Stiga Products

Stiga Sports is a company based in Sweden that specializes in table tennis and table hockey products. The first-ever products for table tennis were unveiled in 1938, and since then, Stiga has become one of the most familiar brands in table tennis equipment and accessories. Meanwhile, the company started manufacturing products for hockey six years after.

Aside from sports equipment, the more prominent Stiga Group is a European giant in the manufacture and distribution of motorized garden tools, including lawnmowers. Based in Italy, it currently supplies more than 70 countries. 

The brand initially offered ready-made bats starting in 1944. It was not until the 1960s when the company ventured in making its separate blades. The most iconic product from the brand is the Allround Classic, which interestingly is still available today.

In the following decades, the company has made a name for professional-quality ping pong tables. You can read a review of some of Stiga’s best ping pong tables here.