Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables (2020 Update)

7 Best Ping Pong Table Covers in 2024

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

In every sport, the equipment is very important to reach a better skill level, but did you ever thought about how important it is to maintain and protect your equipment?

Ping pong tables are pricey, and having one will give you the ability to train and play ping pong whenever you want to, even when you don’t have a partner.

Best Overall
Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover
Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover

Upright/Flat:- Flat

Size: – 110 x 60 x 30

Material: – 2–gauge commercial vinyl

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Covermates UprightCovermates Upright

Upright/Flat:- Upright

Size: – 60 x 28 x 60

Material: – 12–gauge commercial vinyl

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Classic Accessories Veranda Water-ResistantClassic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant

Upright/Flat:- Upright

Size: – 60 x 28 x 63

Material: – Polyester

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LYHNMW Table Tennis CoverLYHNMW Table Tennis Cover

Upright/Flat:- Upright

Size: – 64.96 × 27.55 × 72.83

Material: – Polyester

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Killerspin MyT JacketKillerspin MyT Jacket

Upright/Flat:- Upright

Size: – 63 x 33.5 x 62

Material: – PVC fabric

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But in order to have them for long, you will have to protect them from dust, insects, weather, and anything else you could think of.

Many people didn’t know that ping pong table cover existed, and that’s why in this post you will find out one of the best ping pong table covers, so you can be able to protect your precious ping pong table and prolong its life.

Ping pong table covers are very inexpensive, and they’re really worth to have because they offer a useful solution to storing your ping pong table.

Why Do You Need a Ping Pong Table Cover?

A ping pong table cover comes with a lot of advantages.To begin with, they shield the table from the natural forces. They include wind, sun, and rainfall that damage it.

The ping pong table cover also protects it from dust, dirt and animal droppings.By covering it, durability is guaranteed all through. The table will not tear apart or look unappealing due to dirt.

Best Ping Pong Table Covers Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover

Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover

When it comes to preserving the life and functionality of your ping pong table, choosing the perfect cover is paramount. Let’s explore the remarkable features of the Covermates Classic Black Vinyl Ping Pong Table Cover, a top-tier choice for safeguarding your investment.

Key Features

  • Color: Classic Black Vinyl, a timeless and sleek choice suitable for any game room aesthetic.
  • Item Weight: A manageable 4.25 pounds, making it easy to handle and use whenever needed.
  • Closure Type: Equipped with a drawstring and buckle, ensuring a snug and secure fit on your table.

Durable Design for Maximum Protection

This cover is not just about looks. It boasts a polyester lining that adds extra stability, ensuring your ping pong table remains in top condition even in windy conditions. The adjustable buckle straps provide a customized fit, while pockets with touch fastener flaps at both ends offer convenient paddle storage.

Top-Quality Material

Made with thick 12-gauge commercial vinyl, this cover guarantees robust protection against dust, water, and other potential damages, keeping your table clean and ready for action.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a generous 2-year manufacturer warranty. Rest easy knowing your investment is well-protected.

Perfect Fit for Standard Tables

Designed to accommodate up to 110W x 60D x 30H ping pong tables, this cover assures a perfect fit for standard table sizes.

2. CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

When it comes to maintaining the appearance and functionality of your folded ping pong table, selecting the appropriate cover is essential. Allow us to introduce the Covermates Classic Black Vinyl Ping Pong Table Cover, a superior selection for ensuring the longevity of your beloved table.

Key Features

  • Color: The elegant Classic Black Vinyl seamlessly blends with any game room décor.
  • Weight: A lightweight 3.2 pounds for effortless application and removal.
  • Water Resistance Level: Water-resistant to shield your table against spills and moisture.
  • Closure Type: Features drawstring, buckle, and zipper closures for ultimate security.

Designed for Durability

The Covermates cover is not merely an attractive covering. It’s crafted with a polyester lining that enhances stability, and buckle straps on all 4 corners ensure the cover stays firmly in place, offering optimal protection.

Premium Quality Material

Constructed with durable material, robust 12-gauge commercial vinyl, this cover is designed to withstand various elements, safeguarding your table against dirt, water, and more, ensuring it’s always game-ready.

Reliable Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, affirming the cover’s quality and your satisfaction as a priority.

Ideal Storage Size

Specially designed to fit up to 60W x 28D x 60H folded ping pong tables, the Covermates cover promises a snug and secure fit for standard folded table dimensions.

3. Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover

In the world of ping pong table covers, the Classic Accessories Cover stands out. With its combination of aesthetic appeal and excellent protection, it’s the ideal choice for safeguarding your folded ping pong table.

Key Features

  • Material: High-quality Polyester material 
  • Color: Elegant Tan
  • Dimensions: 60 x 28 x 63 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for standard folded ping pong tables.
  • Weight: Lightweight at 5.6 pounds for easy handling.

Premium Storage Cover

Designed to impeccably fit folded ping pong tables with dimensions 60″W x 28″D x 63″H, it guarantees optimal protection without the bulk.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Comes with a generous three-year limited warranty, highlighting its superior quality and durability.

Weatherproof and Water-Resistant

Constructed with Gardelle fabric, this cover boasts an elegant water-repellent fabric top, a protective water-resistant 6P-Free laminated undercoating, and a protective dark splash guard skirt, ensuring comprehensive protection from various elements. 

Custom Fit for Enhanced Protection

Featuring Click-Close straps that snap over wheels/legs, this cover remains securely in place even on windy days and heavy rain. The elastic hem cord with toggle allows for adjustment, ensuring a tight and custom fit.

Advanced Features for Easy Usage

The cover comes with a covered zipper with rip-n-grip closure on the bottom, air vents to reduce condensation and wind lofting, and padded handles for effortless fitting and removal. It’s designed for maximum convenience without compromising on protection.

Comprehensive Protection

Though not designed to entirely cover the stand, it offers extensive coverage and protection, ensuring your ping pong table remains in top-notch condition.

Extend Your Outdoor Protection

To ensure a harmonious look and all-around protection, consider pairing it with Classic Accessories’ extensive collection, including outdoor ping pong table cover, patio table cover, and patio furniture covers.

In essence, the Classic Accessories Cover provides everything you need to keep your ping pong table safe, protected, and ready for your next game.

4. LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover

LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover

For reliable and effective protection, consider the innovative design and durable construction of the LYHNMW Table Tennis Covers. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of choosing LYHNMW for your table tennis cover needs.

Key Features

  • Material: Robust Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) for long-lasting protection
  • Color: Classic Black, for a universally matching, sleek look
  • Dimensions: Ample coverage at 72.83 x 64.96 x 27.56 inches
  • Water Resistance Level: Fully Waterproof cover, ensuring maximum protection against moisture and spills.

Innovative Material and Design

LYHNMW table tennis covers are made from a unique material that is not only durable but also breathable. This innovation ensures that your table tennis remains in top-notch condition, free from moisture and humidity, while being well protected from external elements.

Breathable Protection

To keep your table tennis in excellent shape, LYHNMW covers are designed with air pockets allowing the wood to breathe. This feature ensures that while your table is covered and protected, it does not succumb to dampness or other related issues, ensuring the longevity of your ping pong table.

Waterproof Yet Humidity-Free

One of the outstanding features of the LYHNMW covers is their ability to let humidity escape, ensuring your table remains dry and free from moisture, even during bad weather. Despite this, the cover maintains its waterproof properties, shielding your table from water damage effectively.

Enhanced Protective Features

Design-wise, LYHNMW covers come with various pockets and protective corners with doubled material, ensuring additional softness and enhanced protection from any potential damage. These design elements add to the functionality and protective capacity of the covers, providing comprehensive coverage for your ping pong table.

Complete Protection

Not only do LYHNMW covers protect your outdoor table tennis from weather elements, but they also help in keeping it clean and guarded against stains, moisture, dirt, and birds. This multi-faceted protection ensures that your table remains in pristine condition, ready for a game at any time.

5. JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover

JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover

Presenting the JOOLA Nylon Indoor Table Tennis Cover, a lightweight yet durable solution that ensures the ultimate protection for your ping pong table. An essential accessory made with precision and care, it epitomizes JOOLA’s more than six decades of trusted experience in the world of table tennis.

Key Features

  • Material: High-Quality Nylon
  • Color: Designed for Indoor Use
  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 31.5 x 59.06 inches
  • Weight: A feather-light 1 Pound for effortless handling.

A Trusted Brand for Over 60 Years

JOOLA, an Olympic table tennis brand, has been a reliable sponsor of the world’s biggest tournaments, including the Olympics, World Championships, and the US Open. With equipment designed for all levels, JOOLA ensures optimal protection for your ping pong table.

Superior Table Protection

Ensure your table remains safe from drips, dirt, and dings with the water-resistant JOOLA table tennis cover. A clean table guarantees a consistent bounce for ping pong balls and ensures the longevity and readiness of your racket.

Versatile Table Coverage

Providing extensive coverage for your table in both storage and playing positions, this cover accommodates keeping the ping pong net attached while on, ensuring comprehensive protection and convenience.

Effortless Application and Removal

Crafted from Nylon thermoplastic silky material, the JOOLA cover is robust yet lightweight. Enjoy the ease of pulling it on and off without hassle, and conveniently fold it when not in use. Its durability guarantees it can withstand regular use, making it a practical choice for table protection.

Fast and Easy Closure

Included Velcro edges allow for swift and easy closure, ensuring the cover remains securely fitted to your table in any position. Transition effortlessly from covering a folding table to a fixed position table with JOOLA’s ingenious design.

6. STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover

STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover

Introducing the 2021 Style STIGA Table Tennis Cover, a top-of-the-line high quality cover ensuring superior protection for your ping pong table. This cover, brought to you by the pioneers in table tennis equipment, is designed with utmost precision and attention to detail, reflecting the rich STIGA heritage.

Key Features

  • Color: 2021 Style for a contemporary look
  • Dimensions: Perfectly sized at 11.75 x 9 x 3.25 inches
  • Water Resistance Level: Completely Waterproof for ultimate protection
  • Closure Type: Conveniently Pull On the entire table design. 

STIGA: A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

Each product, seamlessly blending superior craftsmanship and exceptional performance, reinforces STIGA’s commitment to providing the highest quality equipment for everyone, from amateur to pro.

Premium Material for Durability

The STIGA table tennis cover is crafted from highly durable, woven PE material, ensuring long-lasting use and consistent protection for your ping pong table against various elements, including protection from strong wind.

Universal Fit for Ease of Use

Designed with elastic hems, the STIGA cover offers easy adjustments for a snug fit on regulation size 9′ x 5′ tables that are folded in the storage position, ensuring comprehensive coverage and protection. 

Advanced Outdoor Protection

The phosphorous coating technology used in the STIGA cover provides a waterproof coating that effectively prevents sun fading, rusting, and keeps dirt and leaves off the table, ensuring your outdoor ping pong table remains in pristine condition with reliable rain protection.

Reliable Indoor Protection

Beyond its outdoor use, the STIGA cover is perfect for indoor tables as well, preventing dust collection, scratches, and minor imperfections on the table, ensuring it is always game-ready.

7. Killerspin MyT Jacket Table Tennis Table Cover

Killerspin MyT Jacket Table Tennis Table Cover

Ensure unmatched protection for your Killerspin MyT series tables with the tailor-made ping pong table cover, meticulously designed to shield your table from rain, snow, dust, dirt, wind, and sun. Explore the plethora of features this cover offers to keep your table in impeccable condition.

Key Features

  • Tailor-Made Protection: Specifically designed for superior protection of Killerspin MyT series tables.
  • Material: Premium durable PVC fabric, ensuring longevity and robust protection.
  • Perfect Size: Ideal dimensions of 63″ x 33.5″ x 62″, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your table.

Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Use

Experience the convenience of versatile protection with a outdoor cover crafted from premium durable PVC fabric. The special UV-resistant coating creates a water-resistant shell suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring your table is protected in all conditions. 

Adjustable and Flexible Fit

The flexibility of Velcro sides allows for an adjustable fit, making the cover an excellent choice for various brands and models of foldable tables. This feature ensures comprehensive and flexible protection for your ping pong table.

Quick and Secure Installation

Install your table cover with ease and security. The cover unfolds and installs in a matter of minutes by simply slipping it over your folded, upright table. The Velcro enclosures are easily secured, ensuring your table remains protected without any hassles.

How to Choose an Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover

How To Choose An Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover

There are plenty of ping pongs tables specially made for outdoor use, but how do you protect one from the weather, sun, and rain?

If you own a ping pong table you use outdoors, you should get yourself a table cover for that – and in this post, you find out everything about it.

If you do your own research, you’ll see that there are plenty of ping pong covers and they’re all different in many aspects.

So what do you have to pay attention to and how do you even know which cover is a quality cover?

You should follow these factors and ensure the cover meets all of them or at least half of them. That’s how you will know you’re getting a quality cover for a reasonable price.

  • Water Resistance: A quality ping pong table cover is weather resistant. This means that it can withstand all the wet conditions. If it is water resistant, water will not leak inside it. You will have a dry table surface for table tennis ready to be used.
  • Material: There are plenty of materials used to produce ping pong covers but the most common is a polyester. It’s a very popular material because of its slickness and thickness which are able to protect the ping pong table from a number of conditions.
  • Size: Most covers that are specially made for ping pong tables will be ready to cover a regulated ping pong table size and even a bit more than that. However, if you have a way larger or smaller table, we recommend you to pay attention to the size which is mentioned with every product. If not, give size a check but you shouldn’t overly worry about it.
  • Additional Features: Additional features are important and with so many different manufacturers – we’ve seen some very convenient features. But there are also some necessary features such as the air loft which will make sure to eliminate condensation and prevent moist under the cover. Almost every ping pong table cover comes with this feature and but you should look out for it. From convenient features, what we liked the most was the ability to store ping pong balls and two paddles. This might be convenient in case you don’t want to lose your valuable accessories. Especially the balls as we kind of lose them from time to time – therefore, we found this feature to be helpful.
  • Brand: You’ll notice that well-known table tennis brands will always produce a lot of better products and they will pay a lot more attention to detail too. They don’t only have to maintain the quality of their brand, but they also come with ways to protect your tables even better. So, investing in a quality brand isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Price: The cover is a necessity for every ping pong table and we highly recommend you purchase a cover along with the table. You’ll notice that the table covers come in a wide range of prices. However, we recommend you set aside a budget but don’t feel overwhelmed to spend a bit more for a quality cover from a reputable brand since it’s definitely going to last a lot more.


Table covers have one simple mission, and it’s to protect your table from different weather conditions.

It’s very easy to find table cover.

However, it’s hard to know if it’s a quality one. You don’t want your table to lose its protection during the rain, right?

The best ping pong table cover is Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover, because of the material used to make it.

It can protect your table in any weather and condition indoor or outdoors.

The 2/3-year warranty period comes with Covermates table cover just proves that it’s one of the best ping pong table covers out there.


How do you protect a table tennis table?

Protecting a table tennis table involves using a high-quality cover that shields the table from dust, moisture, and UV rays. Regularly clean the table surface and ensure it is dry before covering. If the table is stored outdoors, use a weather-resistant, durable cover to provide extra protection against the elements.

What are the best materials for ping pong table covers?

The best materials for ping pong table covers are typically heavy-duty, durable fabrics like polyester or vinyl. These materials are often water-resistant or waterproof, UV-protected, and can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the table remains protected.

How do I choose the right size cover for my ping pong table?

To choose the right size cover, measure the dimensions of your table (length, width, and height) and compare them with the specifications of the cover. Ensure the cover is large enough to cover the entire table adequately. If the cover is too tight, it might be difficult to put on and remove, and if it’s too loose, it may not provide adequate protection.

Are there waterproof ping pong table covers?

Yes, there are waterproof ping pong table covers available in the market. These covers are made from materials like vinyl or polyester with a waterproof backing that prevents moisture from penetrating through and reaching the table, keeping it dry and protected.

Can I use my ping pong table cover outdoors?

Yes, you can use a ping pong table cover outdoors, but ensure it is designed for outdoor use. Outdoor covers should be made of robust and weather-resistant materials to protect the table against sun, rain, snow, and wind. They should also have features like secure fastenings to prevent them from being blown away.

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    Mary Ann Douglas

    CoverMates make both a vinyl ping pong cover for about $68, and the same thing in polyester for $104. My outdoor table faces the ocean and really needs the best protection since we literally have to throw the tables away ever 2-3 years due to rust and warping.

    Which cover: vinyl or polyester, or does it not matter, since the table is facing the ocean?

    Also, can you recommend a table that will last longer since we cannot move it indoors when not in use?

    1. Avatar for Admin

      Since both are water-resistant but I’d suggest you to use polyester cover for outdoor storage because it’s more sturdier than vinyl. It’s 3 years manufacturer warranty and also recommended for areas with moderate to high wind gusts.

      You may check the list of budgeted outdoor table here

      Or if you have much budget then I’d suggest you to purchase Cornilleau 500M Crossover. Check out the review post here

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