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STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2: Ultimate Comparison 

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

When considering a new table tennis table, the choice often narrows to key models like the STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2. These tables stand out in the market, each catering to different playing needs and environments.

The STIGA Triumph, known for its ease of assembly and suitability for indoor use, is a favorite among casual players and families. In contrast, the Kettler Axos 2, with its durable, weather-resistant design, appeals to those seeking a robust outdoor table.

This comparison will guide you through both tables’ features, pros, and cons, helping you make an informed decision based on your playing style and setting. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a competitive player, understanding the nuances of these tables will ensure you choose the right one for your table tennis adventures.

STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2

When deciding between the STIGA Triumph and the Kettler Axos 2, various factors like build quality, playing surface, and suitability for your environment should be considered. Each table brings unique features to the game, whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. Let’s explore these tables in detail to understand how they cater to different types of players and settings.

STIGA Triumph

The STIGA Triumph stands out with its quick assembly, solid build for indoor play, and user-friendly design that’s perfect for families and casual players.

STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2 Table Tennis Table Comparison.

Key Features

  • Brand: STIGA
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Number of Players: 4
  • Base Material: Alloy Steel
  • Frame Material: Alloy Steel
  • Top Material Type: Aluminum
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Table Top: 5/8″ Thick Tournament Blue
  • Legs: 2 Self-Opening Steel with 3 Mag Wheels
  • Apron: 2 Steel with Corner Protectors
  • Accessories: 66 Table Tennis Net and Post Set Included
  • Intended Use: Indoor Only

Build and Design

The STIGA Triumph table tennis table is characterized by its strong build quality, featuring a basic yet sturdy frame. This design facilitates a one-piece construction that is easy to manage and ideal for indoor environments.

The tabletop, with a thickness of 5/8 inch (approximately 16mm), is designed for casual play. While this thickness might not offer the premium bounce of professional tables, it is adequate for recreational use and family entertainment​​​​.

Assembly and Setup

One of the Triumph’s standout features is the QuickPlay assembly system. This system addresses common complaints about the cumbersome assembly process of table tennis tables. Most of the table comes pre-assembled, reducing the setup time to approximately 20 minutes.

This is a significant improvement over traditional methods, which can take hours. This feature makes the Triumph an attractive option for those seeking a quick, hassle-free setup​​.

Leg and Wheel Design

The STIGA Triumph has 2-inch heavy-gauge steel legs that provide a solid and stable foundation, essential for consistent play. The legs include plastic caps to prevent floor scratches. The table features 3-inch mag-ball-bearing wheels for mobility, smoothly rolling over various surfaces. Two wheels have locking mechanisms, adding stability and security during play​​.

Additional Features

The Triumph offers several convenient features, including a solo playback mode that allows players to practice independently by folding up half of the table. The table also includes standard features like corner protectors, an adjustable net and post set, and self-opening legs. With ease of assembly and a solid frame, these features make the Triumph a well-rounded table for casual play and family use​​.

Price and Value

The STIGA Triumph is positioned as an affordable entry-level table, making it a suitable choice for beginners, intermediate players, and families looking for a budget-friendly option. While it does not match the high-end tables in terms of playability and features, it offers a decent playing experience with several convenience features, providing good value for its price point​​.

Surface and Durability

While the tabletop is not ITTF-certified or officially tournament quality, it is constructed with many of the same materials and processes used in higher-end tables. The UV filling process applied to the top ensures a level playing surface with a smooth finish, enhancing the table’s durability for long-term use​​.

Ease of Use and Practicality

With its QuickPlay chassis, the Triumph table is almost entirely pre-assembled, making it user-friendly and practical for those who do not want to engage in a complicated setup process. The design also considers ease of storage and portability, which are important for users with limited space​.

Kettler Axos 2

The Kettler Axos 2 excels in durability and performance. Its weather-resistant design with advanced ALU-TEC technology makes it ideal for outdoor play and competitive enthusiasts.

Table Tennis Table

Key Features

  • Brand: KETTLER
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 108″L x 60″W x 30″H
  • Number of Players: 4
  • Base Material: Aluminum, Alloy Steel
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Top Material Type: Aluminum
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Intended use: Outdoor use

Build and Design

The Kettler Axos 2 features notable design improvements over its predecessor. Its frame, which is slightly thicker and tailored for outdoor use, includes a lockable wheel upgrade for enhanced stability and mobility. The table top stands out with its non-glare, UV-resistant, waterproof aluminum construction bolstered by ALU-TEC technology. This makes it robust against various weather conditions. The approximately 22-mm-thick tabletop offers a tournament-level bounce, catering to casual and competitive play.

Assembly and Setup

Assembling the Kettler Axos 2 is a more intricate process than standard models, typically requiring the efforts of two individuals. The complexity stems from its detailed design intended for durability and outdoor use.

Users often find the instruction manual challenging to comprehend, with some steps not clearly outlined, potentially prolonging the assembly time. This factor is crucial for buyers, especially those who prefer a quick and straightforward setup.

Leg and Wheel Design

The Kettler Axos 2’s leg and wheel design is a testament to its overall quality and stability. The legs are made of galvanized steel, known for their corrosion resistance, making them ideal for outdoor settings. This material choice adds a layer of longevity to the table, ensuring it remains stable and rust-free over time.

The design also includes four swivel wheelcasters, each equipped with brakes. These wheels enhance the table’s portability, allowing smooth movement across different surfaces. The brakes on two of the wheels ensure that, once positioned, the table remains securely in place, providing a stable playing surface.

Additional Features

The Kettler Axos 2 offers several features that enhance the playing and user experience. Its solo playback facility allows players to fold one side for solo practice, ideal for skill improvement. The design facilitates easy movement and storage with its foldable structure and smooth wheels. Safety is prioritized, with handles on the lock to prevent accidental opening or closing. Additionally, the table includes accessories like paddles and balls, making it ready for immediate use and increasing its value.

Price and Value

The Kettler Axos 2, priced at around 0, is a substantial outdoor table tennis equipment investment. Its price reflects superior build quality and outdoor-friendly features, including durable, weather-resistant construction and ALU-TEC technology. The table’s high-quality bounce and inclusion of accessories like paddles and balls, along with safety features, add to its value. Although more expensive than some models, the Axos 2 is a premium, versatile choice, suitable for serious players or those seeking a reliable outdoor table.

Engineered in Germany

The Kettler Axos 2 combines a durable, waterproof design with German engineering. It features a non-glare, waterproof composite top backed by ALU-TEC climate control technology, encasing the board in aluminum for durability and weather resistance.

The tabletop, 0.87 inches thick, sits on 2-inch powder-coated, galvanized steel legs that resist corrosion and support intense play. This construction ensures a certified true tournament bounce, suitable for competitive play. The folded dimensions are 60 x 22 x 67 inches, highlighting its compact storage capability.

Foldable and Safe

The Kettler Axos 2 offers a practical playback feature for solo training, designed without gaps where balls might fall, enhancing the practice experience. It has safety handles to avoid accidental closure. The table includes 4 swivel wheels (2 lockable) for mobility, 2 outdoor rackets, 3 balls, and a detachable net. The DAZADI Money Back Guarantee ensures defect-free delivery, offering replacements or refunds if unsatisfied.

It includes free shipping, optional in-home assembly for a fee, and a 2-year warranty covering repairs or replacements, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase.

Which Table is Better – STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2?

As an experienced table tennis player, I played on the STIGA Triumph and the Kettler Axos 2. Your choice between these tables depends on your specific needs and environment.

If you’re seeking a table primarily for outdoor use, with durability in various weather conditions and a high-quality bounce for more competitive play, the Kettler Axos 2 is the superior choice. Its ALU-TEC technology, robust frame, and lockable wheels make it ideal for outdoor settings.

However, the STIGA Triumph is more suitable if your focus is on indoor play, particularly for casual or family use. It offers quick assembly, a strong frame, and is more budget-friendly. Its solo playback mode and foldability are great for practice and space-saving storage.

Overall, for more serious, outdoor, and competitive play, the Kettler Axos 2 stands out, whereas, for casual, indoor family entertainment, the STIGA Triumph is a more appropriate and economical choice.


When comparing the STIGA Triumph vs Kettler Axos 2, the decision hinges on the intended use and playing environment. The Kettler Axos 2 excels outdoors, offering superior durability and a high-quality bounce, making it ideal for competitive play.

On the other hand, the STIGA Triumph is better suited for indoor, casual play, especially for families, given its ease of assembly, affordability, and good build quality. Both tables serve their intended purposes well.

So, the choice between the STIGA Triumph and the Kettler Axos 2 ultimately depends on your specific table tennis needs and preferences.


Is Stiga ITTF approved?

STIGA produces ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation)-approved equipment, including blades, rubbers, and balls, suitable for competitive play. However, not all STIGA products are ITTF-approved, so it’s important to check specific product certifications if intended for official tournaments.

Is Stiga a Chinese brand?

No, STIGA is not a Chinese brand. It originated in Sweden and has a long history dating back to 1944. STIGA is well-known globally, especially in Europe, for its high-quality table tennis equipment and accessories.

What size is a Kettler table?

The size of a Kettler table tennis table, such as the Kettler Axos 2, typically adheres to standard dimensions: 108 inches in length, 60 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. These measurements are in line with the regulation size for competitive play.

What is the length of a foldable table?

When folded, the length of a foldable table tennis table varies by model. For the Kettler Axos 2, for instance, the folded dimensions are approximately 60 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 67 inches in height, making it more compact for storage.

Does ping-pong table thickness matter?

Yes, the thickness of a ping pong table greatly affects the quality of play. Thicker tables provide a more consistent and reliable bounce for the ball, which is crucial for competitive play. Generally, a thickness of 19mm (0.75 inches) or more is recommended for serious players, as it offers superior playability. Tables with thinner tops, while often more affordable, may not provide the same level of bounce and can affect the game’s quality.

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