Top 3 Stiga Master Series Indoor Table Tennis Table

Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Through the years, the Stiga Master Series Indoor Table Tennis Table has developed a reputation for developing high-quality that has allowed for literally hours and hours of this enjoyable pastime.

Of course, there is a lot more information you should know about this well-respected table tennis brand.

First of all, consider that a Stiga table tennis set will usually have an allotment for a larger playing surface.

This means that you can still perfect your game but you also can store it conveniently.

This playing is still small enough that you can put it in your bedroom, home or your office as easily as possible.

Moreover, you can also expect the Stiga playing surface to be a bit more durable simply because of the fact it is a bit larger.

Top 3 Stiga Master Series Indoor Table Tennis Table

Here are top 3 table tennis table from well-known Stiga Master Series.

Stiga Master Series ST3100

Stiga Master Series ST3100

The Stiga T3100 is widely considered by many to be one of the best recreational table tennis setups available for home use today.

This is not only because it sports a regulation size table, but also because it comes with a one year warranty.

However, there is even more to it than that. Here are some pros and cons of this particular model:

  • Storage of the balls is very high
  • Support is very strong because the legs are very firm and rigid
  • Surface of the Stiga T3100 is professional and well-crafted
  • Fold-up feature makes storing this item very convenient indeed
  • Moving the table is quite easy because of the rolling casters

There is a playback feature that allows you to play table tennis with yourself.

The advantages associated with this table can clue you into why these brands are so popular.

First of all, just ask any table tennis and they will tell you that it comes in handy to have a ready supply of table tennis balls on hand for when they are in a competitive game.

Moreover, the ability to play against yourself is a great way for you to improve your game.

Just these features alone make this a table tennis set that will be high on anyone’s wish list.

Stiga Master Series ST4100

Stiga Master Series ST 4100

Up next for consideration would be the Stiga Master Series ST4100.

This model offers the consumers the best of both worlds; it has been described as both well-built and affordable in price.

Does it hold up to the hype? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Large playing surface
  • Great opportunities for ball storage
  • Tournament-quality table

First of all, the large playing surface of the Stiga Master Series ST4100 is sure to generate many fans simply because it is at least 25mm in diameter.

This gives table tennis enthusiasts a lot more room to breathe and more able to work on perfecting their craft.

The opportunities for ball storage will make this is a good model simply because it can hold at least several dozens of balls.

Moreover, the ST4100 will also allow for an easy moving operation simply because it has an easy chassis that makes you for easier moving.

The ST4100 also offers a 72” net in a cotton-blended style, which will go the extra mile in helping you keep your ball in play for much longer.

Of course, one of the drawbacks to this would be that it often can make your table tennis set a bit more difficult to set up.

However, many individuals are willing to make this trade-off to have a well-designed model.

The other thing that might be both a blessing but also a curse would probably also be the price.

While it’s lower, there have been some public complaints that Stiga tends to scrimp on their lower-priced models.

Stiga Master Series ST2100

Stiga Master Series ST2100

The Stiga Master Series ST2100 also has a lot going for it. This model will easily fit within everyone’s budget.

Consider some of the following characteristics:

  • Easy to transport
  • Unique integrated storage options
  • Larger tabletop

One of the main reasons why the Stiga Master Series ST2100 is so easy to transport is because it features two double wheels, giving not just seasoned professionals the ability to move this piece but also regular family members.

The ST2100 also has several awesome design features that would make it a great option for indoor play.

Granted, this piece is usually only reserved for novice players and table tennis hobbyists, however, the fact that it is durable will help them enjoy it much more.

Unfortunately, this piece is a little bit more lightweight than some of the other options and granted, many seasoned table tennis experts will probably want to go with a more expensive model.

However, this example can also help seasoned table tennis play in other ways.

One of the main ways this can help is that some individuals can use this as a teaching tool to get the next generation of table tennis players off to a good start in being highly competitive in the sport.

For that reason, there are still some advantages to this model.

Consider Some of The Following Facts


Ping Pong Ball

The next advantage for a Stiga Table Tennis set would be the fact they are crafted in a way to provide consistent bounce on the ping pong balls.

This will provide for a much more entertaining and competitive game between you and your opponent.

The great thing about consistent bounce on your table tennis is that you often can plan for them lasting much longer than rival table tennis balls.

This is because those with a lesser bounce consistency often have a track record of breaking much easier.

Indeed, if you are an elite-level player, a ball with consistent bounce is not just a luxury; it is a necessity.

Ideally, you will want a table tennis ball that will bounce back to about 240 mm when it is dropped from a 30 mm distance.


Another advantage of this brand is that they have a superior undercarriage surface.

They offer steel legs that are coated in powder and have a 1.5-inch diameter.

This undercarriage also offers a locking caster wheel feature that will keep the table in position even under intense competition.

Couple this with the leg levelers that will keep the table even when it has been placed on a less-than-perfect surface and a set-up that will normally take less than ten minutes, and you have a winning table tennis design!


Stiga Table

Of course, convenient design is yet another advantage of the Stiga Table.

Once again, we go back to the legs, simply because they can easily split into two halves, making it easier for this table tennis set to be put in storage when it’s not in use.


There are other factors about the design that makes Stiga a great brand for table tennis products.

For example, these table tennis brands usually weigh a fairly challenging 190 pounds, but they make up for that by having a new characteristic called “zero gravity”, which makes the weight seem lower.

This component makes it a lot easier to lift this table tennis piece and it also makes it that much easier to assemble as well.


When it comes to table tennis tables, one of the main things you need to look out for would be in the nets.

They normally must be made of a professional-grade, and they often should be clamp-on as well.

With the Stiga table tennis brand, you are going to get this type of net!


Although it is a bit of a close contest, probably the winner out of these three would have to be the Stiga Master Series ST3100.

First of all, there is the fact that even though this model is a bit cheaper, it still doesn’t scrimp on quality.

Many of these Stiga table tennis models can get as high as $1,000 or more, and many individuals have noticed that these are the better ones.

However, finding a Stiga that is both efficient and reasonably priced is a good deal, and that is why the ST3100 is being voted tops on this list.

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