Palio Legend 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Palio table tennis racket is known as the experts in manufacturing the table tennis bats.

Their latest table tennis racket series comes with amazing set specifications. One of the bats from the series is the Palio Legend 3 Table Tenis Racket.

This is the advanced version of the Palio Legend 2, specially designed for advanced players and offers great power, control, balance, and strokes.

Palio Legend 3 Table Tennis Racket Review

Palio Legend 3.0

Features And Benefits Of Palio Legend 3 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Legend 3 has all the features and specifications of the previous 2 version. But that’s just not all. Noticeable improvements and additions have been made in this version.

With a competitive market price, Legend 3 has set a new benchmark for high-spec rackets! The bat comes with a nice racket case.

Palio has designed this racket to provide greater spins and more speed. The best thing about this racket is that players don’t require any extra custom parts.

The third generation Palio Legend 3 table tennis racket is an ideal table tennis bat to help advance and expert level players to work on their skills.

The blade, handle and rubber quality used in the manufacturing of this very racket provides greater value over money.

All Wood High-Quality Racket Blade

The Palio Legend 3 racket is the upgraded version of its predecessor’s table tennis rackets. The company has improved both the quality as well as the feel of the racket.

The all-wood racket blade is carefully designed featuring a wide edged tape, considering the comfort and needs of advanced level players.

Palio 3 ensures that the players get a continuous, smooth, comfortable and up-level game.

Flared Handle

One of the signs of a great table tennis racket is its handle. A good handle is critical to provide greater control and power to spin and speed.

So hence the Palio Legend 3 comes with a flared handle that offers a comfortable and strong grip.

The hardwood handle is one of the reasons why this Palio racket is known as one of the super-fast table tennis bats.

ITTF Approved Palio Hadou Rubbers

Another striking feature of palio legend 3 is the use of ITTF approved Hadou rubbers. The company has used the same rubber quality for both the blades as well as the handle.

Due to the sponge characteristic, these high-level Chinese rubber produces great spins and generate high speed.

The wide edge tape secure and firmly holds the rubber pads in place. Moreover, these rubber pads are easy to remove as well as replaceable.

The rubber pads also produce greater bounce for the ball and the ball bounce back with greater spin. The same hadou rubber is also used on the handle of the blade.

The rubber provides greater support and friction and absorbs the moisture. Hence it prevents the bat from slipping from the player and as a result offers a strong grip.

Protective Bat Case

review of Palio Legend 3

The racket comes with a better protective racket case. The case is designed to protect the racket rubbers as well as the wood from any kind of damage.

You don’t have to buy the case separately from the vendor. The case comes within the price of the bat and prevents damage.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

With such features and remarkable quality, the third generation Palio Legend 3 bats are perfect to use both for indoor games as well as for the outdoor games.


  • Perfect for all-out attack style.
  • High-quality wooden racket.
  • High Durability.
  • Replaceable Hadou rubbers.


  • Good for only the advanced level players.
  • The bat is slightly heavier.
  • Quite expensive.


Though expensive the third generation Palio Legend 3 has definitely come with better and innovative improvements.

The bat is specifically designed to help the advanced level players to create stronger strokes without compromising the balance.

Usually, the players require additional custom parts to customize their table tennis bats as per their requirements.

But with Palio legend 3, there is no need to spend your money on these expensive parts. The bat itself is custom made according to the requirements and needs of the players.

In short, if you are an advanced level player who not only wants to improve their skills but also flare up your competition then this bat is what you need!

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