5 Best Professional Ping Pong Paddles (2019 Update)

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It might not be easy to choose yourself a new ping pong paddle since there are so many best professional ping pong paddles out there you could purchase.

Either if you are a beginner or a really competitive ping pong player, investing in a professional ping pong paddle might be one of the best decisions.

As I have mentioned earlier, choosing a ping pong paddle can be a hassle, especially if you don’t know much about the ping pong paddles.

Luckily for you, I’ll review here some of best professional ping pong paddles, so you will be able to easily choose the new professional ping pong paddle for yourself.

In my opinion, the best professional ping pong paddle from the list above is Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1. It offers an aggressive yet controlling style of play with a lot of speed.

It’s a professional paddle which can be great for beginners as well, as it helps them to find their style of play while constantly improving with a smooth learning curve.

With the Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 you will be able to improve your skill and playing style to the higher level thanks to the aggressive spin technique.

This professional paddle is really worth the price and the quality will definitely make sure the paddle lasts.

5 Best Professional Ping Pong Paddles

Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

As the name says Killerspin, you could have probably guessed that it’s suitable for players who use spin technique often.

It’s a paddle which is made for an aggressive player offering a lot of power and an excellent spin. It’s a great paddle for speed and attacking style of play as it offers superior looping control.

The paddle is a little bit heavier than other but that’s good for the aggressive playing style if offers. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 is also good for defensive aggressive players who mostly win their points on defense.

You will be able to defend firmly while having the ability to attack whenever you get the opportunity.

It might take some time to get used on this paddle, however, once you get used, even your servings will improve thanks to the spin it offers.

If your weak point is counteracting the opponent’s spin balls, you will be able to counteract it and add more spin & speed to the ball at the same time with this paddle.

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Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line Racket

You know it’s the right time for a new paddle when you’re getting more advanced with your table tennis game.

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 is the perfect Pro-Line racket that is ideal for the transition from lower-end rackets to a professional grade one.

This racket is made for players who want to attack, yet enjoy the lightness of their paddle along with an added layer of power.

It’s ideal at the mid-distance ping pong shots but it can also be efficient with close to the table attacks.

Both rubbers on the blade are Tenergy 80 FX 2.1 that isn’t only great for power but is also ideal for balance throughout the attacks.

We love the quality of Butterfly and the fact that they are hand assembled is even better yet. And considering the ratio of price & value, there is no doubt in the back of our mind to why you shouldn’t go for Balsa Carbo racket.

Gambler Custom Professional Table Tennis Paddle

The name of the paddle says it all. Gambler table tennis paddle is for everyone who is in it to win it.

It offers players a good amount of control while having a good speed and spin. It might take you some time to get used to it, but that’s most likely to happen with any new paddle you get.

Stick rubber will help you any spin that your opponent gives you. It’s also a little bit heavier than other paddles, but that’s due to the thicker wood which is suitable for the playing style this paddle offers.

Balanced players who don’t really know or have their own playing style will love this paddle as it offers a great amount of control while giving you the opportunity to spin the ball at high speeds.

Speed and spin will also give you the ability to improve your serves in general.

Idoraz Professional Table Tennis Paddle

Idoraz table tennis paddle is made to step up your game and instantly see better results. It features an ITTF approved rubbers which are made to deliver master spin and a great balance between speed and control.

One thing to mention is that this paddle is incredibly fast. However, it’s not too hard to get used it, thanks to the optimized control and overall great balance between these three – Speed – 99, Spin – 93, Control – 90 and there’s a 2.0mm sponge between the rubbers and a blade with a flared handle.

When you aren’t dominating your opponents, you’ll benefit from a professionally made racket case that will keep your racket safe from debris, dust, scratches, and let you take the racket with you anywhere you go.

For the price this racket costs, it’s really a great deal which can, after all, help you take your game to another level.

DSP ACE 860 Table Tennis Paddle

The heavier and thicker wood of this paddle will give you the ability to gain speed when hitting the ball while the rubber will give you the ability to add a lot of spin to the ball.

The black side of the paddle comes with more padding than the red side, which offers easier control of the spin balls. You will be able to add spin with during backhand moves too. Defensive players with “shakehand” style of play will benefit a lot with this paddle.

Great ergonomics of the paddle offer you a comfortable grip and a full control of it during the game.

Paddles don’t make players, yet they improve their skill level and let them find their style of play more easily when being able to play against the harder competition and that’s what the DSP ACE 860 paddle offers.

It comes with a bag and the price is really reasonable, so even the players with a tight budget are able to afford a professional paddle.

Bonus –

DHS Hurricane-II Tournament Paddle

Competing in a first tournament is always an exciting period, but how to know if your paddle is going to be approved by the tournament organization?

Going for the trusted paddles that are approved by ITTF will solve all the issues and you’ll be able to play with such paddle anywhere you go.

DHS Hurricane-II is one of the most favorite paddles by players around the world that is ideal for all-around players.

Even though it’s made for all-around players, it still features an insane level of spin, making the top spins much more effective.

Even though it’s a bit on the pricier side, the good thing is you get a lot of accessories too. DHS Hurricane-II comes with a racket cover, two balls in a gift box, and even Landson wrist support.

How to Choose a Professional Ping Pong Paddle

Professional Ping Pong PaddlesProfessional ping pong paddles can cost a great amount of money, and you better know what you’re looking for since you will be investing your money not only in a professional paddle but in a gear that will improve your game drastically. So you better do your research and find the best possible paddle for your needs.


If you’re going to stay at the top and even improve your professional skill even further – we strongly believe you will have to stick with some of the best brands in the table tennis such as Joola, Butterfly, Tibhar, STIGA, and many others.

They specialize in innovating and producing gear that is going to be used by the most skilled players all around the world. Therefore, even if you don’t know much about ping pong gear – with quick research of professional players, you’ll get a clear idea of the brands and gear they use.

But we don’t recommend you copy professional players just for the sake of it. Always know a reason behind the use of a specific type of gear.

Rubber Choice

We highly recommend you to check out some of the most professional players around the world and compare their personal rubber choice.

Also, try to find out reasons why do they exactly use such rubber type even though there are thousands of other rubbers.

And lastly, make sure to understand how each rubber works and which would be an ideal rubber for your playing style.

Blade Type & Weight

Blade material is important and with companies being so innovative, you’ll even be able to see blades produced out of carbon fiber.

Weight of a blade is important at the top level and that’s just another thing you should pay attention to along with the shape, grip, and size.

Sponge Thickness

If you didn’t notice, there is a thin sponge between the rubber and blade. This sponge usually comes in about two to three thickness sizes.

Each thickness gives a different result so you better understand how the sponge works and which is ideal sponge thickness for your paddle.

Usually, the thicker the sponge is – more speed it can provide, however, the thinner sponge can provide better control.

Paddle Case

It’s most likely you’ll be going around, traveling to tournaments and competitions. Therefore, having a proper paddle case which will protect your precious paddle at any time is really important.

We recommend aluminum cases since they provide more space, better padding, and are a lot more durable.


Professional ping pong paddle won’t make you a professional player, however, it might be a good boost on top of your skills. Even if you are a beginner, investing in a professional ping pong paddle will make your learning curve smoother and it will have good benefits in a longer run.

In order to stay at the highest level, you will require gearing yourself up with quality equipment. Moreover, is there a better way than to get a professional ping pong paddle?

We do not think there is. In addition, if you are having a problem choosing your next professional paddle – you will find everything you need to look out for inside this article.

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