Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019

In every sport, the equipment is very important to reach the better skill level, but did you ever thought how important it is to maintain and protect your equipment?

Ping pong tables are pricey, and having one will give you the ability to train and play ping pong whenever you want to, even when you don’t have a partner.

But in order to have them for long, you will have to protect them from dust, insects, weather, and anything else you could think of.

Many people didn’t know that ping pong table cover existed, and that’s why in this post you will find out one of the best ping pong table covers, so you can be able to protect your precious ping pong table and prolong its life.

Ping pong table covers are very inexpensive, and they’re really worth to have because they offer a useful solution to storing your ping pong table.

Best Ping Pong Table Covers Reviews

Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover

Covermates Ping Pong Table CoverPing pong tables aren’t cheap, and when you get one, you better take proper care of it, as it will pay off in a long run.

Even though there are many tables which are made for outdoor use, we’d still recommend using a table cover such as Covermates.

Covermates is a brand that produces specifically designed covers for ping pong tables of up to 110W x 60D x 30H dimensions.

Such cover is made from 12-gauge commercial vinyl that will keep the table safe from sun & dangerous UV lights, rain, cold, and even winter & snow.

At the bottom part of the cover, there are pockets specifically designed for table legs, to make sure not only the top surface is covered, but so is the table all around.

Once you put the Covermates cover on, use the strap to tighten it, and elastic hem to help put it in the correct position, and you’re good to go.

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CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

CoverMates – Upright Ping Pong Table CoverCoverMates provide people with useful covers for a decade already, and they have produced a very useful upright ping pong table cover.

The material that CoverMates used to produce upright ping pong table cover is the commercial vinyl, which is weatherproof and UV resistant. It’s 12-gauge thick.

Polyester lining is very useful as it provides extra stability, and the 4 buckle straps on corners will make sure that the cover never comes of itself.

CoverMates has produced a very well built cover which will help you even to store your ping pong table outside. You can try it yourself if you don’t take me for word – but this upright ping pong table cover can stand up to some really harsh weather.

There is also a zipper that will keep your table tennis protective cover closed at all times, preventing anything from coming inside.

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Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover

Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019 1Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019 2Planning your purchase of a table tennis table is an exciting time, but what most people forget about is the cover for ping pong.

No matter where you store your ping pong or if you leave it open – having proper cover will be essential in order to keep the table in its best shape.

Classic Accessories features Veranda ping pong table cover that is made to fit most standard ping pong tables and yet features a fabric that is waterproof.

What we liked the most is that Classic Accessories was clever enough to install air vents to the cover so that it can reduce condensation.

The zipper is really quality and putting on the cover on your table is fairly easy and it definitely won’t take you over 2 minutes. The product itself even comes with a 3-year limited warranty, and considering the price – it’s a very valuable investment.

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AlaSou Ping Pong Table Cover

Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019 3Best Ping Pong Table Cover For Indoor & Outdoor Tables 2019 4Trying to figure out how to protect your ping pong table can be quite a hassle, but investing in a ping pong table cover such as the one from AlaSou is something we highly recommend.

This cover is specially created to fit international foldable ping pong tables and what’s interesting is that it even calculates the height right from the bottom of the wheels, instead of using the table frame as a starting point.

Design is fairly unique, featuring 4 designed corners that will make the placement of this cover very easy on your table.

Most importantly, the fabric used to produce this cover is of a breathable material that won’t result in mould on your table since the humidity has a way to exit.

Also, we find this cover to be very easy to clean which is a big plus!

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LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover

LYHNMW Table Tennis Cover

LYHNMW table tennis covers are made from breathable, yet durable and functional material and design that are specifically made to fit ping pong tables.

In order to keep your table tennis in a good shape, even when covered, such cover is made with air pockets to let the wood breath and yet still keep it protected.

A great thing about it is that the humidity can leave, and yet the cover is still waterproof.

Design-wise, there are various pockets and protective corners with doubled material to keep it soft and well-protected from any damage.

Not only such cover can help you protect your outdoor table tennis from the weather, but it’ll also help you keep it clean and protected from stains, moisture, dirt, birds, and everything else.

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JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table Cover

JOOLA Dual Function Indoor Table CoverJoola is a prestigious brand in the world of table tennis, and they have produced some really useful dual-function indoor ping pong table cover.

The dual-function mentioned here is something that other ping pong tables rarely have, and Joola is the first brand who invented it. Dual function table cover will give you the ability to protect your ping pong table without having to close it in an upright position.

If you are used to permanently leave your ping pong table open, Joola dual function indoor table cover will help you protect your table without closing it down.

It has been made of nylon which is UV resistant, waterproof and weatherproof.

Velcro edges will allow you to quickly and easily adjust the cover on your table, with the ability to leave your net set up on the table as well.

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STIGA Indoor / Outdoor Premium Table Cover

STIGA Indoor Outdoor Premium Table CoverStiga premium table cover is made to protect your ping pong table from different weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sun. You will also protect your table from scratches, dust, and insects.

By protecting your ping pong table from damage and other harmful effects such as UV, you will actually prolong your table’s life.

Installation of STIGA Premium table cover is very simple and doesn’t require a lot of time nor two people are required. Elastic helms are also introduced to provide the better fit to your ping pong table, but also to make sure that the STIGA Premium table doesn’t come off the table unless you want it.

STIGA is known for producing quality table tennis equipment, and this Premium ping pong table cover is just another proof that STIGA cares about their quality.

There’s no better table cover for such a price.

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Killerspin MyT Jacket Table Tennis Table Cover

Killerspin MyT Jacket Table Tennis Table CoverIf you were looking for a ping pong table cover that is made from a well-known table tennis brand, that’s nothing bad. It’s common to want to get the protection from a trusted source.

Killerspin MyT Jacket is simple to install by putting it over your table tennis in under 2 minutes. It will protect your table tennis and prolong its life whether you store it indoor or outdoor.

It has been crafted with a special durable PVC fabric that is UV resistant and weatherproof. Air circulation is still important, even for ping pong tables, and that’s why Killerspin invented air vents in their MyT Jacket.

The MyT Jacket has been designed to keep all the ping pong tables protected in the closed, upright position, and whenever you want to use your ping pong table – all you have to do is take off the MyT Jacket, and you’re good to go.

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Kettler Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table Cover

Kettler Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Table Tennis Table Cover

Kettler might not be the most known brand in the world of table tennis sport, but it’s a very good brand in the protective accessories.

This ping pong table cover is made of heavy-duty UV and water resistant material that will help you to protect your ping pong table no matter if it’s indoor or outdoor.

Kettler ping pong table cover is weatherproof, which means that not even snow will affect your ping pong table, and leaving it stored in a garage won’t cause any damage to it. It will also protect your table from dust, dirt, sun, mold, and even mildew.

Installation is very easy, even if you aren’t very tall, and so is the removing. It takes less than 2 minutes to protect your table, and it will serve you for many years.

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Killerspin SVR Cape Bianco

Killerspin SVR Cape BiancoMost ping pong table covers are only available to protect your table when it’s folded, but what if you would like to install protection to a table that is open permanently?

Killerspin came with a brilliant design which they introduced in their SVR Cape Bianco ping pong table cover.

Since your table will be open, this cover combined luxury, style, and surely has attention to detail, while it brings the most important aspect of the cover – protection.

It offers a snug fit that gets secured with Velcro straps to the table frame, and surely enough, it’s a masterpiece cover that turns your ping pong table into a display when you aren’t using it after all.

Therefore, we like to consider this cover to be a 2-in-1 option.

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Why Do You Need a Ping Pong Table Cover?

A ping pong table cover comes with a lot of advantages. To begin with, they shield the table from the natural forces. They include wind, sun, and rainfall that damage it. The ping pong table cover also protects it from dust, dirt and animal droppings. By covering it, durability is guaranteed all through. The table will not tear apart or look unappealing due to dirt.

A ping pong table is safe when stored outside. This way, it cannot take up much space inside. Another upper side of keeping it outdoors is to avoid scratches. For instance, if you fold the table the vital parts get exposed. Then, if you are to carry the table inside it would get scratched by the walls. This causes a lot of damages to the playing surfaces.

Therefore, an outdoor ping pong table cover is the ultimate solution. It will ensure that your equipment is in good condition. This will save you from any maintenance costs. It will also save you from buying a new table which is expensive.

Selecting The Best Table Cover For Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Table Cover

image credit: the-cover-store.com

The market is flooded with many ping pong table covers. Consequently, you might get lost in all the products. There are some key things to consider before buying the cover. Have a look at the main considerations to get the ideal one.

Water Resistance: A quality ping pong table cover is waterproof. This means that it can withstand all the wet conditions. If it is water resistant, water will not leak inside it. You will have dry table tennis ready to be used.

Hard Material: The covers should be made out of thick material. An example is the vinyl cover which secures the table. The hardcover will ensure that the UV rays do not get to the table. Wind and dirt cannot also reach to the ping pong table with the cover on.

Size: You also have to consider the size of the cover. This will ensure that the table tennis table is well covered. Getting a sizable cover means that you know the dimensions of your table. For this reason, you should get one that fits perfectly. A bigger one is also excellent because it will cover all the parts.

Price: Outdoor ping pong covers vary in costs. Here, you are looking for one that is cost-effective. You shouldn’t buy one that is too cheap. This is because the quality could be compromised. The expensive ones don’t give you value for money. This leads you to the average-priced table covers. They are the optimal ones since they are sturdy and durable. You should buy those that are within your budget. Do not overstretch the budget because it will strain you.

Warranty: When buying a ping pong table cover, check on the warranty. This can range from 2 years and above. A warranty enables to return the cover if it gets ruined after purchase. This means that you will not pay anything when you return it. As a customer, a warranty is important because the cover can get spoiled.

Straps and Hem: The outdoor ping pong cover should have straps. This will hold the cover in position. If the cover doesn’t have any straps, then it will be blown away by the wind. They need to be tied to the four legs for efficiency. This will protect the ping pong table from any harm. The hem should be elastic to reach all parts of the table. The table can be fully covered with the help of hem and straps. At the end of it all, your table is safe and secure.


Table covers have one simple mission, and it’s to protect your table from different weather conditions. It’s very easy to find table cover, however, it’s hard to know if it’s a quality one. You don’t want your table to lose its protection during the rain, right?

The best ping pong table cover is Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover, because of the material used to make it. It can protect your table in any weather and condition indoor or outdoors.

The 2-year warranty which comes with Covermates table cover just proves that it’s one of the best ping pong table covers out there.

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Mary Ann Douglas

CoverMates make both a vinyl ping pong cover for about $68, and the same thing in polyester for $104. My outdoor table faces the ocean and really needs the best protection since we literally have to throw the tables away ever 2-3 years due to rust and warping.

Which cover: vinyl or polyester, or does it not matter, since the table is facing the ocean?

Also, can you recommend a table that will last longer since we cannot move it indoors when not in use?


    Since both are water-resistant but I’d suggest you to use polyester cover for outdoor storage because it’s more sturdier than vinyl. It’s 3 years manufacturer warranty and also recommended for areas with moderate to high wind gusts.

    You may check the list of budgeted outdoor table here https://www.pingpongexperts.com/ping-pong-table/

    Or if you have much budget then I’d suggest you to purchase Cornilleau 500M Crossover. Check out the review post here https://www.pingpongexperts.com/cornilleau-500m-crossover/


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