Stiga Pro Carbon VS Killerspin Jet 800 – Which Paddle is Better?

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

Stiga Pro Carbon VS Killerspin Jet 800 – Pricewise, both paddles come very close, however, it is really a hard decision, especially if you’re an offensive ping pong player who is looking for the next best paddle to take your skills to another level.

Stiga Pro Carbon is a very solid paddle which is being used worldwide for years now and Stiga is always introducing newer upgraded models of the same paddle – which means only one, that this paddle is a really great competitor.

On the other hand, we have Killerspin Jet 800 which is the best from the Killerspin Jet series, and is one of the best paddles offered by Killerspin.

It’s definitely a tough decision, but we are here to help you, so you don’t have to make such decision all by yourself.

Stiga Pro Carbon VS Killerspin Jet 800

Best Overall
STIGA Pro Carbon
STIGA Pro Carbon

Rubber – S5 Rubber

Blade –  7-Ply Extra Light

Control – 80

Spin –  100

Speed – 99

Carbon Technology –   Yes

ITTF Approved – Yes

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Killerspin Jet 800Killerspin Jet 800

Rubber – S5 Rubber

Blade –  7-Ply Extra Light

Control – 80

Spin –  100

Speed – 99

Carbon Technology –   Yes

ITTF Approved – Yes

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Stiga Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Even though Stiga’s paddle is a bit cheaper than Killerspin’s paddle, this is a performance-level paddle that is approved by ITTF and can be used for any tournament play.

However, it’s much more than that.

It’s a paddle that introduces Carbon Technology which doesn’t only add weight in the correct spots to ensure smoother and easier grip and comfort – but it also adds more speed and power.

This is something you will be able to notice throughout the play.

The blade itself is made from 7-ply wood which is extra light so the Carbon Technology really goes well together with this blade build.

Just these two layers of carbon improve the rigidity and response which is quite important in tournaments.

However, what amazed us the most was the SDT Technology which stands for Shock Dispresion Tube which absorbs vibrations and it transfers energy out of the handle.

This also acts as an additional power that adds up to the Carbon Technology.

Stiga has added their own Premium S5 rubber onto this beautiful blade which introduces the following ratings.

  • Speed – 99
  • Spin – 100
  • Control – 80

Even though this paddle offers a bit less control, it surely can produce a serious speed and spin combination that is a great fit for an offensive player.

Even the sponge of 2mm thickness is changing things up and adding additional power, with an increased touch on control – which is something we highly recommend to any offensive player who rarely backs down.

However, you’ll still get the chance to back down whenever it’s needed and play a bit slower game.

Killerspin JET800

Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Paddle

As mentioned earlier, Killerspin JET800 is the best of the best when it comes to Killerspin, or at least their JET series.

Therefore, this is a professional grade equipment which is specially designed for most serious professionals.

Killerspin took a long time and they have paid attention to the smallest detail to ensure that everything is up a notch from their other paddles.

Since it’s a professional grade paddle, you can only expect the best build quality, right?

That’s right since Killerspin built this paddle using 5 layers of wood which helped build a blade of premium material which is then sandwiched between 2 layers of carbon fiber.

On top of the blade, you will find official Killerspin rubber – Nitrx-4Z that are one of the stickiest rubbers we’ve ever tested.

They’re made for an exceptional grip on ball strikes and yet you can expect a deadly accuracy at every shot.

This is very ideal for an offensive player who is looking to never back down and yet always be confident in their shots – no matter how demanding they are.

The following ratings of the rubbers on this blade speak for themselves:

  • Control – 80
  • Spin – 90
  • Speed– 95

What’s even more special about this paddle is that you will receive additionals which are exceptional.

We really loved the personalized memory book that also serves as a paddle storage and yet can be used for space to record scores, collect signatures, and even write your own personalized messages.

Because you never know when you might play a match with someone famous, and the only way to get an autograph is to actually have a place to write on.

This storage makes it ideal since you’ll always be carrying your paddle with you and is there any better place to get an autograph than to have it in your paddle storage?

We don’t think so.

Which Paddle is Better – Stiga Pro Carbon VS Killerspin Jet 800?

Even though both paddles are exceptionally good – there are quite a few differences in the terms of the rubbers.

While the blade build is pretty much similar as both manufacturers relied on the latest Carbon Technology – it all comes down to the performance ratings.

Now, both paddles are ideal for offensive players, but there is a very small difference.

Even though the difference is small, at a professional level and at a professional skill, it can make a huge difference.

When we have a look at both ratings, we can see that the STIGA offers just a little bit better spin than Killerspin.

However, for some players, it might not be necessary as it’s just another way to lose control over the game

However, if you prefer to rely on the power instead of spin, we’d recommend you to go all the way with Killerspin JET800 paddle.

The choice is yours, and you are the one who needs to make the final decision, questioning your spin use and its desired level.

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