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6 Best Ping Pong Paddle Set Of 2020

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Ping pong or Table tennis is an amazing indoor game. You can play this game at any stage of your life. The most important thing you need to play this game is paddles. Paddles play a crucial role in making your game better. Therefore, you need to get the best ping pong paddles set after proper research.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Set Reviews

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle – 4 Pack

A fantastic 4 pack set for the ping pong players. It has everything that you need to play the game. Within this set, you will get the best quality 4 ping-pong paddles.

These paddles are designed perfectly with the plywood for balanced control, spin, and speed. Its rubber sheet gives you a soft sponge with a high bounce. For better grip it has 5-ply wood blade with a rubber sheet. You can hold the paddle comfortably while playing for long hours.

Besides an amazing 4 paddles, it also includes 8 balls. These are 3-star white balls approved by the ITTF equipment regulation. You can use these balls for your tough official competitions. In addition to this it also has a carrying bag.

You can easily protect your paddles and balls in this compact zipper carrying bag. While traveling you can easily carry your game stuff with you in this storage bag. Playing indoors or outdoor you can place your stuff in an organized and secure way.

Whether you are a girl or a boy, it is the best paddles set. It is equally suitable for new players and professional players. Players of any age can enjoy the game with these paddles. You can buy them without any worry as it is a product of a trustworthy brand.

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NIBIRU SPORTS Professional Ping Pong Paddle Set

Nibiru Sports Professional Ping Pong Paddle Set in another classical set. As it offers you all the things you need to play your game. This set comes with 3 stars 4 professional ping pong paddles.

Along with paddles it also has regulation table tennis net replacement. Also get 3-star 40mm 6 white and orange balls. Retractable post set and net to play the game anywhere easily. To store everything in an organized way a storage case.

For improving your game skills it is a good set to have.  Whether you are a professional player or an emerging player it is the best set to have. The racket gives you a strong grip.

For making the paddles up-to-the-mark, it has a peel-resistant rubber surface. This rubber helps you to get the right control and balance with a strong grip.

On the other hand, the balls are also fallen on the USATT and ITTF standards. In terms of size and performance these balls are the best to play a game.

With the help of portable net you can convert any table into a table tennis table. You can attach this net easily on a table through its clips.

The portable bag is best to carry your stuff to play indoor or outdoor games. It is a compact and amazing bag to keep your stuff safe and well-organized.

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Idoraz Ping Pong Paddles Set of 4

Are you thinking of buying your very first ping pong table set? If this is the case, we’ve got an amazing set of paddles for you. Idoraz Ping Pong Paddles comes with a set of 4 paddles that fits perfect both for kids and adults.

When it comes to buying paddles in sets, finding a set with top-notch quality isn’t easy. However, Idoraz is famous for its high-quality material to give out the best results for you.

It comes with a rubber that offers many grips over the paddle. Also, the advance edge-tape makes sure there you never come across any edge-wear with the paddle. Not only this, they’re designed with an ergonomic flared style, which ensures a fine grip.

You’ll always feel a greater level of satisfaction while playing the game, and that’s the best part of it. Plus, it offers a fast-paced and short-distance style of gameplay, which improves both your gross and fine muscles.

Wow, what a nice way to stay healthy!

So if you need nicely constructed paddles with smooth handles and good grips, you might regret missing this one. Moreover, the carrying case is soft-sided along with excellent edges that are very well adhered to the underlying layers.

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Upstreet Ping Pong Paddle Set Includes 4 Ping Pong Paddles

For beginners, it is a great paddle set to have. It helps you to overcome your weaknesses and to learn strategies to play the game. It is equally good for both professional players and for the new players.

The upstreet ping pong paddle set features 4 ping pong rackets and 10 balls. The paddle has a high-quality rubber and five layers of the bouncy wood.

The balls have a standard size that is 40mm. You can play any tournament with these balls. The paddles are also of great quality. It offers you great power, control, and spin. The rubber on the outside of the paddle has a great texture and thickness.

The 5 layers and double thickness sponge of the paddle make it amazing to produce speed. With the help of these paddles you don’t need to put extra power while playing. You can confidently buy this set because upstreet always focus on its quality.

They never compromise on its quality in terms to get more benefits. The paddles set comes with one year warranty. Another amazing fact about this set is that you can get it at a reasonable price. So, now you don’t need to wait to get it because you are short of money.

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PRO SPIN ALL-IN-ONE Ping Pong Paddle Set

You cannot play ping pong just because you don’t have the ping pong table. It is not an issue anymore. This ping pong paddle set resolve this problem with its retractable net.

With the help of this net you can easily play ping pong on any table. Whether your dining table is 72 inches wide and 2 inches thick you can place it. Because the net can expand 72 inches wide. Just place the net whenever you want to play. After finishing the game you can easily remove the net from the table.

With the retractable net, the paddles and balls within the kit are also of great quality. The ping pong paddles have a natural rubber with a 1.8mm sponge. It gives you a perfect spin and control to make your game better.

The glue used to stick the rubber on the paddle is also of great quality. It helps to stick the rubber on the paddle for a long time. It ensures that the rubber does not peel off from any edge of the racket.

The 3 balls available in the set are also designed according to the professional requirements. These are 40mm 3-star balls. That you can use to play any professional match. The storage case of the set is perfectly designed to keep all the set items properly.

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Killerspin JET Set 2 Table Tennis Paddles

Are you looking for a ping pong paddle set for two players? If yes, then you can consider this set. The Killerspin Jetset 2 features 2 paddles and 3 pin pong balls. For two players it is an ideal set. For an old fashioned table tennis game to play at home it is the best.

The blade of the paddles are made of 5 plywood and have a 1.5mm rubber surface. This rubber space is good for new players. Because it provides great control and satisfactory power and spin. With this control the players can set their strategy and can learn to play the game in a perfect manner.

The handles of the racket are really appreciated by the players. As it is really comfortable to hold. You can hold the paddle for long hours without any tiredness. You can buy these paddles at a cheap price.

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Factors to consider when buying a Ping Pong Paddle set

Whether you are a new ping pong player or a professional player don’t buy a paddle set without any research. Because it is possible that you will waste your money after buying the wrong paddles.

To help you out here are some factors. You should keep these factors in mind while buying a ping pong paddle set.

Best paddle for you:

You will find a huge variety of paddles when you will search for them. But you should find the one that is best for you. Or in other words, it must be according to your playing stage.

For example, if you are a beginner you need a paddle that is easy to use. Moreover, it must have a long handle so you can have a strong grip.

Similarly, if you are a professional player you will need to buy a different paddle set. A set that helps you in your playing strategy.


The efficiency of the paddles is the must thing. Before buying you should check its efficiency. The most important factors to judge paddle’s proficiency are Power, control, spin.

Look whether you need to use more power or less power. Also, see is it spinning properly or not. Can you get the proper control over it or not while playing.

Feedback and rating:

Always buy the paddles that have the best ratings. Before buying one see what others have to say about it. Read their comments and see their pros and cons.

The feedback of the users is very effective. Because they share their own experiences. And show you a true picture of that particular paddle set.


Ping pong paddles are available in different price ranges. Never spend a lot of money to buy one. Especially if you are beginner do not buy an expensive one. Get the one within an affordable price range that you can easily bear.


When you are spending money on buying the paddles these must be good in quality. Never compromise on quality as low quality will affect your game.

A low-quality paddle has wood of bad quality and is too hard to spin. It also doesn’t have proper vibration. Thus, don’t waste your energy and time by playing with these cheap and low-quality paddles.


As there are various ping pong paddle sets are available in the market. But the best ping pong paddle set among them is the JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle. The only disadvantage of this paddle set is its bit high price. Other than that it is best for all the players. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player. Its great paddles offer you great balance, control, spin, and speed.

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