Newgy Pong-Pal Ping Pong Ball Collector Review

Everyone who is training and playing ping pong at local ping pong can know the struggle of collecting the ping pong balls after the practice. Training at the ping pong training robots requires a lot of balls, and most likely balls get outside of the robot machine all the time. Collecting the balls can be […]

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5 Best Table Tennis Glues for Your Racket

Something that is most of the time overlooked in the table tennis industry, especially when it comes down to the paddles for intermediate and advanced players is the glue used to put together with rubber and a blade. While some players think that any kind of glue will do, there are quite a few specifics […]

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7 Best Defensive Ping Pong Paddle of 2020

Ping pong is all about the playing style, strategies, and serves. It’s all about getting the ball over the net, making it the opponent’s turn – with a purpose of scoring a point, no matter how you do it. While most players go straight after the offensive playing style – it’s not all about the […]

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My Ping Pong Buddy Ball Picker Review

Ping pong ball pickers are very popular nowadays, and they can be seen at almost any local ping pong club. They are made to help us do our job of picking ping pong balls even easier and faster than ever before. The best thing is that you don’t even need to bend to pick a […]

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