7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Table for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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When it is about the game of ‘ping pong’; are you a hobbyist or a professional player? Well, it doesn’t matter to which category you belong because everyone would agree that it is undoubtedly an intriguing game.

And with all the entertaining elements, it also has some fundamental requirements, such a ping pong table. When you go out to shop around for sports basics, there’s an array of options ranging from the most expensive ping pong table to the cheapest one. In this guide, we are taking you on a trip to most lavish ping pong tables.

What is the Most Expensive Ping Pong Table?

It is an unsurprising fact that you would find a wide variety, even in the most expensive category of these tables. However, while exploring all the different “pricey” options, we found two of the most expensive ping pong table. One of the things that should be kept in mind is that not every meal is going to suit your needs. So before you invest the “big money” double-check that it is what you are looking for.


@JANUS et Cie

The first most pricey table tennis beauty is “JANUS ET CIE FOLDING TABLE TENNIS CLASSIC” which comes at an astonishing price of $16,580.00. This sounds absolutely crazy until you set eyes on this table. Although it is towards the expensive side of the spectrum, it comes with amazing features.

It is crafted with stainless steel that is marine-grade quality and has been manufactured from high-pressure resin. This table would beautify your indoors and can easily withstand the outdoor environment.

Avettore Custom Luxury Ping Pong Table

@11 Ravens

The second on our list is the breathtaking table by 11 Ravens company, “The Avettore.This thing of the beauty price range is somewhere between $26,000 to $48,000. As you may well know ‘11 Ravens’ company is quite famous for their customer-oriented approach and they would be open to tons of customization and add-ons (hence the price range!).

Now as mind-numbing the price is,e features include a strikingly simplistic appearance and aero dynamism (inspired by the design of supersonic jets).

Things You Should Keep in Mind

The above-mentioned tables are targeting a specific customer segment. However, regardless of the features of a table, when you embark on the expedition to purchase one, it is not only about looking for the most expensive ping pong table, there are so many factors that must be kept in mind.

The essential thing that you should know is to familiarize yourself with the brands that are out there in the market. 11 Ravens take the lead among all others (however, it is definitely costly and not something that everyone would want to go for). Another leading brand is Joola that manufactures professional-grade ping pong table (that mostly fall in the very affordable category).

Another brand that is well famous in the ping pong game industry, as a table manufacturer, is ‘Butterfly’; focusing primarily on convenience and durability of the product. Moreover, another leading brand is ‘Cornilleau’ that focuses on offering the top-notch quality of products and functionality supremacy.

The marketplace is crowded with various brands and (as you might guess) they would all claim to be the ‘best.’ However, you need to carefully scan the options and find the one that best suits your needs.

7 Most Expensive Ping Pong Table Reviews

Here is a list of five table picks that seem great and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteel

Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteelClick Here To Buy Now

This table comes with a remarkable structure and it’s black-on-black steel with an awe-inspiring structure. The table comes with a 25 mm MDF, with a durable all bond surface (a combination of aluminum and steel) and is movable with folding wheels. The design is a really captivating blend of innovation and experience.

Adding more to the story; it has paddles and ball pocket system and is highly durable. The table comes with built-in feet that are adjustable and hidden. It comes with a lavish Killerspin net post (of premium grade) and offers maximal performance for the players.

On each side of this table, is a built-in paddle, as well as ball pockets, which is a convenient addition because it aids in protecting and storing around sixteen balls and four paddles. The feature of ball pockets really adds the accessibility and ease in the game.

This table is nothing less than a fantastic tournament level ping pong table; offering a high-performance professional surface for the game and a manufacturing style that gives it an appearance of an art piece.

After adding so many features and amazing aspects to this table, the manufacturers also offer a one year warranty. It is an excellent choice for professional players, as well as hobbyists.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Classic

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B ClassicClick Here To Buy Now

It can be confidently labeled as the best ping pong table out there in the market. This table belongs to a fantastic table series “Revolution SVR” tables and deserves a high place at the Killerspin’s series of most expensive ping pong table. It flaunts a remarkable, innovative design that has attained the status of ‘the standard’ when it comes to a tournament level of style and performance.

This table also has a complementary side pouch that simply adds to the overall experience of the game and makes things more involving for the players. It is recommended that you wash the ping pong balls before using, to avoid unnecessary ball marks on the table.

Killerspin Revolution SVR-B Classic is a combination of the astonishing metallic silver arched base with a premium quality black colored playing surface, that is a show-stopper! The surface of the table alone can add an element of style and elegance in your space.

Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor

Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF IndoorClick Here To Buy Now

This table comes with a bucket full of features that make it a perfect blend of affordability and functionality. It is an exciting combination of fantastic design and performance.

Adding more bells and whistles to this table is the recognition by the International Table Tennis Federation that crowns this table as an excellent choice for ‘competition play’.

As mentioned earlier, this table is packed with amazing features; and top of the list is the high-density 1-inch playing surface (chipboard) that is accompanied with the spin-sensitive finish and SKILTOP® (all of this is designed specifically for the plastic balls).

The surface is matte, non-reflecting, and uses primarily water-based and environmentally friendly paint. There are 5″ ball bearing casters (rubber-coated) and accompanied with locks.

Furthermore, Frame 2, ¾” wooden legs enhance the game experience by channeling vibrations for various unmatched sounds in a better way. It has weather-resistant (durable or permanent) polyester net that comes with adjustable height and tension. The table also has an adjustable leg height option.

Cornilleau 740 Longlife

Cornilleau 740 LonglifeClick Here To Buy Now

Well, this Cornilleau’s piece of art is not very pricey, which is quite an affordable quote. However, the low price does bring a question, whether, the table is of high quality or not? Cornilleau 740 Longlife caters to this beautifully and is one of the most durable training tables out there.

It comes with a 9mm panel that is weatherproof and able to deliver a high-quality performance. This thrifty ping pong table becomes an ultra-durable and highly competitive table with its weather and shock-resistant surface.

Furthermore, It has playback facility, is wheelchair friendly, and has retractable net posts. With a compact folding system and wheels accompanied with brakes, the table manufacturers really tend to the safety protocols. It also has about 16 locking points.

With all of the features, the table comes with a whooping ten-year warranty that is applicable on non-wearable parts (i.e., it does not cover, wheels, net or post). This table becomes the right choice if you are a little bit budget conscious or just not ready to spend a hefty amount or just don’t feel like going towards the most expensive ping pong table continuum. With this table, the manufacturers have presented a smart blend of features while managing to keep it less pricey and within a very affordable range.

Butterfly Centrefold 25

Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table TennisClick Here To Buy Now

If you really want to go towards the less priced options, then Butterfly Centrefold 25 – Blue is going to be a winner. This table is ITTF approved (with a 1 inch top; 25 mm) . The tabletop is composed of thick particleboard (compressed) that has a remarkably scratch-resistant surface and offers a consistent bounce during the game.

It also has a PVC band edge that enhances scratch resistance for the top. Moreover, this table has adjustable feet, and you can easily set the level of playing surface as per your requirements or preference.

The manufacturers have equipped the table with a lock feature that empowers the adjustable feet by ensuring that the table surface is leveled. You can remove the locks to bring the table to a storage position. There are 2” x ¾” solid gauge steel rails that simply reinforce the overall structure and offer additional assistance to the table.

It is accompanied by the highest quality of nets, i.e., Europa Net Sets. There are some cons as well (indeed, you would not be able to enjoy everything if you want to move away from the most expensive ping pong table category).

Firstly, this table doesn’t have any playback mode, neither does it offer any racket-or-ball holders. All in all, it is an excellent choice for beginners and those who are only opting for ping-pong as a ‘once in a while’ hobby or activity.

Check Price on Amazon.com

Some Other Expensive Ping Pong Tables

Although the above five tables that we have selected are the top-ranked ping pong tables and are fit to be used for indoors and outdoors, they may not be the one that resonates with everyone.

Various tables are towards the more expensive side of the continuum than the tables listed above, but they may not be able to withstand indoor and outdoor environmental variations. Due to the excellent construction, the tables (below) seem ideal for general public areas, community centers, camping sites, resorts, parks, school playgrounds, etc.

The JOOLA City Table

JOOLA City Table
Click Here To Buy Now

To begin with, the surface is covered with a layer of high-quality acrylic resin (silica mix) that renders it amazingly even and smooth, absolutely devoid of any pores and offering an excellent surface for playing. Moreover, this table has solid rectangular tubing for an undercarriage and has been galvanized (for extra strength). This table is pricey, but it sounds like a stealing price because this table offers numerous features.

One of the significant aspects of this table is the weatherproof surface, that can withstand heat, frost, UV rays, temperature fluctuations, etc. Because of this durability and added resistance, the table would be an excellent choice for camping sites, public areas, schools, etc.

Cornilleau Park Outdoor

Cornilleau Park OutdoorClick Here To Buy Now

This is a pricey table and it is so well worth the money. It has a sturdy design and a table surface that is of a neutral color, making it very adaptable to various environments. This table has a very durable surface (with an additional MAT TOP feature, that reduces the sun-glare effect) that enhance the overall experience of the game.

Moreover, it is shockproof, weatherproof, shock-fire, and graffiti resistant. With a 9mm lamination of resin on top, it offers a very dense playing surface. The frame is composed of galvanized steel that is a strength epitome.

However, there are some disadvantages to this product…such as the metal net plays quite differently when we compare it to the regularly used mesh net. Also, Cornilleau 740 LongLife offers a much better bounce at the lowest price, which Cornilleau Park Outdoor is only slightly better (making one question the significance of such a big money investment).

This table is only appropriate for stationary usage and cannot be stored away; it doesn’t have any playback mode either. So, when you are making a purchase decision, you need to be well aware of the pros and cons.


Without a tiniest of doubts, “The Avettore” stands like an elegant winner. It is a thing of pure elegance, sophistication, and a masterpiece. Even if you are not a ping pong game enthusiast, you can’t help but fall in love with this marvelous piece of art. It is crafted with sustainable wood and is multipurpose.

But the big question is, “Which one should go for?” Well, the decision would hinge on your priorities, preferences, and style. However, the high quality of essential elements can upscale the game; so, it would be all worth the investment you make.

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