Robo Pong 2055

Robo Pong 2055 Table Tennis Robot Review

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

Robo Pong 2055 table tennis robot is highly accurate. When training for table tennis, you need a robot that can stimulate different moves. The table tennis robot comes with software that exposes players to different scenarios so that they can train. You will not need an opponent before you can train. It is a robot that you will fit the other side of the table tennis table, and it will project the balls to make you improve your accuracy.

There are more than 64 pre-programmed drills to allow players different predictive moves. It can recycle the balls for nonstop action. Players who utilize the robot to train to improve their results in tournaments. PC software makes it easy to share and customize the drills. Players can practice footwork, strokes, transition and other skills when playing the game. It comes in a standard design to fit in all table tennis tables.

Robo Pong 2055 is designed to train table tennis players at all levels. Professionals looking to sharpen their skis can apply them to achieve the best results. For the beginners, they can apply it to enjoy the best results when applying table tennis. It is built to allow you to realize the best results.

There are several drills players need to practice before the tournament. The table tennis robot comes with several features that make it easy to practice different exercises when playing table tennis. User-friendly digital control simplifies the practice session. It is designed to make things easy for players at different levels.

Robo Pong 2055 Review

Robo Pong 2055

Features & Benefits :-

Improves accuracy when playing table tennis

Players who win table tennis tournaments have a high level of accuracy. The robot employs digital technology to improve the accuracy of players. Apart from accuracy, you can improve your speed. It comes with different settings that people can apply to achieve the best results as they play the game. It is a robot that makes players practice on how to place the ball and the frequency.

Selectable randomization controls

The robot can be set to release the balls at unpredictable frequency. When playing table tennis, the opponent will shoot the ball at different frequencies. It is necessary to get prepared so that you can adapt and achieve the best results. Applying the robot makes it easy to stay updated. Your frequency and speed increase upon the application of the robot.

64 pre-programmed drills

The digital robot comes with 64 pre-programmed drills. Professional players develop the drills; beginners can follow the drills to perfect their game. It does not matter your playing level; different drills will meet people’s needs in different elves. The drills allow you to train strokes, transitions, footwork and other drills to make you achieve the best results when playing table tennis.

Optional PC software

You can create drills and share them with your fellow players. The robot comes with optional software you can use to develop your drills. Some would like to train beginners on playing table tennis; they can apply the software to develop drills that they can recommend to them. After developing the drills, you can share them using USB connectivity. You will not need a PC to share the drills.

Recycling Net System

Robo Pong 2055 comes with a net that will capture the balls and recycle them. You will have nonstop action so that you can master the drills well. It can be hectic if you will start collecting the balls after performing several drills. The robot comes in a design that simplifies the training session. It makes players utilize their free time to master different drills.

Train different moves

There are several moves you need to master when playing table tennis. The robot is developed to make it easy for you to realize the best results. For instance, you can train footwork and making the right strokes. When it comes to footwork, you need to know how to move fast and have full control of the balls. The robot will expose you to different moves that will make it easy to achieve the best results when playing.

Wide range of spins

You can use the robot to practice Topspin, left sidespin, backspin, right sidespin and combination spins. Sometimes you may realize you are slow at making spins. You need to train and improve your spins so that you can win the game. The robot comes in high-quality design to allow you to realize the best results when making different spins. It is a digital device to improve your performance at different levels.

Wide range of shot selections

You can utilize the robot to perform push, serve, chop, counter, short loop manual, lob and head angle adjustments. You will have all the necessary resources to train different moves and improve your table tennis game. Many players who have utilized the robot have improved their performance. You can count on it to assure you the best results.


  • It comes with high digital accuracy
  • Selectable randomization controls to master different skills
  • Recycling Net System to capture and reuse the balls
  • USB connectivity to share drills


  • Only 64 pre-programmed drills


Robo Pong 2055 is helpful to players at different levels. It comes with 64 preprogrammed drills to help players at different levels train. Players can train to spin, shot and other moves. When playing table tennis, you need to work on your footwork and other applications. The robot makes it easy to master different moves when playing table tennis.

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