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15+ Best Ping Pong Balls Reviews (2020 Update)

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Everyone who is into ping pong knows that it’s important to have a good equipment, from ping pong table to your paddle, but there is one thing that people often forget about. That’s the ping pong balls. 

Most people don’t understand the importance of having best quality ping pong balls and how they can affect the game.

Best Ping Pong Balls

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Quality ping pong balls have better bounce and are providing the more optimized game with no unwanted actions which could benefit one player more than the other.

It can be really hard to find quality ping pong balls, but in this post, you will find some of the best ping pong balls on the market, and the reasons why they are one of the best ones.

I would highly recommend you to upgrade your ping pong balls to improve the game, especially if you took care of getting a quality ping pong table or a quality ping pong paddle.

Top 15+ Best Ping Pong Balls Reviews

Butterfly G40+ 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

Butterfly is a really well-known brand and they offer a wide choice of ping pong equipment which will match anyone from amateur to professional skill level.

They have a specific White color which makes it easier to spot during the game, but it also depends on the surface.

Standard table tennis balls size are 40 mm and that’s what Butterfly has followed with these 3-star table tennis balls. It’s been approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and USATT for tournament play.

The weight and size distribution of Butterfly G40+ 3-star table tennis balls is perfect and it can be really felt after playing with these balls for a while.

They’re also very durable and it’s really tough to damage them, which is a great bonus. They aren’t much expensive and will provide a great game while lasting longer than other ping pong balls.

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Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+

These professional ping pong balls from Nittaku are widely considered to be some of the best on the market. They offer a lot in the way of benefits and represent one of the more new and innovative balls out there. These balls are ITTF approved and highly regarded in the table tennis community.

These balls are a beacon of excellence and quality for the table tennis community. They come in different packs , which means that they are a little bit more on the expensive side considering how much they are for a pack.

It is generally accepted that Japan makes higher quality balls than companies from China, and if you subscribe to that belief you will be happy to know that these balls do indeed come from Japan and are made from very high-quality materials.

One of the most common praises that these balls get is that they are excellent for those who love to include spin into their strikes. So, if you are a player that plays with a lot of spin you are sure to love these balls from Nittaku.

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Nittaku 3-Star

Alternative –

Nittaku 3-Star Nexcel 40+ Orange Balls

Orange ping pong ball is becoming more and more popular by the day. Nittaku 3-Star Nexcel 40+ Orange balls are the best alternative to Nittaku 3-Star Premium 40+ table tennis balls. It’s made with special poly and has been approved by ITTF and permitted for all International Table Tennis Federation sanctioned tournaments.

KEVENZ 3-Star 40mm Advanced Ping Pong Ball

If you are looking for a better, improved table tennis balls that come from a very well known brand, you’ve just found them.

Kevenz is a popular brand in the world of table tennis, and they’re definitely following the standards.

If you are looking for a pack of 60 balls for the best price, you’ve just found it. These balls are 40mm big, which is the new table tennis standard, and they’ve been approved by the ITTF.

They’re very high-quality balls that are perfect for high-skill level games. Their orange color is easier to spot than the white traditional color.

Kevenz 3-star 40mm orange table tennis balls have been gone through the hardness test, which makes them very tough, durable, and responsive which is suitable even for the professional skill level games.

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Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly Table Tennis Balls

Xushaofa Seamless Poly table tennis balls have been approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) which means that they’re good to be used in any competitions, no matter the skill level.

They have also followed the size change standard from 38mm to 40mm. Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly table tennis balls provide the perfect bounce, and they’re perfectly shaped in combination with a perfect weight.

Xushaofa 40+ Seamless Poly table tennis balls keep the spin very well while still providing a great bounce, even after the several spins. It’s quick and it is made to last for long, just like any other quality ball. They’re tough, which means they’re hard to break. They will offer the stability, durability, and reliability when needed the most.

For the price it’s selling, it can be compared as good as Nittaku balls, just way cheaper, which is a great deal for everyone who wants to upgrade their table tennis balls.

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MAPOL 50- Pack Orange 3-Star Premium Ping Pong Balls

I’m a huge fan of 50 packs of table tennis balls because, if you get the right brand and decide to purchase the right balls, you will get the best price possible while being sure that you get the best quality out there.

Mapol 50 pack of orange 3-star premium ping pong balls are great for training, and always great to have around for any games whether your skill is intermediate or professional.

Whether you’re playing at work or at the garage, it’s always useful to have a bunch of table tennis balls because they often get lost, so why not get quality balls that will improve your game at the same time?

Curves of Mapol 3-star premium ping pong balls are very quality made, providing more spin, speed, and a better balance. Ball diameter is 40mm which means that Mapol is following the standards of table tennis federation.

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Chuggg Table Tennis Balls

If you’re looking for Premium table tennis balls, Chuggg offers quality table tennis balls that follow the standards of table tennis federation.

They’re suitable for any table tennis skill level, from intermediate to professional, and they can be used for any purpose – even in the competitive tournaments.

Chuggg table tennis balls are the size of 40 mm which is the new ITTF standard, and is needed to be followed.

They are very hard to bend, durable, provide a lot of accuracy and precision no matter the speed and spin used during the play.

The best thing about Chuggg table tennis balls is that you will be able to easily identify them, which is very useful if you are joined in the local table tennis club, and you never can find your balls.

The container that comes with the Chuggg table tennis balls is very useful to keep them all in one place.

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Sanwei ABS PRO 3-Star Balls

Sanwei ABS PRO 3-StarIf you have never bought ABS balls, you are in for a treat! These table tennis balls are a great option for anyone looking for good balls for recreational play. Though these are not usually used in a competitive environment, they are perfect as practice balls or something that you can use in preparation for a tournament or more competitive environment.

The first thing that many people love about these balls is that they have great consistency. This means that you will be more able to predict where the ball is going to go with your various strokes and you won’t be left guessing whether your strike will be well-placed or not. It also means that regardless of what action you are doing (driving, chopping, looping, blocking) the weight of the ball will feel the same. This is a big benefit for those who play competitively and don’t want inconsistencies in their table tennis balls.

Another benefit of these balls is that they have great bounce and don’t have dead spots. You can put a fair amount of spin on these balls and get great bouncing action when you drop it in. In addition to all of this, you can also count on the balls being perfectly spherical, providing you with a remarkably consistent playing experience.

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Gambler P40+ 3-Star Ping Pong Balls

Gambler P40+ 3-StarGambler is a highly respected name in the table tennis industry and they live up to that name with these affordable, but high-quality table tennis balls. For starters, gambler ping pong 40+ ball is a fully synthetic material that merges traditional ball quality with new-age materials that allow you to get the most out of your balls. The material that these balls are made from are fully ITTF approved for competitions.

This ball is designed with spin in mind as it can carry spin further than normal balls. If you are a player who likes to incorporate spin and get long spin shots, then this could be the ball for you. When compared to POLY or ABS constructed balls, this ball carries spin much further and gives you much more diversity and versatility in your shots.

The design of these balls also helps to encourage higher spin rate and higher speed using the synthetic material of which they are made. Gambler makes this ball with a 2-part construction, which is the preferred construction among almost all players.

To top it all off, these balls are quite a bit more affordable than many other options out there and also options that are on our list. If you are looking for maximum quality and balls that give you a premium experience without the price tag, this one by Gambler is not a bad option.

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Killerspin Hardball 4-Star ABS 40+

Killerspin Hardball 4-Star ABSIf you’re looking for a ball that you can use in the highest levels of competition play, this would be a good option for you. The Killerspin competition ball is designed to offer the most premium playing experience out there and act as the best ball in the business when it comes to movement, bounce, control, and spin. This ball was produced with full knowledge and expectations that it would become the standard for competition balls everywhere.

For starters, these balls are perfectly round. This is to be expected from competition-quality table tennis balls as the round shape provides for a consistent bouncing and spin pattern that adds integrity and poise to the match.

The material that these balls are made of is new-generation ABS plastic, which is quickly becoming the most popular material to make balls out of on the market. The ABS plastic is very durable and aerodynamic. It’s also the ideal material for bouncing surface and provides your match with consistent bouncing and table contact.

All in all, these balls provide you with a superior bounce, spin control, and overall movement that you’ll really value in a tournament-quality table tennis ball. Killerspin has really delivered a quality product that gives you all the traditional factors that you’d want from a ball like this while also combining some new age technology that is making the game better and more fun to watch.

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Andro Speedball 3S 3-Star ABS Balls

If you truly want some of the best that the latest technology in table tennis balls has to offer, then this set of 3 balls from Andro would be a consideration that you should keep in mind. These balls are constructed with a specific emphasis on ball speed and precision. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a sniper when it comes to locating shots, then these balls would be the perfect option for you.

The reason that these balls are so stealthy and designed for maximum speed is that they are made with a new, modern manufacturing method that allows them to get the most out of relatively affordable materials that are used to construct the ball.

One  of the reasons that you might be hesitant to purchase this ball is because the past versions of it have a bad reputation for being a low-quality ball that wasn’t durable or optimized for speed and bounce. Where the previous version lacks, this ball shines. It offers good bounce, perfect roundness, and a lot of stability in your shot. To top it all off, this ball is very affordable for the quality and is definitely achievable for even those who are looking for something for practice.

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STIGA 3-Star White Table Tennis Balls

STIGA 3-Star White Table Tennis Balls

Stiga is a trusted and professional table tennis item manufacturer. One of the popular products by Stiga is its 3-Star White Table Tennis Balls set. Each Stiga pack contains six ping pong balls, that are high quality and durable.

Stiga offers a high value over money. Their balls are resistant to cracks and dents, no matter how strong the serves and smash would be. The manufacturers have made these balls using the exact standard measurements which are approved by ITTF.

The size of these ping pong balls is a perfect 40mm with a weight of 2.7 grams each. The material, celluloid used in the manufacturing of these ping pong balls are actually the same material that makes tournament level table tennis balls. The ball bounce and spin generated by Stiga 3-star White Table Tennis balls are both incredible!

If you want to change your serves from inconsistent to consistent shots then this product is what you need! Whether you want to improve your serves & spins or just want a competitive, interesting and fierce game with your opponent, Stiga 3-star Ping Pong Balls got you covered!

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Pro Spin Ping Pong Balls

Pro Spin Ping Pong BallsThe Pro Spin Ping Pong balls offer guaranteed high-quality table tennis balls that are not easily dented or cracked. This ping pong ball set comes in two variations, including PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls – 3-Star Orange Table Tennis Balls and PRO SPIN Ping Pong Balls – Premium White 40+ Training Balls.

Unlike the other table tennis balls, the shape of Pro Spin ping pong balls doesn’t change, whether you serve or smash. Pro Spin balls are manufactured using seamless construction. With these ping pong balls, the players can generate more accurate, consistent and continuous ball bounces throughout the match.

Speaking of the plastic material, Pro Spin has used the poly plastic material to manufacture such an amazing product. The special thing about this plastic-type is that it is far more durable as well as safer than the other plastic ping pong balls. Both Pro Spin 3-star orange and premium white 40+ table tennis balls come in a pack of 12.

The size, shape, material, thickness as well as the weight of PRo Spin ping pong balls are ITTF approved after rigorous series of testing. Each and every ping pong ball in both sets are 40mm in size and weigh around 2.9 gram each. Moreover, the poly plastic used in these balls is perfectly eco-friendly!

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JOOLA 3-Star Ping Pong Training Balls

JOOLA 3-Star Ping Pong Training BallsJoola is a well-known ping pong equipment manufacturer. One such product by Joola is the JOOLA 3-Star Ping Pong Training Balls set. There are 12 ping-pong balls in one set and the total cost for the whole pack of 12 ping pong balls is very cheap. These ping-pong balls offer great value over money.

Just like all the other Joola Ping Pong products, these 3-star ping pong balls are also of high quality and durable. The size of each and every ball in the set is 40mm. With these ping-pong training balls, the players can serve better as well as provides a competitive match.

The material, size, thickness, and weight of this ball are approved by ITTF. the weight of a single 3-star ping pong training ball is 2.7 grams along with a thickness of 0.86mm. With such measures, these ping pong balls are ideal for incredibly extreme spins, high speed, greater control, and consistency!

Whether you are a minor or adult player, the 3-star Joola Ping Pong training balls are perfect for everyone. Joola offers this product in two different colors. You could wither pick the orange set or the white one. With these ping pong balls, the players can work on their serves. This ping pong ball set is good for recreation centers, schools, clubs, automatic server machines, and resorts.

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iPong Training Table Tennis Balls

iPong Training Table Tennis BallsThe famous iPing Training Table Tennis Balls are known for their durability and sky high quality. The most unusual fact about this ping pong product is that it comes with a pack of 100, 2-star orange training ping pong balls.

With the ideal size of 40mm, standard weight 2.7 grams and standard thickness 0.86mm each, the iPing balls are a great option for both recreational and competitive table tennis matches. The quality of the plastic used to manufacture these table tennis balls is compatible for both indoor as well as outdoor matches.

Whether you are a kid or an adult table tennis player, iPing table tennis balls offer extreme ball bounce, speed, spin as well as greater control. For someone who wants to improve their serving skills, as well as spin, must use this product. In addition to durability and quality, these iPing balls are safer to be used at schools, clubs, resorts, ping pong training centers, automatic serve machines, etc.

Furthermore, if you are a cat person and have a pet cat around you, then your cat would love these balls. Due to extremely lightweight and striking orange color, iPing table tennis balls are cool cat toys. In case you want to enjoy an interesting table tennis game as well as entertain your pet, this training ball set is supreme for you!

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Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls

If you are looking for ping-pong training balls that offer great everything then you must use Sportly 3-star Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls. Each sportly set contains 12 orange colored ping pong (table tennis) balls. These ping pong balls are manufactured using the perfect dimensions and measurements which are approved by ITTF.

Starting with the size, each Sportly 3-star ping pong ball is 40mm. The material used to manufacture these ping pong balls is extremely lightweight. The standard size, width, and weight of these ping pong training balls make them perfect for advanced level training.

Furthermore, these ping pong training balls are designed and manufactured to offer great spin and speed without compromising the control, power, and stability. When it comes to the ball bounce, no other similar product matches its dynamics.

This 3-star ping pong ball pack is good for both indoor and outdoor games. The high-quality material, durability and standard measurements of Sportly table tennis ball set made its way in the tournament/champion level matches as well. The best feature of this product among all other features is that it is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment in any way. If you want to level up your game in the professional tournaments giving a tough game to your opponent then Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls are ideal!

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I have listed some of the best ping pong balls you could get, which are very reasonably priced on the market and they have been following the ITTF standards.

The best ping pong balls from the list above are Butterfly G40+ 3-star table tennis ball since they come from a very well-known brand in the world of table tennis.

They have a great stability thanks to the balance of weight and size, and they’ve been also approved by ITTF which means that they can be used on any competition, no matter the skill level.

What is your favorite table tennis ball?

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