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11 Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases & Bags of 2019

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Investing in a great ping pong paddle (table tennis racket) won’t make you a better player, but it’s a stepping stone that definitely helps everyone, no matter the skill level and playing style.

Quality paddles can be quite pricey, but if you consider it as an investment that will last you for long and benefit you a lot for your plays – it’s definitely worth any price.

However, what most players don’t think about is the maintenance and storage of their table tennis paddle or racket.

What do you do with your paddle once you finish playing? Storing it in a paddle case is the most ideal way to do.

In this post, you’ll find some of the most inexpensive yet the ping pong paddle cases that you can get right today and help maintain your paddle after giving it a nice clean.

Best Ping Pong Paddle Cases

Duplex Ping Pong Paddle Case

Duplex Ping Pong Paddle CaseDuplex is one of the greatest brands that produce quality paddle covers thanks to their quality materials.

And not only their racket cases look brilliant and attractive, but they’re also as good as they look. They’re made from foam cushioned material that is a perfect way to protect your favorite paddle.

There’s even nylon between the foam padded layers that provides a waterproof feature, so even if you take this paddle case with you in the rain – you can rest assured that your racket will always stay secure.

What we liked the most is a very convenient feature which allows you to carry up to 3 balls along with your ping pong racket.

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Killerspin Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry Case

Killerspin Barracuda Ping Pong Paddle Carry CaseKillerspin doesn’t only produce great ping pong paddles but they really invest a lot of time and effort in creating some of the most innovative carry cases for ping pong paddles.

Even from the first look, you’ll definitely know you’ll be carrying your paddle in style and yes, it will attract eyes.

Quality-wise, this paddle carry case has been made from reinforced polyester fabric which is quite strong, and then it’s even double padded for extra protection.

Along with your paddle, you’ll be able to carry up to 4 balls in a wisely placed department that won’t only protect your paddle but also your balls.

What’s even better yet is the versatile storage which allows you to store up to 2 paddles at the same time and still have space for your ping pong balls.

If you aren’t planning on carrying balls in a side department, we’d recommend you place your keys or any other smaller objects in there to keep them safe.

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Cosmos Nylon Table Tennis Racket Case Bag

Cosmos Nylon Table Tennis Racket Case BagIf you aren’t looking for a very innovative racket case bag and are satisfied with a simple “old-school” carrying bag for your ping pong paddle and balls – Cosmos offers a quality nylon table tennis racket case that is ideal.

On the outside, it’s a nylon material while on the inside, it’s soft padding which won’t only protect your paddle from dust and debris, but will also help absorb shock in case you drop the case.

We liked how this bag is shaped in a racket shape and even includes a hand carrying grip which makes it very comfortable to hold.

You will be able to place one paddle and up to 3 ping pong balls in an additional department located on the outside.

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SelfTek Table Tennis Bat Bag

SelfTek Table Tennis Bat BagSelfTek is one of the simplest yet the most attractive bat bags that is fully black and comes in a standard racket-shaped design, but it still stands out.

It’s very versatile since it comes with the main zip closure, external zip compartment, and even a convenient handle that makes carrying your equipment with you very simple.

On the inside, this bat bag is being padded with two additional layers that will protect your ping pong bat at any given time. What we liked the most is the built-in strap that is made to secure your bat inside this bag which provides additional security.

When it comes down to capacity, even though SelfTek bag looks very slim and compact, we were positively surprised when we found out it can hold up to 3 rackets. However, it’s the best if you pack one racket and up to 3 ping pong balls.

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JOOLA Table Tennis Tour Case

JOOLA Table Tennis Tour CaseJust as the name says it, if you’re going on a tour and looking for the ideal protection for your precious ping pong paddle – JOOLA has a perfect solution.

JOOLA is one of the most known brands in the world of table tennis and they also produce some of the most serious and the most professional ping pong racket cases.

Tour case offers the capacity to hold up to 18 3-star ping pong balls and a high-density foam that allows players to store up to two ping pong rackets.

On the outside, the thick case is constructed for maximum & full coverage and protection. What we liked the most is the molded handle in the thick case that allows superior transportation.

If you’re looking for the most secure racket case, JOOLA Tour case is a perfect choice. It even features an easy-open double snap lock system so you can count on the case to fully protect your racket when you’re not around.

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Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle Bag

Killerspin Hard Table Tennis Paddle BagIf you’re looking for a hard racket case but aren’t looking for something like JOOLA’s Tour case, Killerspin has created a great solution.

It’s a paddle bag shaped just like any standard pad in a racket shape and yet it is made from semi-rigid Polyester material on the outside, while it’s padded with soft padding on the inside.

What will secure your ping pong racket even further is the elastic ping pong racket fastener you can use when you place your racket inside the bag.

This way, you can play two ping pong rackets inside and be 100% sure that they’ll be protected from all sorts of impacts and dangers.

The only downside is that this case doesn’t come with an additional department to hold a few balls.

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CM Cosmos Table Tennis Racket Case Cover

CM Cosmos Table Tennis Racket Case CoverCM Cosmos has come up with its unique and innovative design that offers a cushioned protection to a tennis racket.

It’s a standard racket shaped case which can hold only one ping pong racket, yet offers durable and even water-resistant protection for a paddle.

On the inside, a padded layer of foam is placed for the most comfortable protection for your precious ping pong paddle.

What’s special about the design of CM Cosmos ping pong paddle cover is the front design which is designed as mesh storage that can be stretched. Once you stretch that part of the case, you can fit up to 5 ping pong balls.

And we must admit, even though it only comes in one color, the matte black color really fits well and even though the whole design is minimalistic, this case cover will definitely grab attention.

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Patriotic Sports Ping Pong Paddle Cover

Patriotic Sports Ping Pong Paddle CoverIf you’re a true Patriot, is there any better paddle cover than one coming from a Patriotic Sports brand?

It’s a very strong and durable paddle cover made from a durable polyester cross jacquard fabric that is made in the USA.

Needless to say, this ping pong paddle cover is water resistant and will definitely securely store your paddle until the next match.

If you’re looking for the maximum security, this ping pong paddle cover offers everything you need. We liked it features elastic blade fasteners so you can tighten the blade once you place it in the cover for additional security.

You can place up to two paddles inside, and what’s interesting is that this cover can be opened up to 180 degrees, leaving you plenty of space to easily place and settle the paddles inside the cover.

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Butterfly Ping Pong Paddle Case

Butterfly Ping Pong Paddle CaseWhat’s a better case than a classic Butterfly case, right?

If you’re a true fan of table tennis sport, you’re most likely a Butterfly fan as they’re one of the oldest brands associated with table tennis equipment. And we must admit, they really make the table tennis a beautiful game through their equipment.

This ping pong paddle case is just a great example. It’s a traditionally shaped case in a racket shape and is fitted with an easy close-open zipper.

What’s really surprising is that even though this looks just like any other ping pong racket case out there, it’s actually not. It can increase the life of a ping pong paddle thanks to the durable neoprene cover that protects the paddle rubber very efficiently.

It has been even approved by the USA Table Tennis organization (USATT) which says a lot about this case. And the price? It’s really reasonable.

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Ownsig Waterproof Nylon Table Tennis Racket Bag

Ownsig Waterproof Nylon Table Tennis Racket BagIf you aren’t looking for anything complex, yet just a simple table tennis racket bag that can provide good protection to your precious racket – Ownsig is a great choice.

It’s made from nylon material which is often used for these type of racket bags and yet it includes water protection which isn’t very often seen.

This bag can fit up to two rackets and three balls which is very decent, we must admit. Now, there are two colors available which are blue and black, but the thing is you can’t choose the color upon ordering.

Yet instead, the manufacturer will ship out the color randomly. Even though this is odd, we think that both colors really look great and they make a wonderful choice for such a racket bag.

And considering the choice of the materials used to produce this racket bag, it’s really looking decent on both outside & inside.

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TIBHAR Table Tennis Racket Hard Case

TIBHAR Table Tennis Racket Hard CaseIf you’re looking for the most gorgeous racket case – we must give the props to TIBHAR for creating this square hard racket case.

It can fit up to 2 ping pong rackets and can hold up to 8 ping pong balls which is very decent. The color is really what fascinates us which is a black color (the only color it comes in), but it’s has a pattern that looks like a carbon fiber material.

Not only it’s really cool but it’s super hard which is the material you’d want to use if you’re looking to protect your ping pong paddle.

Inside of the case is very spacious (a lot more spacious than other cases) and it even includes a strap to secure your paddles further.

And considering the price, this is really a decently priced case that is very well worth the price due to the value it offers.

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If you’re looking for a way to protect your ping pong racket when you aren’t playing, getting a ping pong paddle cover (carrying case) is your best bet.

You can’t go wrong with any of these cases but we would recommend you to have a look at each one of them since they differ in some features, material, and even shape.

Also, once you know the features, shape, and material you’d like to have – it’ll be super simple to find your next best protective paddle case.

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