Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019

Movement in table tennis is as important, and maybe even more important than the equipment you are playing with.

It’s something that will determine how well are you at table tennis. Everyone was a beginner in table tennis at one point, and do you remember what’s the first thing you’ve been taught? Most likely, it’ll be holding your racket and movement.

If you don’t place your body well and aren’t doing the necessary movement, you won’t be prepared for the next move. And we all know that table tennis can become extremely fast at some point, so movement and positioning are very crucial.

But let me ask you a question. In which shoes are you playing table tennis? There are shoes which are specially made for table tennis players, to fit them perfectly, go well with the surface, and provide the best comfort and maneuverability.

Here, you will find the best table tennis shoes, and if you play at higher levels, it can be extremely important to get a pair of good shoes.

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews

Butterfly 8001 Classic Table Tennis Shoes

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 1Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 2Just like the way Butterfly crafts and produces table tennis rackets and other equipment, they understand the importance of the shoes you are playing in.

That’s why Butterfly 8001 classic table tennis shoes have been made, and they’re here to provide you the best comfort during the play.

They have very soft canvas, high friction rubber sole, cushion for comfort, and great traction which is really important for small, yet precision movements.

They might look like simple shoes, however, once you try them out and play a match or two in them, you will never want to go back to your old shoes.

Butterfly made them precisely to meet the needs of the table tennis players.

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Butterfly Groovy Table Tennis Shoes

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 3Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 4If you are looking for something different than simple plain classic table tennis shoes, Butterfly Groovy might be a perfect choice.

They’re designed to do the same thing Butterfly 8001 classic is made to do, yet are a little bit fancier.

They have been optimized for the intense footwork of table tennis players, which can be really fast if you have ever watched professional table tennis players.

The very thin midsole is made to offer a sense of being barefoot when wearing Butterfly Groovy table tennis shoes. They feel light and will make your fast footwork faster and easier.

Optimised for the best fit and comfort, because that is something that every table tennis needs. Precision plays a huge role in such sport, and Butterfly Groovy will really know how to improve your precision.

They’re available in 5 different colors that will match everyone’s style, and in my opinion are way better looking than classic table tennis shoes.

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ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Shoes

ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 ShoesASICS produce one of the greatest shoes that are specifically made for indoor sports, and just like the Gel-Rocket 7, the upgraded and improved version Gel-Rocket 8 is also suitable for table tennis.

If you’ve used the previous version and are looking for a replacement, this version is the best one to go for. However, it’s also a great version for the first shoes too.

Gel-Rocket 8 shoes have a great size fit and sole grip which allows you to stay in control during the game. However, they have a flat arch which might not be suitable for all players – and it’s something you should look out for.

Also, they’re not really made for people with wide feet. Other than that, Gel-Rocket shoes are great hard shoes that are comfortable to wear and are specifically made to improve your indoor movement and game.

The grip and quality of the Gel-Rocket 8 shoes are definitely worth the price.

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Butterfly Table Tennis Lezoline Shoes

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 5Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 6You might see a lot of Butterfly table tennis shoes in here, and that’s mostly because they take the footwear for table tennis seriously, and they’ve gone far to design and craft the best footwear for table tennis.

I am also personally a big fan of Butterfly, and their dedication to match the player’s needs and improve the game is absolutely amazing.

If you don’t like both 8001 classic shoes and Groovy shoes, I am sure that you will love Lezoline shoes.

They’re very lightweight and are flexible, giving you enough room during the play, yet provide a great traction and comfort.

High edges that Butterfly Lezoline shoes provide give you the ability to easily roll over your feet no matter the surface, which results in faster footwork movement without any risk of falling.

The materials used are very quality, and the complete build of the shoes is top notch.

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Butterfly Table Tennis Lezoline TB Shoes

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 7Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 8If you haven’t found the perfect table tennis shoes for yourself, Butterfly Lezoline TB shoes might be something you’ve been looking for a long time.

Butterfly Lezoline TB shoes provide a nice fit and even table tennis players with wide feet will feel comfortable in them. They offer flexible soles for the best movement results, and your feet will always be cool no matter how intense match you are playing.

Lezoline TB shoes have been inspired by one of the best table tennis players in the world Timo Boll, which was specially designed and crafted by Butterfly in partnership with Timo Boll. TB in the name of Lezoline shoes stands for Timo Boll if you haven’t known.

Superb playability is just one benefit along the comfort and quality of Butterfly Lezoline TB Shoes.

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 Mizuno 2015 SS Unisex Wave Drive A7 Table Tennis Shoes

Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 9Best Table Tennis Shoes Reviews 2018-2019 10If you aren’t a big fan of Butterfly shoes, there is always another solution. Mizuno Wave Drive A7 table tennis shoes have been very popular among the professional table tennis players, and there’s a reason for it.

Mizuno table tennis shoes will provide you the best performance for the price they cost, and they’re definitely worth it.

They offer athletic sole that is made to provide more stability and better traction for table tennis players.

Ventilation of the Mizuno Wave Drive A7 table tennis shoes is amazing, and they will make sure that your feet never get sweaty ever again.

The best thing about Mizuno table tennis shoes is that they’re unisex, and they come in larger sizes which will benefit both genders at the same time.

The design is also beautiful, and the comfort of the play they provide can’t be replaced by any other shoes in that price range.

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There are many different choices of shoes to play table tennis in, and if you aren’t taking table tennis seriously, you might haven’t considered getting the best shoes for table tennis.

I would highly recommend to everyone who is serious about table tennis to get professional table tennis shoes because they can improve your comfort, playability, and movement.

The best table tennis shoes are Butterfly 8001 Classic table tennis shoes, simply because they’re so simple, yet so effective. They’ve been designed and crafted with players in mind, and that’s something that Butterfly is all about.

You can’t miss by going for any of these table tennis shoes, so what are you waiting for?

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