  • Greater mobility.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Storage pockets for balls and paddles.
  • Durable and sustainable.
  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor games.


  • The surface is not efficient for rebound and bounce.
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Time To Announce The Winner!

All of the fiver Killerspin tables reviewed above are remarkable. But only one of them is the best. After reviewing the features, purchase price, and other factors of each table, we have concluded that Killerspin MyT10 Pocket Table is worth spending your money. It has the folding feature as well as can be moved. The surface seems perfect for friendly indoor competition. And you can also play solo matches to level up your ping pong skill!

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