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5 Best Table Tennis Glues for Your Racket

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Something that is most of the time overlooked in the table tennis industry, especially when it comes down to the paddles for intermediate and advanced players is the glue used to put together with rubber and a blade.

While some players think that any kind of glue will do, there are quite a few specifics that require a glue which is ideal for connecting both materials – wood and rubber.

Also, you should consider the aftermath of the paddle, as you will eventually reuse the blade and install a new set of rubber on the blade.

Therefore, you will want to invest a little bit more money into a professional glue (especially if you’re investing a quite some amount of money into your new paddle).

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REvolution 3 Glue

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That’s why some manufacturers preassemble their paddles so the users get the best of both world, but it’s useful to know which glue you can rely on when you are in a need of re-installing your rubbers.

I hope this review list of best table tennis glue for your tennis racket will help you find the right one for your needs.

Best Table Tennis Racket Glue Reviews

REvolution 3 Glue

REvolution 3 GlueOnce you start installing rubber on blades by yourself, all your friends will be asking you for a favor – and REvolution 3 glue is exactly what you will need.

It features 250 ml of the finest glue specially designed to connect rubber, sponge, and a blade and hold it on well to suit ping pong matches.

It’s a water-based VOC-free performance glue that also comes with 2 washable sponges which make the work flawless and super-easy.

This glue is the best when it’s used with REvolution rubbers such as Roller, Scissors, or Rubber Press. It’s also recommended with Falco Tempo Long Booster which is an alternative to speed glue. Get this booster for your racket on Amazon Or Megaspin.

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• REvolution 3 Roller
• REvolution 3 Scissors
• REvolution 3 Rubber Press
• REvolution 3 Cleaner

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Killerspin Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue

Killerspin Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue

Killerspin features 37 ml bottle of their finest glue that Killerspin brand uses to glue every one of their paddles.

What’s even better yet is that they even include applicator clip and 15 disposable applicator sponges that make the process smooth, and yet they will get you ready for many more rubber installations down the road.

Also what we find very interesting is that this glue is water-based with a medium thickness which is ideal for connecting wood and rubber.

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Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue

The Butterfly is one of the most known brands in the world of table tennis and they even released the professional glue they use to glue rubber and blades together no matter the price range of their paddles.

It’s very easy to apply and it even includes sponge to make the process easier. This also makes it very easy to remove the rubber after they wear out.

Butterfly Free Chack Table Tennis Racket Glue Comes with 15 sponges and it’s made from 100% Liquidized natural caoutchouc.

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JOOLA X-Glue with Green Power

JOOLA has released water-based adhesive rubber glue that is based on a solvent-free formula which is ideal for attaching the rubber to the blade without leaving bubbles, damaging any of the materials, and also making sure it sticks for long.

90 ml bottle is more than enough for plenty of rubber installations, and it even speeds up the process making it simple and efficient every time you use this glue.

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Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Glue Free Chack II

The latest Butterfly glue is a formula used in Free Chack II that brings latex based adhesive which is designed for assembling table tennis rubber.

This glue is also very good at assembling sponge to the wooden blade as well, which is really important, especially with a thicker sponge that is placed in between the rubber and the blade.

What’s even more interesting is that this glue is specially designed to work with Butterfly Tenergy and Art rubbers because of their modern manufacturing which includes Spring Sponge technology.

For sure, this glue is a lot stronger than its previous version Chack I.

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It’s not only the rubber and the blade you must glue together, but it’s also the sponge which is placed in between the blade and rubber – which is also an important piece of a ping pong paddle.

While there might be glues out there which could cut it, there is no better glue than the one specially designed to glue these types of materials together.

Any of these glues you see in this post are made for durability and performance, without harming the blade, rubber, and any other component.

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