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Last Updated on January 1, 2024

Table tennis has gained huge popularity in the sports industry and many young players have been pursuing this sport as their career.

Though there are proper table tennis training and coaching centers, some people are unable to get training.

So what should they do? How do they improve their skills?

The good news for such players is that a revelationary initiative has been taken by the table tennis community, the table tennis university!

Yes, you are reading it absolutely right. Now there is a proper university for Table Tennis players where they can learn about all the different aspects, basics, skills and other essentials of the table tennis game.

What’s So Special About This Table Tennis University?

The table tennis university is a game-changing step in the history of table tennis.

This university is started by the former Chinese National Champion – Coach Tao Li.

What’s different about this table tennis coaching program that is an online platform?

It unites different table tennis players on a single platform and helps them as well as the other table tennis community (including beginners) to improve their table tennis skills and knowledge.

Elaborative Table Tennis Coaching Videos

The aim of Coach Tao Li is to help all the table tennis players who won’t succeed in table tennis and level-up their skills. He has provided a complete course line for the players.

Here the students can find multiple training videos on different skills. Basically, there are three different types of coaching videos:

  • Table Tennis University (TTU) weekly lessons.
  • Table Tennis University (TTU) drill demonstrations.
  • Question and Answer session with Coach Tao Li.

The weekly table tennis lessons, as well as the drill demonstrations, are very helpful for the players. In these videos, the coach Tao li has shared demonstrated each and every possible move of the table tennis game.

With the help of such videos, the players can easily identify their lackings and improve. Plus the step-up-step lessons don’t burden the players and they learn gradually.

Is This Table Tennis University Free?

As coach Tao Li has an aim to help all the players even those who can’t afford the expensive training fees of the table tennis coaching, the table tennis university offers different packages.

The packages include:

Free Membership

online education

The table tennis university offers a free 30-days trial session. In this trial period, the player can preview the training session videos.

These videos are accessible to the players for 30-days. Start Your FREE Trial Today!

Xtreme Table Tennis

In addition to table tennis strategy and tactics, the table tennis university also offers a physical training session to its subscribers.

These physical training sessions helps the players to improve their footwork and build up their stamina. This training session costs $97.

The Mastery Bundle

Another amazing bundle by the table tennis university is the mastery bundle that costs $97.

In this package, the players can learn how they can improve their serves, forehand smash, forehand, and backhand loops.

TTU Q&A Session

Whether you are a newbie or someone familiar with table tennis, there is always something that you want to know about.

You can talk about your gameplay, shortcomings and how to work on them directly with Coach Tao Li.

Premium Membership

TTU Premium

If you want to watch & download the table tennis coaching videos, as well as want a weekly training schedule then the premium membership is what you need.

When you register yourself as the premium member you get the whole table tennis training program for yourself. The premium package costs $297 and includes:

  • Drill Demonstration Videos
  • Weekly Training Videos
  • Q&A
  • Xtreme table tennis
  • Mastery bundle

Level-Up Your Table Tennis Game With TTU

Consistent and regular table tennis practice is just one side of the same coin.

In order to be successful, the player also needs to be informed about the different strategies and aspects of table tennis.

And it is only possible with something like Table Tennis University!

The training courses and drill demonstrations by Coach Tao Li are very helpful especially for those players who practice solo.

If you want to buy the whole training program you just need to pay $297!

So stop wasting time and enroll yourself today at Table Tennis University!

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