MD Sports Table Tennis Set Review

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

There isn’t a better spent day without playing a match or two of ping pong.

However, when you have to drive a lot to your nearest venue or have to wait a lot just to play a match – then it’s not really fun that much.

However, did you ever think of purchasing an actual ping pong table? It might sound crazy but just think about it.

You get to play whenever you want, with who you want, and wherever you want, without having to leave your home.

If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy this review as we have reviewed MD Sports Table Tennis Set which is amazing.

Important Features and Benefits of MD Sports Table Tennis

8-Piece Set

8 Ball Set

The best deal about MD Sports Table Tennis set is that you get everything necessary to start playing within 10 to 15 minutes.

It’s an 8-piece set that has everything from tournament size table, the removable net, 2 posts, 2 paddles, and even 2 ping pong balls.

Along with that, it’s featuring a space-saving design that will change your room from to a fast-action ping pong plays in a very short period of time.

Stability & Ball Bounce

This ping pong table surface thickness is 15 mm which is recommended thickness that even tournament ping pong tables feature.

This is important because it affects the ball bounce, and 15 mm thickness provides the most optimal ball bounce which is constantly consistent.

Also, there’s an apron added underneath the 15 mm thick wood surface to provide better stability.

MD Sports Table Tennis Set is a regular set which features the official dimensions guided by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation).

We should also mention that this ping pong table weighs about 120 lbs so it’s highly recommended to have two people setting it up.

Convenient Storage

Table Easy To Fold

As mentioned earlier, MD Sports Table Tennis Set is really compact and therefore, with a few additional features, it’s really easy to store it almost anywhere.

When you aren’t using the table, there’s no need to leave it open if you’re lacking space.

The wheels located at the bottom which help you to move the table easily, they come with a lock feature that keeps the table secure from moving during playing but also making sure it stays in one place when stored away.

At the corners, there are protective caps installed to prevent any damage during the transportation or storing.

Easy Assembly

MD Sports has taken the assembly to another level by featuring a BILT assembly guide available on smartphones.

It’s available on both iOS and Android mobile phones. Simply download it, and you’ll have step-by-step and video instructions available in just a few minutes.

Such help during assembly process is taken to another level with the better visuals and graphics.

Single Player Feature

Man Playing Single Player Ping Pong

Sometimes, we all don’t have a partner to enjoy a match of ping pong with, but that’s okay.

Since this ping pong table is foldable, there’s an additional feature which allows a single-player practice.

Each side is foldable and all you have to do is fold the one side and use the other side.

It’s also great practice for a warm-up session, or a great training if you aren’t sure if there’s someone available for a great match.


  • Everything necessary comes included
  • Available in different colors
  • Available as a conversion top
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Play straight away
  • Affordable Price


  • Paddles aren’t very quality


For the price MD Sports Table Tennis Set costs, it’s a really quality piece that comes with easy to read instructions and a lot of accessories that are necessary to start the game.

It’s really nice to see such brand producing such quality table at a given price that benefits users through a number of features such as an ITTF approved bounce ball consistency, durable wood, easy storage and portability, and perfect stability.

Considering this is an 8-piece set, you can expect to get everything necessary to play right from the moment you assemble the table.

It’s something we really liked and would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional ping pong table, yet would like to get a decent ping pong table with everything included, that you can put anywhere, even if you lack a bit of space.

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Ashton Brown
Ashton Brown spent a lot of time in after school programs as a child. In a local community-run recreation center in Boston, they had a ping pong table, and since then he has always played. He had a ping pong table in his college dorm, and a mini one in his office for giggles. After playing for years, Ashton wants to show you how to get started with ping pong, learn the tricks of the trade, and equip yourself with everything you need to be better at the game.

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