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17+ Best Table Tennis Rubbers Reviews (2019 Update)

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Table tennis rubbers are one of the most important factors when it comes to table tennis paddles, however, they have their lifespan.

If you have a quality paddle, the most ideal thing you can do is strip off the used rubbers and replace them with the new ones.

It’s something that requires a bit of precision, new rubbers, and special glue (which isn’t expensive at all), and we think that almost anyone can do it.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers

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There’s not much that can go wrong, and if you have steady hands, you can do it. But sometimes, the hardest part is choosing your next rubbers you will put on your paddle.

If you know your playing style and if you have a bit of knowledge in rubbers, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

Too busy to read it all? Here’s our top pick!

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On the other hand, if you don’t, you’re lucky because you’re reading this post. For this post, we’ve reviewed some of the best and the most popular rubbers you can put on your paddle.

Best Table Tennis Rubbers Reviews

Tibhar Evolution MX-PBest Table Tennis Rubber for Control

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MX-P is a model in the Tibhar Evolution series which is one of the fastest rubber models in the whole series.

It’s a very quick rubber with the highest dynamic, however, with smart pimple geometry, Tibhar managed to create a rubber which is very fast, yet provides a great control and energy over fast speed balls.

Needless to say, it’s easy to notice that MX-P is definitely a rubber for a player with an aggressive style who would like to still have a bit of flexibility in the playing style.

Therefore, even though MX-P is classified as an attacking rubber, its flexibility results in easy adaptation to any player’s game.

Another unique thing about MX-P rubber is that the contact time between the ball and a paddle is longer than usual, which offers more sensation and a better control to the players.

You can also check out Tibhar Evolution MX-S, Tibhar Evolution EL-P and Tibhar Evolution FX-P.

Butterfly Tenergy 05 – Best Table Tennis Rubber for Spin

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Butterfly Tenergy 05 is one of our favorites when it comes to rubbers, and we even believe that this might be one of the best table tennis rubbers for a spin.

What’s so special about Tenergy 05 is that it’s the first rubber where Butterfly has introduced their latest “Spring Sponge” technology. The whole point of this technology is to hold the ball in contact for longer with the paddle.

Therefore, such maximum surface grip leads to a better-tensioned top sheet which offers an amazing amount of spin to the ball, at any speed.

Being one of the most explosive rubbers with a great amount of spin, this is a perfect rubber for players who are aggressive, yet are really good at serving spun balls.

You can also check out Butterfly Tenergy 05-FX and Butterfly Tenergy 05 Hard.

Butterfly Dignics 05

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If you are looking for a surface for your racket that can enhance your game, give you more control over your speed and spin, and overall give you balance to your game, then you should consider the Dignics by Butterfly.

Butterfly has been delivering quality table tennis equipment for decades now and this offering by them is one of their most popular. The idea behind this surface is that it has a more elastic surface and gives a complex composition that consists of a top sheet that provides a lot of resistance.

This gives you the ability to grab onto the ball for longer and have more control over where it is going. This is the ideal surface for those who like to customize their ability to control the spin on the balls that they strike.

If you play with speed and precision, these are the right surfaces for you. You should seek these out if you are an aggressive table tennis player.

Yasaka Rakza 7

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Rakza 7 is the latest rubber introduced by Yasaka, and it’s necessary to note that it’s a rubber made after legendary famous rubber.

What’s special about Rakza 7 is that this rubber is made almost completely from natural rubber gum which is combined with a “Power Sponge” feature. Such a combination of two technology worlds guarantees the better power and spin drastically.

Therefore, we find this rubber to very efficient because when the ball hits the rubber, the rubber works in a way to grab the ball and hold it for as long as possible to produce more power and yet a better control over the game.

Regardless of returning the serves, the returns are very sharp and very easy to handle, no matter the amount of spin the ball contains.

Plus, Rakza 7 has one of the longest lifespans regarding durability, mainly because it’s made from natural gum.You can also check out Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft.

Butterfly Tenergy 80 and Tenergy 80-FX

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Choosing new rubbers for your paddle is never an easy process, but it’s an enjoyable one – it’s a process where you get to ask yourself what is your playing style and what needs does a rubber needs to solve for you.

But with so many rubbers, and if we take a look at Tenergy 80 and 80-FX versions, the choice gets harder.

Tenergy 80 is an ideal rubber from Butterfly made for players who are looking for an ideal balance between spin and speed.

When we compared Tenergy 80 to other rubbers, we came to the conclusion that it’s a faster rubber than Tenergy 05. It’s ideal for all-around topspin play, counterattack, and even attacks.

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On the other hand, Tenergy 80-FX offers a softer sponge that results in a better balance between spin and speed.

Therefore, Butterfly Tenergy 80-FX is an ideal choice for players who consider themselves to be an all-around attacker or a mid-distance looper.

This rubber adds extra control and the touch it provides in a short game is incredible – you’ll feel it as it takes your game to the next level.

With such control, it’s a lot easier to return serves, block, or loop against backspin. And having a lot of spin on your own – your opponents will never be ready enough.

Butterfly Tenergy 64 and Tenergy 64-FX

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Tenergy 64 is a rubber that has been produced as a result of more distance between the pimples which offers incredible speed, more flexibility than ever before, and a lot softer touch.

If you combine these characteristics, you’re getting an incredible monster that is soft on the outside, yet powerful on the inside.

This rubber is reserved for ultimate attacking players who like to be in control of the match and will never back down.

It enables powerful (and very precise) strokes from mid-distance, which is perfect for most players with an offensive playing style.

When you’re looking for a rubber that combines speed and control, you’ll end up finding the Tenergy 64-FX to be the best choice.

It’s a rubber made by Butterfly for players who prefer a softer feel at impact, and yet like to still get powerful shots.

This rubber involves Spring Sponge technology that produces a unique format of air bubbles within the sponge and the thin pimples, creating a highly flexible surface.

It enables a dynamic topspin play with heavy rotation, so if you’re an aggressive player who uses a lot of spin – this is the right rubber for you.

XIOM Omega IV Euro – Best Table Tennis Rubber for Backhand

XIOM Omega IV EuroIf you’re an aggressive player who’s looking for a fresh addition to boost its powers during the game, XIOM Omega IV Euro is one of the most suitable rubbers on the market.

It’s specially made for power-spin attackers, players who are playing at almost a professional level. Because, even though this rubber is very powerful, it might be a bit hard to handle at first.

In combination with the new carbo sponge, the rubber has extra spin capabilities and better tensions through built-in design.

It’s very suitable for players who have a higher swing speed, and these type of players will be able to exploit the full capacity of the rubber.

With Omega IV Euro, you can expect to return opponent’s balls very low with an aggressive spin style along with decent control and a solid construction.

If you’re a high-speed player, this is the rubber for you. It’s also worth to note that this is considered to be the best table tennis rubber for backhand.You can also check out XIOM Omega IV Elite and XIOM Omega IV Pro.

DHS Gold ARC 8 

DHS Gold ARC 8

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DHS Gold ARC 8 is a rubber that excels in speed and strength, which makes every opponent feel a sense of oppression.

It’s a rubber that is developed by both German rubber manufacturing specialist and Red Double Happiness Technology Center.

Most people who follow the professional table tennis players will find this rubber familiar because of the Wang Liqin and Ma long, who were world champions and have used Gold ARC 8 in the past.

The rubbers offer a feel of elasticity, while they create a very strong friction at the moment it comes in contact with the ball.

The bottom strength of the rubber is made to exert the force but also offer an instant strike pleasure the moment player hits the ball.

You can also check out DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo and DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial.

Butterfly Rozena

Butterfly RozenaWith the market full of rubbers, it’s very hard to find the one that will match your playing style and skills, and then even help you improve yourself.

However, that’s exactly why we like Butterfly Rozena rubbers. It’s a rubber made by Butterfly in hope to find tolerance – a great balance between the most important aspects of every rubber.

Butterfly took their rubber to the next level introducing Spring Sponge technology in combination with the newly developed top sheet called High Tension technology.

If you combine these two technologies, you’ll truly get a “tolerance” the Butterfly has been aiming for. After testing this rubber, we came to the conclusion that this rubber allows you to improve your plays through “forgiveness” and we highly recommend Rozena rubbers to the players who are aiming for the top.

While it lacks a bit of spin, it definitely doesn’t lack speed and control – which is ideal for someone who plays different styles or is a bit on a defensive side.

Killerspin Fortissimo

Killerspin FortissimoKillerspin is one of the leading brands who always involves new technologies in the process of creating rubber and blades, creating incredible rubber combinations.

Fortissimo is an ultimate innovation rubber that enhances technology and ensures a rubber ideal for high-level topspin players.

The Fortissimo rubber consists of hybrid top-sheet which is made of the elastic compound. Therefore, it results in an amazing rebound, but yet a soft compound.

Such combination has the ability to grab the ball and create more spin while offering plenty of control over the opponent.

Killerspin has also involved both natural and synthetic components to the rubber which has proven itself to work well together by giving extra spring effect.

Therefore, this rubber is ideal for top-spin shots, and players who focus on performance by maintaining the integrity.

XIOM Vega Europe

XIOM Vega EuropeEven though this rubber has been introduced back in January 2009 – it’s a very popular rubber even nowadays.

The reason it’s so popular is that XIOM understand the concept of spin really well and they don’t solely rely on strength yet security and reliability for the players.

TENSOR technology introduced with this rubber is something many manufacturers still rely on today, and it is made to provide a great build-up in the rubber to offer a lot more tension during the play.

If you’re a player who breathes spin, then XIOM Vega Europe is the perfect rubber for you. It offers incredible spin with the concept of stability and comfort all together.

You can expect extreme control with a lot of spin to counter-attack, attack, and even play a balanced game in case you like changing your playing style.


JOOLA Rhyzm-PIf you’re an aggressive player who doesn’t care about anything else other than an offensive playing style where you won’t back off even for a single point in the match – Rhyzm-P by JOOLA is the ideal rubber that will match your playing style.

What’s interesting is that this rubber has been on the market for two years already and yet is still being used worldwide.

The greatest thing about this rubber is that it allows the players to find out themselves, their playing style, and much more – which is perfect for beginners or intermediate players who are still working on their playing style.

The rubber itself has a substantially more grip, which isn’t only great for generating spin, but also it improves the overall control and durability of the rubber itself.

Andro Rasanter R47

Andro Rasanter R47If you’re looking for speed – look no further. Andro Rasanter R47 is one of the fastest rubber on the market, but on the other hand, it’s also very spinny.

With a medium sponge at 47 degrees, looping the ball has never been easier. We highly recommend this rubber for advanced players only as it requires quite skills from a player in order to handle the rubbers themselves.

Uncut rubber weighs only about 68 grams which is incredibly light and knowing the possibilities of this rubber is amazing.

Therefore, if your playing style is spin-driven, if you are most of the time playing offensively, especially at higher speeds – this is the right rubber for you.

In case you purchase this rubber, you’ll be ensured that you’re then equipped with a precise curved trajectory that will take your game to another level.

Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark VIf you’re a bit of an old-school player and you’re looking for rubber that you know you can trust – look no further.

Yasaka Mark V is a rubber that was one of the first rubber that introduced blending natural and synthetic rubbers together, in order to create a fantastic combination.

What’s even more interesting is that this exact rubber has been on producing for over 2 decades now and it’s still used among professional players.

It’s been a strong weapon and still is, especially for players in the world championship class. We highly recommend this rubber for players who are looking to achieve dynamic speed and spin, yet don’t mind the lack of control in order to achieve more speed and spin.

For the price it costs, this is definitely “old but gold” rubber that should find its way to your blade, even if you purchase these rubbers and place them on your “backup” paddle.

Donic Bluefire M1

Donic Bluefire M1Donic Bluefire M1 is using the new high-tech Formula FD3-technology and The large pored  on the rubbers are perfectly fused with the highly spinny top to provide top speed as well greater spins.

The tiny pores on the rubber have a long pimpled-in structure, which provides greater flexibility to the rubber. Moreover, Donic Bluefire M1 is also best for players who want to practice and improve their skills and want hard rubber bats.

This highly dynamic rubber offers an incredibly fast game with maximum speed and spin.  The quality and durability are extremely high.

In short, if you are someone who loves a competitive game and greater spin as well as smash then this Donic Bluefire M1 rubber is just perfect for you!

XIOM Omega VII Pro

XIOM Omega VII ProOmega VII Pro is known for its greater speed and spin as well as good control. A good option for professional players as it provides a solid and firm grip, as well as the dynamics and ball bounce ratio of the Omega VII Pro, which is spectacular.

The rubber top-sheet is composed using the latest rubber technology and it is perfectly tacky to allow players to hit stronger and better strokes.

Not only the quality of the rubber is remarkable but its dynamics, as well as friction, is striking. Due to the high hardness ratio, the Omega VII Pro produces greater bounce and better front, side and backspin.

Moreover, Omega VII Pro allows players to enjoy a competitive game and if the player prefers offensive style games, then this product is ideal for them. The value over the price of this product is really good as it provides better and improved features to the players.

Stiga Mantra M

Stiga Mantra MPlayers who love to vary their rubber quality from soft to hard so that they could improve and enhance their skills must try Stiga Mantra M Rubber. This version of Stiga Mantra series is moderately hard.

The rubber is designed, developed and manufactured using the very new Japanese rubber technology. The product is known for its spectacular catapult effect and incredible ball bounce.

Due to the presence of microscopic air bubbles, the sponge-like surface of the rubber creates a great surface and sponge tension.

Moreover, the Oxygen Capsule system used in this rubber makes it ideal for providing better speed and spin while maintaining stability and control.

In the end, the Mantra M by Stiga is ideal for almost every player but especially for those who wish for high quality as well as high performance.

Without compromising the control and stability, this product by Stiga allows players to produce extreme spin whenever they want even with the serves.


The best table tennis rubber is the Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber mostly because of the reliability it offers.

Even though it’s an aggressive rubber, it’s suitable for players who have a flexible or different playing styles. With that being said, it’s fairly easy to get used to such rubber and it’s also easy to get the most out of it, exploiting the rubber up to its fullest potential.

On the other hand, if you’re an aggressive player, you’ll definitely love the combination of power and spin this rubber offers, and we’re sure once you give it a try, you won’t be looking further.

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