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8 Best Stiga Table Tennis Table Reviews

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Finding the perfect Stiga ping pong table for your use can be a lot of hassles. The sheer number of options alone are almost mind-numbing; coupled with your peculiar needs, the search for the perfect fit can be very frustrating.

That’s why we have put together this simple guide to help you pick the best ping pong table in the market for your needs.

Stiga Table Tennis Table

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In this guide, we’ll be providing you with a review of some of the best Stiga ping pong table in the market with their pros and cons.

That way, you’ll know what to expect from any table you are paying for so you’ll be able to make a proper decision on which is for you and which is not.

Stiga Table Tennis Table Reviews

Stiga Advantage Indoor Table

Stiga Advantage table comes with an independent chassis design with two separate halves. It features self-opening legs and 2-inch levelers for each leg to allow for better balance on uneven floors.

The independent design of the Stiga table allows for easy setup, movement, and storage. The table is versatile and can easily be used for other entertaining activities like card games when you’re not using it for a game.

The table comes with a 72-inch net. The net is not fitted to the frame; instead, it comes with a steel clamp, which can easily be squeezed to hold the net in place on the table. The net system can be adjusted in height and tension.

For protection, the table comes with a safety latch just beneath the board. The safety latch once clipped in place, will hold the board in position, preventing it from opening unexpectedly.

The tabletop is one of the most astonishing features of the Advantage table. It is ¾ -inch thick with multiple roller coat finish and silkscreen striping. The colors are well laid out, and the white strips finishing are sharp without any blur.


  • Safety latch to prevent tripping
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to fold up
  • Table leveling mechanism


  • No edge protectors
  • Poor quality net
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STIGA XTR Ping Pong Table Outdoor

Specially manufactured for outdoor games, the stiga xtr outdoor table is a rust and warp resistant table that can be left in the sun and rain.

The top is all aluminum, a metal that resists to rusts and warping. The aluminum top is supported by a steel apron and lined on its edges with silkscreen striping to give a perfect finishing.

The legs of the table are self-opening and automatically deploys when opening the table. They are made from solid steels and fitted with 2.1-inch levelers for optimum balance on uneven floors. They are resistant to damages caused by moisture.

For easy mobility, the table is fitted with four 3-inch wheels. These can all be locked to keep the table from rolling.

If you are more concerned about space, this table might be a perfect choice as it folds neatly along the centerfold line. The two flaps stack neatly together. This stable does not come with any other accessory aside from the net.


  • Folds for a solo play
  • Easy to assemble
  • It bounces well
  • The color finishing is great


  • The net looks cheap
  • Sharp corners
  • Difficulty in aligning both halves of the table
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STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

The InstaPlay table is the best fit for an amateur buy-and-pay table. It is 100% pre-assembled, and all you need is to get it out of the box and unfold it for a game.

The table has the standard ¾-inch top design. The top is sanded and UV filled to create a smooth surface for gameplay. The color finishing is crisp and does not smear – thanks to the silkscreen technique.

A 2-inch steel apron supports the top for even bouncing, and the sharp corners are covered with protective rubber coverings to prevent accidental scratches and snags.

The InstaPlay table features a unique separate half design and allows each table to operate as a standalone unit for secure storage and versatility.

The 2-inch legs are made from heavy-gauge steel and squared for optimum stability. The endings of the legs are capped with plastic protective casing to prevent them from scratching the floor.


  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Independent table unit
  • Solo play feature
  • An excellent choice for beginners


  • Not very sturdy
  • Warps easily when used outdoor
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STIGA Premium ITTF Approved Compact Tennis Table

This is a premium quality table designed in all aspects to comply with the specifications laid out by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The table is fully assembled from the box and only needs to be unpacked for gameplay. The compact design and ability to fold neatly along the centerfold allows for secure storage and movement.

Commercial grade pistons are attached to the tables just beneath the top to allow for a single swipe opening and folding of the table.

The 2-1/4 x 1-3/4-inch gauge steel legs are shaped for a rock-solid stand. Circular levelers are attached to the base of each leg to allow for proper balancing on uneven floors. The legs are self-opening and deploy automatically when the table is opened.

The net and post-net features a premium cotton blend tailored to meet the ITTF standards. The tension of the net is customizable and can be adjusted when needed.

For better stability, the table features an industry-leading heavy-duty chassis with multiple steel crossbars for added strength. The wheels are machine grade ball bearing for rolling on tough and rough surfaces.


  • Professional playing surface
  • Folds up quickly and neatly
  • 100% pre-assembled
  • Very stable
  • Leg levelers present


  • No solo play features
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STIGA Synergy Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Stiga synergy is a 5/8-inch black table tennis designed for indoor use. The surface is sanded and polished to provide a smooth surface for play with excellent ball bounce.

A layer of 2-inch steel surrounds the edge of the table to allow for an even playing surface. The steel apron is embossed on some sides with the stiga logo.

Safety comes first for an indoor table. The Stiga Synergy Table is fitted with protective rubbers around the sharp edges to prevent scratches and cuts. This is especially important if you have little kids playing around the table or even using it.

The legs are all steel and cylindrical for better stability with a height of 1 ¾ inch. The height is not adjustable. All four steel legs come with a protective rubber covering to protect your floor from scratches.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Allows for solo play
  • Legs lock and unlock easily
  • Protective rubber covering for sharp edges
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • No levelers
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STIGA Expert Roller Indoor Table Tennis Table

The Stiga expert roller is a tournament standard ping pong table designed with a durable 1-inch thick top to meet the standards of ITTF.

The tabletop is sanded and UV filled, covered with multiple layers of special paints to allow for excellent ball bounce.

The white marking paint is laid out using the silkscreen method. This allows the color to blend perfectly with the tabletop and provide a smooth and even surface for gameplay instead of standing out like a sticker on the cover.

The 72-inch net is of premium quality, made from a premium quality cotton blend, and allows for tension adjustment. Unfortunately, the clamp has a threaded plastic nut that wears quickly and may need to be replaced with a metallic one.

The Expert Roller table features four heavy-gauge cuboidal steel legs measuring 2.5″ x 1.5″ and comes with a 4-inch ball bearing wheels with locks to ensure stability. It folds into a compact position for storage and half-close for a solo play.


  • Tournament standard top design
  • Premium quality net
  • Easy to fold up
  • Sturdy build


  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • No leg levelers
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STIGA STS 385 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Stiga STS 385 provides quality and excellent performance for the optimum game experience. This competition-ready table comes with a ¾-inch top, sanded smoothly and overlaid with multiple layers of specialized coatings with a crisp silkscreen finishing to provide an even surface for gameplay.

The table features a ball storage center right on the edge of the table and with protective rubber coverings for the four sharp corners.

The legs are self-opening and automatically deploys as you open the table. The braces are 2-inch in height and fitted with 2.5-inch steel levelers to provide a perfectly leveled surface on an uneven floor.

For easy mobility, the table features a sport threaded 5-inch mag wheels for smooth rolling on any surface. The 5-inch mag wheels come with two locks to keep the table locked in position when in use.

The play position features a width of 60-inch and a length of 108-inch. The table folds neatly into half to allow for solo play in the playback position. It does not stack as neatly as the other table for storage, and so will take more space in the room.


  • Fantastic ball trays
  • Sturdy build
  • Top with excellent ball bounce
  • Premium quality net


  • Bottom material looks cheap
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STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Triumph Table Tennis Table features a patented QuickPlay chassis requiring as little as 20 minutes from box to setup.

The table features a 66-inch premium table tennis net with a post-net set and Velcro for tension adjustment. The top is 5/8-inch thick overlaid with tournament blue paints. The top finishing is premium and features an evenly sanded and UV filled surface to create a smooth layer for gameplay.

The 2-inch steel legs are squared for optimum stability and covered with protective rubber caps to protect your floors from scratching. The legs are self-opening. They do not come with any levelers, so this table is best for a well-leveled floor.

Movement of the table is made more comfortable with the 3-inch mag wheels attached to a steel frame at the center of the table. Two of the wheels can be locked to keep the table from rolling even when pushed.

The table folds neatly in half for storage. The playback position allows for solo gameplay. Balls fall easily through the gap between the folds, so it may not be an excellent choice for single play.

The edges of the table are covered with protective rubber to prevent accidental scratches.


  • Study and professional looking
  • Protective plastic covering
  • Easy to fold up
  • Quite stable


  • Hinges are a bit stiff
  • Not so easy to assemble
  • Not so great for solo play
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From our reviews, the STIGA Premium ITTF Approved Compact Tennis Table is one of the best Stiga table tennis tables in the market. Its features are designed for professional use and meet the set standards by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The table folds and unfolds with just a single swipe. It is 100% pre-assembled, with multiple steel crossbar design for added stability. Unfortunately, it does not allow for solo play.

Getting the right fit when it comes to ping pong table matters a lot. To do so, you’ll need to weigh your needs against your options and then make a choice.

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